Michael Huth

Professor of Computer Science
Director of Research in Department of Computing
Security Research Group

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I gratefully acknowledge funding from Intel® Corporation for a research project on Trust Evidence (Paper on Foundations and Tool and Tool Information such as Installation, User Guide, etc.), and for the development of an Undergraduate teaching module on the design and validation of security protocols (TRUST 2013 poster).

More papers of mine on security are found here. Here are papers I wrote with Jim Kuo and Nir Piterman on the Rabin index and Fatal Attractors (extended open-access version here) of parity games.

I was General Chair for TRUST 2013 and Program Co-Chair for QEST 2009. In June 2013, Claire Vishik and I co-organized a Workshop on Addressing R&D Challenges in Cybersecurity: Innovation and Collaboration Strategy.

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