Matt Johnson

Systems Programmer
Computing Support Group
Department of Computing
Imperial College London


Telephone: (020) 7594 8440 (x48440)


Welcome to my web pages. Here, you will find:

About me

I graduated from the Department of Computing, Imperial College London with an MEng Honours (21) degree in June 2003.

I then joined the Department's staff as a Junior Systems Programmer in the Computing Support Group, continuing my previous three years of part-time work for the Group as part of the Tutorial Support System. In late 2005 I was promoted to Systems Programmer, with specific responsibility for IT security.

My primary responsibilities within the Computing Support Group are:

  • assisting my colleagues in the administration of the Department's Linux infrastructure
  • handling computer security issues for systems connected to the Department's network
  • currently, assisting in the development and roll-out of the new SunSITE Northern Europe

I often also handle second-line support issues relating to Linux or network configuration.

I also occasionally collaborate with members of the Department's AESOP Research Group, providing systems-level network and security knowledge. A paper I co-authored with members of the group has been accepted for PASM 2005.

As of April 2006 I am also a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (MIET).

Areas of experience

My particular areas of experience:

  • Systems administration on Linux and Solaris, and can find my way around a Windows 2000 domain if I need to.
  • I prefer to program in Perl (or PHP for web development), but can hack competently on C and Java.
  • Good understanding of MySQL and PostgreSQL relational databases.
  • Server software configuration (Exim, ProFTPd, Apache amongst many others)
  • Software packaging systems -- I prefer RPM, but have worked with DEB and Solaris PKG in the past.
  • Network intrusion -- detection, prevention, post-intrusion forensics, network monitoring.
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