Dubliners by James Joyce

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Two Gallants
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Ivy Day in the Committee Room
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There are 73 occurrences of the word:   while

[The Sisters] [19] downstairs to supper. While my aunt was ladling out my stirabout
[The Sisters] [55] Old Cotter looked at me for a while. I felt that his little beady
[The Sisters] [210] towards my usual chair in the corner while Nannie went to the
[The Sisters] [260] poor as we are--we wouldn't see him want anything while he was
[An Encounter] [372] brother Leo, the idler, held the loft of the stable while we tried to
[An Encounter] [464] clambered up beside me on the bridge. While we were waiting he
[An Encounter] [570] days and that he would give anything to be young again. While he
[An Encounter] [622] After a long while his monologue paused. He stood up slowly,
[Araby] [785] While she spoke she turned a silver bracelet round and round her
[After the Race] [1172] took to bad courses for a while. He had money and he was popular;
[After the Race] [1236] car steered out slowly for Grafton Street while the two young men
[After the Race] [1239] while the city hung its pale globes of light above them in a haze of
[Two Gallants] [1576] O Moyle, while the other hand careered in the treble after each
[Two Gallants] [1661] played the melody while his fingers swept a scale of variations idly
[Two Gallants] [1679] blue dish while near it on a plate lay a segment of very light
[Two Gallants] [1770] quick short steps, while Corley kept beside her with his long stride.
[The Boarding House] [2004] While he was sitting helplessly on the side of the bed in shirt and
[The Boarding House] [2046] While he was sitting with her on the side of the bed Mary came to
[A Little Cloud] [2328] He sipped a little of his drink while Ignatius Gallaher finished his
[A Little Cloud] [2563] You wait a while my boy. See if I don't play my cards properly.
[A Little Cloud] [2600] and trying to appear at his ease while the girl piled ladies' blouses
[A Little Cloud] [2655] faster while his eyes began to read the second stanza:
[A Little Cloud] [2706] back out of the lamplight. He listened while the paroxysm of the
[Counterparts] [2825] Delacour had come while he was out in O'Neill's. He crammed his
[Counterparts] [2982] drink in his turn. After a while O'Halloran and Paddy Leonard
[Counterparts] [2998] please," while Farrington looked at the company out of his heavy
[Counterparts] [3005] Duke Street Higgins and Nosey Flynn bevelled off to the left while
[Counterparts] [3144] The man sat down heavily on one of the chairs while the little boy
[Clay] [3253] and proposed Maria's health while all the other women clattered
[Clay] [3314] while they were young. Maria agreed with him and favoured him
[Clay] [3318] agreeably, and while she was going up along the terrace, bending
[Clay] [3383] to see what she would get; and, while they were putting on the
[A Painful Case] [3512] she seemed so little awkward. While they talked he tried to fix her
[A Painful Case] [3653] deceased lady, while attempting to cross the line, was knocked
[A Painful Case] [3755] them, without seeing or hearing them. After a while they went out
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [3865] while his companion smoked.
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [3875] stick to his back and beat him while I could stand over him--as I
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [4228] "Well, I couldn't go over while he was talking to Alderman
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [4353] while I do the talking."
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [4514] they were alluding, but, after reflecting a while, he said:
[A Mother] [4682] And while he was helping himself she said:
[A Mother] [4710] while he was talking to her, he chewed one end of it into a moist
[A Mother] [4880] while she strove to be polite, her eyes followed Mr. Holohan in his
[A Mother] [4945] While Mr. Holohan was entertaining the Freeman man Mrs.
[A Mother] [4951] stroking his beard, while Mrs. Kearney spoke into Kathleen's ear
[A Mother] [4960] Kearney and spoke with her earnestly. While they were speaking
[Grace] [5192] The man said they were to get a cab for him. While the point was
[Grace] [5246] while Mr. Power was giving directions to the carman, he expressed
[Grace] [5301] Kernan was helped into the house. His wife put him to bed while
[Grace] [5307] thoughtful. After a while Mrs. Kernan entered the kitchen,
[Grace] [5700] conversation for a long while, but listened, with an air of calm
[Grace] [5701] enmity, while his friends discussed the Jesuits.
[Grace] [5974] bishops there were two men who held out against it while the
[Grace] [6147] his cuffs with one hand while he held the brim of his hat lightly,
[The Dead] [6274] He stood on the mat, scraping the snow from his goloshes, while
[The Dead] [6286] He continued scraping his feet vigorously while the three women
[The Dead] [6426] Gabriel laughed nervously and patted his tie reassuringly, while
[The Dead] [6524] of whisky. The young men eyed him respectfully while he took a
[The Dead] [6639] glass of whisky while Freddy Malins exploded, before he had well
[The Dead] [6646] Gabriel could not listen while Mary Jane was playing her Academy
[The Dead] [6687] every bar and while he waited for the end the resentment died
[The Dead] [6834] friends they had there. While her tongue rambled on Gabriel tried
[The Dead] [6878] While she was threading her way back across the room Mrs.
[The Dead] [6909] while he spoke with her critical quizzing eyes. Perhaps she would
[The Dead] [6979] refractory child while Aunt Julia gazed in front of her, a vague
[The Dead] [7064] face, while Mrs. Conroy leaned over the banisters to listen for the
[The Dead] [7116] While Gabriel and Miss Daly exchanged plates of goose and plates
[The Dead] [7322] while I endeavour to express to you in words what my feelings are
[The Dead] [7419] hastened to his close. He raised his glass of port gallantly, while
[The Dead] [7440] melodious conference, while they sang with emphasis:
[The Dead] [7852] while standing at the curbstone, bidding the others good- night.
[The Dead] [8060] While he had been full of memories of their secret life together,
[The Dead] [8159] while she slept, as though he and she had never lived together as