Michael Huth

Professor of Computer Science, Department of Computing, Imperial College London
co-lead of FinTech Network

Research Group, Biography


I took on a new role as CTO of XAIN AG in September 2018. Please see this interview for further details. In the foreseeable future, I will therefore not be able to accept any external academic engagements and these web pages will no longer be maintained. I am truly privileged to retain my academic position at Imperial College London.


My research focuses on Cybersecurity, Cryptography, Mathematical Modeling, and Formal Verification with applications in Machine Learning, FinTech, and Internet of Things. My current research activities include

External Engagement


Here are some of my papers on cybersecurity. With Bernhard Steffen and Oliver Rüthing I wrote a teaching text Mathematical Foundations of Advanced Informatics: Inductive Approaches. With Jim Kuo and Nir Piterman I wrote papers on parity games: on the Rabin index and Fatal Attractors (extended open-access version here) of parity games, and Alternating Reachability under Parity (tech report version).


I gratefully acknowledge funding from Intel® Corporation for a research project on Trust Evidence (Paper on Foundations and Tool and Tool Information such as Installation, User Guide, etc.), and for the development of an Undergraduate teaching module on the design and validation of security protocols (TRUST 2013 poster).