Lee McLoughlin's Home Page.

Hi! Here is my email address, phone number and other details.

I am currently the systems manager for the IC Parc group at Imperial College, London. I also double as postmaster/newsmaster and, part time, general systems programmer for the Department of Computing, Imperial College, London.

I my spare time I am also responsible for day to day running and software services on Sunsite Northern Europe. This includes:

VIBE Magazine Online - Award

SUNSite Northern Europe has been selected as one of VIBE magazine's weekly 12 BEST WWW sites.

Lee's web slides.

Lee's html area.

Phone Information.

The upcoming changes to the phones.

How the new phones work.

Summary page on new phones.

Sample html and scripts

These are examples for other WWW workers.

form.html - the results are sent to post-query.cgi




post-check.cgi a simple interactive script





a man page interface

Work in Progress

Prototype of the Departmental Annual Report