This website contains some links and information about a few software packages that have resulted from some of my late-night keyboard-smashing. They're all GPL-licenced, which means you're free to download them, use them and change them (but please cite me if you do so!).

Allergy advice: may contain traces of coffee or Snickers bars.

Integrated Information Toolbox

The Integrated Information Toolbox is a comprehensive collection of information-theoretic measures related to the various flavours of Integrated Information Theory. It is based on the excellent Java Information Dynamics Toolkit (JIDT) by Joseph Lizier, and is currently released as a patch to it.

It is written in Java, so it's extremely portable -- just download it and run it! From any OS, from any language you want. Damn that's convenient.

To get the latest stable version of the toolbox please drop me a line!

Brain Studio

Together with Zafeirios Fountas and Dave Bhowmik we have developed Brain Studio, a flexible, user-friendly tool to design and simulate spiking neural networks. Please visit our Github pages to download and install Brain Studio. Brain Studio is currently released as an alpha version. Please email me or leave git issues with any bug reports or feature requests.


NeMo is a GPU-based, high-performance neural network simulator. With a high-end consumer GPU set-up NeMo is capable of simulating a network of 106 Izhikevich neurons in real time, with a throughput of several million spikes per second. NeMo is prepared to handle any arbitrary network topology and any arbitrary neuron model, spike- or rate-based.

NeMo has C, C++, Python and Matlab bindings. The manual contains plenty of information and a few examples to get you started.

The original author of NeMo is Andreas Fidjeland. I am currently updating and maintaining the library, so please send me any bug reports or feature requests.