Contact Details

Dr Maria Valera Espina

Imperial College

Room 228,Huxley Building,

Queen Gate's,South Kensington Campus, London SW7 2AZ

+44 (0)20 7594 3089

I am the Senior tutor for UG Computing students.

As senior tutor, I have the responsability for the academic and pastoral care of undergraduate students in the department.


Telecomms and its related fields (i.e. image processing) have always interested me; my first degree is MEng in Telecommunications. After finishing my final year project at King's College London as Erasmus student, I completed my PhD thesis sponsored by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) at Kingston University of London. I worked as a computer vision engineer in a private company specialised in automation for two years, before working as a Research associate for three years and a half at Kingston University of London before joining Imperial College as Teaching Fellow.

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Important Information for students

You must contact me by telephone or email if you are ill more than two days. Bring a medical note if you are absent over five days.

You must contact me if you are absent for more than two working days from college during term for any reason.

You must contact me if you are contemplating leaving or transferring to another course.

Always read and respond to email sent to your college account.

We are an international multi-ethnic community. We tolerate and respect each other’s views and beliefs even if we do not agree with them. If you feel that you have been offended or insulted in any way by another member of the college come to see me and discuss it


Plagiarism is the practice of passing off someone else’s work as your own (with or without his/her agreement).

Plagiarism is remarkably easy to detect - Don’t do it!

If you are found plagiarising or cheating you will probably receive a zero mark for the assessment concerned

For major or repeated offences you can be expelled from the college.

College Policy on Plagirism

Late submissions

Candidates must submit work before the deadline.

If you have a valid mitigating circumstance and you will submit the completed work late, you must submit what you have on time (in all exceptional cases).Fill a mitigation form for late submission courseworks and email to me or your year coordinator

Mitigating circumstances must be independently corroborated and be of sucient severity to have affected the candidate's ability to meet the deadline, for example, serious illness or family bereavement

Department Late Submission Policy

Mitigation forms for exams (Under All Taught Programmes)

Mitigation forms for courseworks (Under All Taught Programmes)