Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky

Dostoyevsky PART I

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[PART I] [430] thought! I'm a man of experience, immense experience, sir," and he
[PART I] [881] looking into the yard. I'm going to Katerina Ivanovna--time I did."
[PART I] [1127] "One can't go out to give lessons without boots. And I'm sick of it."
[PART I] [3388] "I'm studying the law you see! It's evident, e-vi-dent there's
[PART II] [3540] "If anyone had come in, what would he have thought? That I'm drunk
[PART II] [3718] "No . . . I'm going; I'll go at once," he muttered, getting on to his
[PART II] [3747] He began, hurriedly dressing. "If I'm lost, I am lost, I don't care!
[PART II] [3765] mused, as he went out on to the stairs--"the worst of it is I'm almost
[PART II] [3770] to search when I'm out," he thought, and stopped short. But he was
[PART II] [3918] "I'm not shouting, I'm speaking very quietly, it's you who are
[PART II] [3919] shouting at me. I'm a student, and allow no one to shout at me."
[PART II] [6881] "It means that I'm sick to death of you all and I want to be alone,"
[PART II] [6925] was again making a movement--"hear me out! You know I'm having a
[PART II] [7753] "Yes . . . I'm covered with blood," Raskolnikov said with a peculiar
[PART III] [8355] hm, hm! That would be disgraceful; in fact not because I'm in . . .
[PART III] [8599] I'm not joking, I'm in earnest, it'll be just the same to her. She
[PART III] [8620] stuff I'm talking, it's bedtime! Listen. I sometimes wake up at night;
[PART III] [9256] He's talking kindly, but I'm afraid! Why, what am I afraid of? . . ."
[PART III] [9423] "H'm! But I don't know why you want to tell us such gossip, mother,"
[PART III] [9527] "H'm, yes. What shall I tell you? I don't remember much indeed. She
[PART III] [9629] have fainting on the brain. H'm, yes, what was I saying? Oh, yes. In
[PART III] [11131] "You are suspicious. That is why you weighed their words . . . h'm
[PART IV] [12112] "I'm sorry. But you don't know me. Perhaps we may become better
[PART IV] [12179] don't know why I'm afraid of that man. He came here at once after his
[PART IV] [12963] "Oh, I'm quite obliged to . . ." he answered vaguely, as though
[PART IV] [12972] I'm absolutely resolved on it. Whatever may come to me, whether I come
[PART IV] [12993] "No matter, I shall come. . . . I'm coming," he muttered in an
[PART IV] [13413] frightened. "Sit down with me! An honour! Why, I'm . . .
[PART IV] [13817] "I know and will tell . . . you, only you. I have chosen you out. I'm
[PART IV] [14027] hurry, there's no hurry, it's all nonsense. Oh, no, I'm very glad
[PART IV] [14033] hour at a time. . . . I'm often afraid of an attack of paralysis. Do
[PART IV] [14041] his visitor's eyes. "You see, I'm a bachelor, a man of no consequence
[PART IV] [14042] and not used to society; besides, I have nothing before me, I'm set,
[PART IV] [14043] I'm running to seed and . . . and have you noticed, Rodion
[PART IV] [14067] absolutely indispensable for me. I'm always sitting and so glad to be
[PART IV] [14229] I'm ever so fond of reading all military histories. I've certainly
[PART IV] [14239] together) "Moreover, I'm a candid man . . . am I a candid man or not?
[PART IV] [14491] "What a business I'm having with you!" cried Porfiry with a perfectly
[PART IV] [14699] won't do; I'm afraid you must go . . . it's no good your staying . . .
[PART V] [15031] delicate?. . . . H'm! I've made a blunder."
[PART V] [15296] our convictions. We reject more! And meanwhile I'm still developing
[PART V] [15820] noise, anyway, though I'm really afraid for our landlady's silver
[PART V] [16401] "I'm in my mind, but you are a scoundrel! Ah, how vile! I have heard
[PART VI] [18363] I'm busy. There was a time when I fancied . . . But no matter, another
[PART VI] [18365] drunk without wine. I am drunk, Rodya! Good-bye, I'm going. I'll come
[PART VI] [18967] believe it altogether--I'm made that way, I confess it. But let me
[PART VI] [19217] yourself away too much, Rodion Romanovitch. And another thing, I'm
[PART VI] [19407] of that . . . though . . . H'm! I have not much time, and can't stay
[PART VI] [19712] "No, I'm not going away now."
[PART VI] [19721] gloomy, depressed person. Do you think I'm light-hearted? No, I'm
[PART VI] [19917] "I'm coming to your lodgings, not to see you but Sofya Semyonovna, to
[PART VI] [19918] say I'm sorry not to have been at the funeral."
[PART VI] [19950] "But I'm not talking about that (though I did hear something). No, I'm
[PART VI] [19957] haste. Run, young man! There may still be time. I'm speaking
[PART VI] [19960] "I'm not thinking of that at all," Raskolnikov interrupted with
[PART VI] [19986] we take a cab? I'm going to the Islands. Would you like a lift? I'll
[PART VI] [20060] bowing; he sees I'm coming with a lady and no doubt he has noticed
[PART VI] [20282] from jeering; it's simply that I'm sick of talking like this. But how
[PART VI] [21359] should have been crowned with glory, but now I'm trapped."
[PART VI] [21521] forgetting what matters; I'm somehow forgetful. . . . You see I have
[PART VI] [21777] good for! While I'm perhaps, so to speak, burning with devotion and