Dubliners by James Joyce

Dublin The Sisters
An Encounter
After the Race
Two Gallants
The Boarding House
A Little Cloud
A Painful Case
Ivy Day in the Committee Room
A Mother
The Dead

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There are 20 occurrences of the word:   Jack

[The Sisters] [67] and not be... Am I right, Jack?"
[An Encounter] [369] little library made up of old numbers of The Union Jack , Pluck
[Araby] [865] believed in the old saying: "All work and no play makes Jack a
[The Boarding House] [1854] chances of favourites and outsiders. Jack Mooney, the Madam's
[The Boarding House] [2059] of stairs he passed Jack Mooney who was coming up from the
[The Boarding House] [2063] staircase he glanced up and saw Jack regarding him from the door
[The Boarding House] [2071] harm meant: but Jack kept shouting at him that if any fellow tried
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [3810] OLD JACK raked the cinders together with a piece of cardboard
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [3857] the Committee Room in Wicklow Street with Jack, the old
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [3939] "What do you think, Jack?" said Mr. Hynes satirically to the old
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [4010] "O, don't stir, Jack, don't stir," said Mr. Henchy
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [4037] "For the love of God, Jack, bring us a bit of coal. There must be
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [4249] vermin, with Jack here standing up behind me in a powdered wig
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [4306] "O, don't let that trouble you, Jack," said Mr. Henchy. "Many's the
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [4378] "Open two bottles of stout, Jack," said Mr. O'Connor.
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [4486] "Open another bottle of stout, Jack," said Mr. Henchy. "O, I forgot
[Grace] [5548] "I suppose you squared the constable, Jack," said Mr. M'Coy.
[Grace] [5635] "On Thursday night, you said, Jack "
[Grace] [5672] "Yes, that's it," said Mr. Cunningham, "Jack and I and M'Coy here
[Grace] [5859] "I wouldn't doubt you, old man. Open that, Jack, will you?"