Nicolas Loriant's webpage

I am a computer science researcher with a special interest in Software Engineering and Domain-Specific Languages. I am currently a Research Associate at Imperial College in the Software Performance Optimisation group. From 2008 to 2010, I was a postdoctoral fellow in the Phoenix research group in INRIA. I obtained my Ph.D on the Runtime Adaptation of Operating Systems in 2007 from the École des Mines de Nantes.


PyOP2 is an open-source framework for achieving performance portability of unstructured grid applications on clusters of multi-core CPUs and GPUs.

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DiaSuite is a development environment featuring a set of domain-specific languages and tools for design, implementation, testing and deployment of applications in the smart home.

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Arachne is an performant Aspect-Oriented system for C code. It permits the efficient transformation of both Linux kernel and applications using on the fly binary code rewriting techniques

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