Scripted Components

A Scripting Pattern


How can one decompose an application into reusable components that can easily be adapted for different uses, possibly at run time or by inexperienced programmers?


A useful software component is one that is relatively context free, making few assumptions about other software components it interacts with. Such components are readily reusable. Programmers can treat them as "black-boxes", instantiating and using them without having to modify, extend or even understand their implementation. Designing systems as being made up of black-box components is a useful discipline because such systems are easy to understand and their their constituent components are easy to reuse.


  1. Components must be loosely coupled: they must rely on as few other components as possible.
  2. Components must be reusable: it must be possible to use them in as many situations involving as many other types of component as possible.
  3. Components must be composed into applications at run-time.
  4. Components must be useable by people for whom programming is not their primary skill or function.


Use a language interpreter as a Mediator between reusable components. For each component type, implement interpreted commands to instantiate the component and control its operation. The application instantiates a language interpreter and initialises itself by executing a program in the interpreted language. The interpreted program encapsulates the application-specific configuration of components and controls their interactions.


Components are highly modular, being fully decoupled from all other components but the language interpreter itself.

It is easier to compose components into a complete application using a scripting language than it is to use a full-featured systems programming language because scripting languages are much simpler. Scripting languages can therefore be used by inexperienced programmers or people for whom programming is not their primary occupation, while the components they use can be implemented by experienced software engineers.

The component implementor must define the interface between the script interpreter and the component. This is usually performed by implementing a procedure that accepts a statement in the scripting language as one of its parameters and interprets the statement in some component-specific manner.

Components can be interconnected using Glue Code. If this is a performance problem, the binary interfaces of components can be connected directly using Configuration Scripting. One-to-many and many-to-many relationships between components can be implemented with Broadcasters.

Known Uses

Scripted Components are used in many development environments, incuding:

  1. Tcl/Tk
  2. Python
  3. NewtonScript
  4. VisualBasic


The following diagram shows the layering of an application designed as Scripted Components.

Scripting Architecture