Mad Cow Disease!

The current 1990's BSE cover-up scandal as a game of XPilot!

Map overview


Team 1 plays the scientists, attempting to research the causes of BSE. Team 2 plays the government ministers and bureaucrats attempting to cover up the dangers of BSE to protect the agricultural industry.

The scientists must acquire an infected cow's brain for their research. They must do this by cutting through the skull ("targets") of the mad cow in the center of the map, removing the brain ("treasure") and taking it back to their lab. However, if they do this, the true extent of BSE infection in British cows will be revealed ... political disaster! The government must stop this information getting out by harrassing the scientists, breaking into the lab, destroying their research data ("targets") and removing the scientists' research funding ("treasure").

Depending on your team, the safety of the British public or the career of a Tory minister is in your hands... good luck.



You can download the map and the scenario. I recommend using the scenario as the server message-of-the-day when you run the map to explain what each team should do.

This map is copyright 1996 Nat Pryce. Please don't change the mapName, mapAuthor and mapData attributes, unless you alter the map's properties and advertise the map on the meta server, in which case only add "(Modified)" after the mapName. Many thanks.