Pervasive Computing

Here are a list of useful links related to pervasive computing 

IM2001 Panel:  Will Pervasive Computers be Manageable, May 2001
Panel Chair Morris Sloman
Panellists: Gaetano Borriello, Steven Shafer, Richard Graveman, Victor Bahl,

Keynote Talk HP OpenView 2001, New Orleans, June 2001,
Will Pervasive Computers be Manageable
  by M. Sloman

Pervasive/Ubiquitous Computing

IEEE Pervasive Computing

IEEE Distributed Systems Online

CACM May 2000 vol 43, no 5  Special Issue on Embedding the Internet

Ubiquitous Computing Publications

Personal and Ubiquitous Computing

Computing tablets


Network Appliances


Privacy Issues  ( UC Berkely)


Wearable Computers 

Wearable computers overview and links

International Symposium on Wearable Computers


MIThril Project

UK DTI New Wave Technologies Programme

Intelligent Environment

MIT media lab

Equator IRC

HP Cooltown Project

Portolano Project at Univ. Washington

Microsoft EasyLiving Project


ERCIM News on Ambient Computing    http//

Report on Ambient Intelligence Scenarios from EU

Wireless Communications


Japanese phone technology

Mobile Computing and Context Adaptation

IEEE DS Online

Research Projects

Armando Fox work at Stanford

MOST Project at Lancaster

LinkMe Project at IC

Location Services work at IC

Tampere University of Technology, Finland

Stockholm Univeristy

GMD FIT, Germany

Adaptive networks

BT Funded Alpine Project

Policy based networks

Ad-hoc networks

Smart Dust and Printable Technology

Smart Dust Project at Berkely

Cross Bow - manufactres motes

Printable Batteries

MIT Printable Computers