Dubliners by James Joyce

Dublin The Sisters
An Encounter
After the Race
Two Gallants
The Boarding House
A Little Cloud
A Painful Case
Ivy Day in the Committee Room
A Mother
The Dead

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There are 31 occurrences of the word:   gave

[The Sisters] [130] been these constant showers of snuff which gave his ancient
[The Sisters] [193] like pale thin flames. He had been coffined. Nannie gave the lead
[An Encounter] [611] gave me the impression that he was repeating something which he
[Eveline] [1007] weary her unspeakably. She always gave her entire wages--seven
[Eveline] [1125] to him, passive, like a helpless animal. Her eyes gave him no sign
[After the Race] [1339] Someone gave the toast of the yacht The Belle of Newport and
[A Little Cloud] [2117] gave one the idea of being a little man. His hands were white and
[A Little Cloud] [2154] Little Chandler gave them no thought. He picked his way deftly
[A Little Cloud] [2583] coffee from Bewley's. Of course she was in a bad humour and gave
[Clay] [3234] gave the visitor one or two slips from her conservatory. There was
[Clay] [3325] from next door and games were going on. Maria gave the bag of
[A Painful Case] [3471] unamiable mouth. His cheekbones also gave his face a harsh
[A Painful Case] [3473] the world from under their tawny eyebrows, gave the impression of
[A Painful Case] [3479] the third person and a predicate in the past tense. He never gave
[A Painful Case] [3504] Rotunda. The house, thinly peopled and silent, gave distressing
[A Painful Case] [3551] Sometimes in return for his theories she gave out some fact of her
[A Painful Case] [3697] deceased, also gave evidence. He stated that the deceased was his
[A Mother] [4616] and she gave them no encouragement, trying to console her
[A Mother] [4770] originally stipulated for, whether the society gave the four concerts
[A Mother] [4816] gave a little sigh and said:
[Grace] [5181] hospital and some of the bystanders gave advice. The battered silk
[Grace] [5392] odour, and gave them chairs at the fire. Mr. Kernan's tongue, the
[Grace] [5599] Mr. Cunningham gave a qualified assent.
[The Dead] [6241] Haddington Road. She had been through the Academy and gave a
[The Dead] [6247] go about much, gave music lessons to beginners on the old square
[The Dead] [6380] and stood erect, her slow eyes and parted lips gave her the
[The Dead] [6867] His wife clasped her hands excitedly and gave a little jump.
[The Dead] [6911] mind and gave him courage. He would say, alluding to Aunt Kate
[The Dead] [7711] in a repentant tone told them the history of his cold. Everyone gave
[The Dead] [7844] spite of Mr. Bartell D'Arcy's protest, paid the driver. He gave the
[The Dead] [7932] Gabriel in a false voice. "He gave me back that sovereign I lent