Dubliners by James Joyce

Dublin The Sisters
An Encounter
After the Race
Two Gallants
The Boarding House
A Little Cloud
A Painful Case
Ivy Day in the Committee Room
A Mother
The Dead

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There are 23 occurrences of the word:   play

[The Sisters] [66] let a young lad run about and play with young lads of his own age
[An Encounter] [482] began to play the Indian as soon as we were out of public sight. He
[Araby] [721] of our play brought us through the dark muddy lanes behind the
[Araby] [812] desire, seemed to me child's play, ugly monotonous child's play.
[Araby] [865] believed in the old saying: "All work and no play makes Jack a
[Eveline] [948] they used to play every evening with other people's children. Then
[Eveline] [951] roofs. The children of the avenue used to play together in that field
[After the Race] [1244] eagerness, also, to play fast and loose for the names of great
[After the Race] [1334] was flashing. Play ran very high and paper began to pass. Jimmy
[After the Race] [1347] feet to play the last tricks. talking and gesticulating. Routh won.
[Two Gallants] [1495] tram somewhere and pay the tram or take them to a band or a play
[A Little Cloud] [2563] You wait a while my boy. See if I don't play my cards properly.
[Counterparts] [3072] "You're not to put the weight of your body behind it. Play fair," he
[Counterparts] [3162] order to give his arm free play.
[Clay] [3396] play. Maria understood that it was wrong that time and so she had
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [4455] good sportsman. Damn it, can't we Irish play fair?"
[A Mother] [5052] following Tuesday and that, in case her daughter did not play for
[A Mother] [5088] approach her. But Miss Healy had kindly consented to play one or
[Grace] [5455] wife, who had been a soprano, still taught young children to play
[The Dead] [6650] the other listeners, though they had begged Mary Jane to play
[The Dead] [7190] play the grand old operas now, he asked, Dinorah, Lucrezia
[The Dead] [7404] "I will not attempt to play tonight the part that Paris played on