Marco Fiscato

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Room 346
Huxley Building
Department of Computing
Imperial College London
180 Queen's Gate
London SW7 2AZ
United Kingdom

About Me:

I am a PhD student at Imperial College London, in the Department of Computing. I belong to the Large-scale Distributed Systems, my supervisor is Peter Pietzuch. I am working on DISSP: the Dependable Internet-Scale Stream Processing system. I investigate the dependability issues arising when building an internet-scale stream processing system, when failure is going to be the common case. We want to build a system able to work at such a scale, able to work under constant failure, reporting the quality of service in real time to the user. Our first effort has been the development of a Quality-centric Data Model to enhance data streams with a set of quality metrics.


I started my university studies at the Universtiy of Bologna, in the Computer Science department. In March 2006 I got my bachelor degree in Computer Science with the mark of 110 Cum Laude. During this time I have been also a member of the Collegio Superiore of the University of Bologna.

For my master degree I moved to the Netherlands. I attended the master in Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.

I graduated in September 2008. My master thesis was about decentralized scheduling on large-scale Grids.


[1]  Marco Fiscato, Paolo Costa and Guillame Pierre. 

      On the Feasibility of Decentralized Grid Scheduling

      In Selfman Workshop at SASO, 2008

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[2]  Marco Fiscato, Quang Hieu Vu and Peter Pietzuch

      A Quality-Centric Data Model for Distributed Stream Management Systems

      In 7th International Workshop on Quality in Database at VLDB, 2009.

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