Dubliners by James Joyce

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Two Gallants
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Ivy Day in the Committee Room
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The Dead

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There are 57 occurrences of the word:   every

[The Sisters] [11] true. Every night as I gazed up at the window I said softly to
[The Sisters] [71] take exercise. Why, when I was a nipper every morning of my life
[An Encounter] [370] and The Halfpenny Marvel . Every evening after school we met in
[An Encounter] [376] went to eight- o'clock mass every morning in Gardiner Street and
[An Encounter] [524] cheerfully every time the planks fell:
[An Encounter] [574] Walter Scott and Lord Lytton. I pretended that I had read every
[An Encounter] [599] "Every boy," he said, "has a little sweetheart."
[Araby] [739] Every morning I lay on the floor in the front parlour watching her
[Eveline] [948] they used to play every evening with other people's children. Then
[Eveline] [1033] every evening and see her home. He took her to see The Bohemian
[After the Race] [1305] singing Cadet Roussel in chorus, stamping their feet at every:
[Two Gallants] [1380] His eyes, twinkling with cunning enjoyment, glanced at every
[Two Gallants] [1424] dairyman.... It was fine, man. Cigarettes every night she'd bring me
[Two Gallants] [1651] watched Corley's head which turned at every moment towards the
[The Boarding House] [1877] come every other day to the office, asking to be allowed to say a
[The Boarding House] [1971] jaws and every two or three minutes a mist gathered on his glasses
[The Boarding House] [1975] out every ridiculous detail of the affair and in the end had so
[The Boarding House] [1990] Reynolds's Newspaper every week but he attended to his religious
[A Little Cloud] [2216] Every step brought him nearer to London, farther from his own
[A Little Cloud] [2369] "Every place is immoral," he said. "Of course you do find spicy
[A Little Cloud] [2440] "Well, Tommy," he said, "I wish you and yours every joy in life,
[Counterparts] [3038] the Tivoli. Farrington's eyes wandered at every moment in the
[Clay] [3246] that every woman got her four slices. There was a great deal of
[A Painful Case] [3444] every article of furniture in the room: a black iron bedstead, an
[A Painful Case] [3483] Street. Every morning he came in from Chapelizod by tram. At
[A Painful Case] [3587] every sign of unusual excitement, Mrs. Sinico caught up his hand
[A Painful Case] [3597] to break off their intercourse: every bond, he said, is a bond to
[A Painful Case] [3615] partner of the bank retired. And still every morning he went into
[A Painful Case] [3616] the city by tram and every evening walked home from the city after
[A Painful Case] [3689] taken every precaution to prevent people crossing the lines except
[A Painful Case] [3690] by the bridges, both by placing notices in every station and by the
[A Mother] [4627] the altar every first Friday, sometimes with her, oftener by himself.
[A Mother] [4633] small sum every week into a society, he ensured for both his
[A Mother] [4637] paid her fees at the Academy. Every year in the month of July Mrs.
[A Mother] [4652] friends; and, when they had played every little counter of gossip,
[A Mother] [4676] Holohan called to see her every day to have her advice on some
[A Mother] [4712] came into the dressingroom every few minutes with reports from
[A Mother] [4837] every year for prizes at the Feis Ceoil. On his fourth trial he had
[Grace] [5717] Order. Every other order of the Church had to be reformed at some
[Grace] [6114] full; and still at every moment gentlemen entered from the side
[Grace] [6181] every cranny of our human nature, understood that all men were
[Grace] [6194] every one of his hearers to open his books, the books of his
[Grace] [6203] accounts tallied in every point to say:
[The Dead] [6242] pupils' concert every year in the upper room of the Antient Concert
[The Dead] [6264] every two minutes to the banisters to ask Lily had Gabriel or
[The Dead] [6400] Aunt Kate frowned severely and nodded her head at every word.
[The Dead] [6687] every bar and while he waited for the end the resentment died
[The Dead] [6727] wrote a literary column every Wednesday in The Daily Express,
[The Dead] [6732] every day when his teaching in the college was ended he used to
[The Dead] [6771] "Well, you know, every year I go for a cycling tour with some
[The Dead] [6881] scenery. Her son-in-law brought them every year to the lakes and
[The Dead] [7186] like a Soldier fall, introducing a high C every time, and of how the
[The Dead] [7335] "I feel more strongly with every recurring year that our country has
[The Dead] [7420] every member of the company fingered a glass expectantly, and
[The Dead] [7599] window every moment to the great danger of his hat, and told his
[The Dead] [8210] falling on every part of the dark central plain, on the treeless hills,
[The Dead] [8213] upon every part of the lonely churchyard on the hill where Michael