Dubliners by James Joyce

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Ivy Day in the Committee Room
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There are 49 occurrences of the word:   friends

[The Sisters] [50] "The youngster and he were great friends. The old chap taught him
[The Sisters] [279] "Ah, there's no friends like the old friends," she said, "when all is
[The Sisters] [280] said and done, no friends that a body can trust."
[After the Race] [1137] friends, the French.
[After the Race] [1198] Jimmy's excitement. He had been seen by many of his friends that
[Two Gallants] [1404] had always prevented his friends from forming any general policy
[Two Gallants] [1715] enough with friends and with girls. He knew what those friends
[Two Gallants] [1726] Street. At the corner of George's Street he met two friends of his
[Two Gallants] [1728] from all his walking. His friends asked him had he seen Corley and
[Two Gallants] [1730] Corley. His friends talked very little. They looked vacantly after
[Two Gallants] [1739] He left his friends at a quarter to ten and went up George's Street.
[The Boarding House] [1858] met his friends he had always a good one to tell them and he was
[The Boarding House] [1996] imagine his friends talking of the affair and laughing. She was a
[A Little Cloud] [2398] Ignatius Gallaher produced his cigar-case. The two friends lit their
[A Little Cloud] [2410] to Berlin. Some things he could not vouch for (his friends had told
[Counterparts] [2846] spend it in the bars, drinking with his friends amid the glare of gas
[Counterparts] [3054] that he lost count of the conversation of his friends.
[Clay] [3282] they were boys together they used to be the best of friends: but
[A Painful Case] [3494] He had neither companions nor friends, church nor creed. He lived
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [4558] Of fawning priests--no friends of his.
[A Mother] [4603] series of concerts. He had a game leg and for this his friends called
[A Mother] [4611] made few friends at school. When she came to the age of marriage
[A Mother] [4618] secret. However, when she drew near the limit and her friends
[A Mother] [4647] picture postcards to their friends and these friends sent back other
[A Mother] [4651] were all friends of the Kearneys--musical friends or Nationalist
[A Mother] [4652] friends; and, when they had played every little counter of gossip,
[A Mother] [4691] friends who could not be trusted to come otherwise. She forgot
[A Mother] [4753] jutting out his head and exchanging a laugh with two friends in the
[A Mother] [4857] stood chatting to one of her Nationalist friends, Miss Healy, the
[Grace] [5151] man was or where had his friends gone. The door of the bar
[Grace] [5295] was mitigated by the fact that certain of those friends who had
[Grace] [5297] character. Mr. Power was one of these friends. His inexplicable
[Grace] [5322] and family. Nice friends! Who was he with tonight, I'd like to
[Grace] [5390] Two nights after, his friends came to see him. She brought them up
[Grace] [5401] his friends, Mr. Cunningham, Mr. M'Coy and Mr. Power had
[Grace] [5421] informed. His friends bowed to his opinions and considered that
[Grace] [5524] his friends to think there had been some mistake, that Mr. Harford
[Grace] [5525] and he had missed each other. His friends, who knew quite well
[Grace] [5701] enmity, while his friends discussed the Jesuits.
[Grace] [6168] the children of light. Wherefore make unto yourselves friends out
[The Dead] [6230] friends of the family, the members of Julia's choir, any of Kate's
[The Dead] [6737] politics. But they were friends of many years' standing and their
[The Dead] [6834] friends they had there. While her tongue rambled on Gabriel tried
[The Dead] [7388] everyday routine. We are met here as friends, in the spirit of
[The Dead] [7861] and friends and run away together with wild and radiant hearts to a