Database Resources

This is a collection of resources useful for people reserching or experimenting with databases.

Examples DBs: Data for Databases!

For teaching and research in the area of databases, it is useful to have available medium sized databases (meaning data measured in MB, rather than KB or GB) containing `real-world' information to test languages and tools on practical problems. This is a collection of information about how to prepare a relational database from various datasets that have been made publicly available. The first two listed (relational) databases are available online within the Computing Department at Imperial College.

DB Toolkit

The import programs for US Geographical Survey and US Census require that the dblibrary.jar Toolkit be in your CLASSPATH. They are also part of the Toolkit. Thus in a bash shell you would only need to run (with the data files required in place:

export CLASSPATH=dblibrary.jar

java db.usgs.BuildUSGS ...

java db.uscensus1990.BuildUSCensus1990 ...

The ... should be replaced by appropriate connection details for your database.

Java Database Tools

The Java JDBC API allows for database systems to be accessed from Java. To access a particular database, you need a JDBC driver for that database system. Some drivers which I have used are for common databases are directly linked to below:

A number of tools are available which will utilize JDBC drivers to provide database independent access to databases: