Paul Grigoras

PhD Candidate in the Custom Computing Group
Department of Computing, Imperial College London
paul dot grigoras09 at imperial dot ac dot uk
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PhD Topic - Instance Specific Custom Computing for Sparse Algebra
Generating efficient architectures for sparse linear algebra on FPGAs from high level input.


Paul Grigoras, Pavel Burovskiy, James Arram, Xinyu Niu, Kit Cheung, Junyi Xie, Wayne Luk
dfesnippets: An Open-Source Library for Dataflow Acceleration on FPGAs, ARC 2017

Paul Grigoras, Pavel Burovskiy, Wayne Luk, Spencer Sherwin
Optimising Sparse Matrix Vector Multiplication for Large Scale High Order FEM Problems on FPGAs, FPL 2016

Paul Grigoras, Pavel Burovskiy, Wayne Luk
CASK - Open-Source Custom Architectures for Sparse Kernels, FPGA 2016

Andreea Ingrid Funie, Paul Grigoras, Pavel Burovskiy, Wayne Luk, Mark Salmon
Reconfigurable Acceleration of Fitness Evaluation in Trading Strategies, ASAP 2015

Pavel Burovskiy, Paul Grigoras, Spencer Sherwin, Wayne Luk
Efficient Assembly for High Order Unstructured FEM Meshes, FPL 2015

Paul Grigoras, Pavel Burovskiy, Eddie Hung, Wayne Luk
Accelerating SpMV on FPGA by Compressing Nonzero Values, FCCM 2015

Gary Chow, Paul Grigoras, Pavel Burovskiy, Wayne Luk
An Efficient Sparse Conjugate Gradient Solver Using a Benes Permutation Network, FPL 2014

Paul Grigoras, Max Tottenham, Xinyu Niu, José Gabriel F. Coutinho and Wayne Luk
Elastic Management of Reconfigurable Accelerators, ISPA 2014

José Gabriel F. Coutinho, Oliver Pell, E. O'Neill, P. Sanders, J. McGlone, Paul Grigoras, Wayne Luk, C. Ragusa
HARNESS Project: Managing Heterogeneous Computing Resources for a Cloud Platform, ARC 2014

Paul Grigoras, Xinyu Niu, José Gabriel F. Coutinho, Wayne Luk, Jacob A. Bower, Oliver Pell
Aspect Driven Compilation for Dataflow Designs, ASAP 2013