The Question and Answer (Q&A) test

Questions & Answers:

What technique you would use for small office?

Answer: (a)

I prefer to use RAID if I have a small office because smaller hard drives are inexpensive. However, tape can be cheap compared to hard disk, and is able to store a lot of information. Also, grandfather-father-son can be used to store data on to tape. So, it may be more cost-effective for a large volume of information to use tape.

What is Transient error and what may happen if there are transient errors?

Answer: (a) and (b)

Transient errors, such as network errors or drives temporarily misbehaving, may cause the backup recovery system to take action, but it is not necessary. It may be better to trap the error by using on-line error correction and detection like in RAID.

What do users need from an archiving system?

Answer: (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e)

All the choices are the users requirements for archival system.

What is the definition of Dumping ?

Answer: (a)

Dumping is taking a copy of information and storing it in a separate place, so that it can be used in recovery procedures if the original information becomes unusable. It has been widely used in data processing environments.

Which are the factors in choosing a storage medium?

Answer: (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e)

All the choices are crucial factors in choosing a storage medium. Each medium has its advantages and disadvantages. Users must be cost-effective.

Which of the following is suitable for file back up?

Answer: (a)

Unless files are abnormally huge, there will be no capacity problems with floppies. Floppies are cheap, simple, standardized, portable and require very little administration. Great!

Which of the following is suitable for recording Joint European Tokamak (JET) runs?

Answer: (c)

JET's daily runs are big, and academics nationwide would like to analyse them off line, so they need something BIG, and connected.

Which of the following is used to back up phoenix ( ) ?

Answer: (d)

Imperial College's archive uses a redundant disk array.

Which of the following is suitable archiving in a small business?

Answer: (b)

Floppies are, alas, too small for archives. Redundant disk arrays are no better at archiving than an individual disk. Robotic tape libraries may cost more than a small business itself! CDs are cheap, large, when cached are quick to access, standardized, and with appropriate jukeboxes and drivers, automatic. Great!

Which of the following is a mass storage system?

Answer: (b)

The main point here is that mass storage systems are supposed to combine the advantages of their constituent media, the "Storage Pyramid" concept of virtual memory. All the options but (b) are single medium solutions, and cannot be used to make a Virtual Disk.

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