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There are 118 occurrences of the word:   room

[The Sisters] [92] from his unfinished sentences. In the dark of my room I imagined
[The Sisters] [121] have gone into the little dark room behind the shop to find him
[The Sisters] [187] encouragingly towards the open door of the dead-room. My aunt
[The Sisters] [191] I went in on tiptoe. The room through the lace end of the blind was
[The Sisters] [206] in the room--the flowers.
[The Sisters] [208] We crossed ourselves and came away. In the little room downstairs
[The Sisters] [329] A silence took possession of the little room and, under cover of it,
[Araby] [703] drawing-room. Air, musty from having been long enclosed, hung
[Araby] [704] in all the rooms, and the waste room behind the kitchen was
[Araby] [768] One evening I went into the back drawing-room in which the priest
[Araby] [827] its ticking began to irritate me, I left the room. I mounted the
[Araby] [829] empty gloomy rooms liberated me and I went from room to room
[Araby] [847] room, clenching my fists. My aunt said:
[Eveline] [964] Home! She looked round the room, reviewing all its familiar
[Eveline] [1073] dark room at the other side of the hall and outside she heard a
[After the Race] [1258] Cambridge. The young men supped in a snug room lit by electric
[After the Race] [1274] him: he aroused the torpid Routh at last. The room grew doubly
[The Boarding House] [1834] neither money nor food nor house-room; and so he was obliged to
[The Boarding House] [1838] day long he sat in the bailiff's room, waiting to be put on a job.
[The Boarding House] [1862] Mooney's front drawing-room. The music-hall artistes would
[The Boarding House] [1908] house and the table of the breakfast-room was covered with plates
[The Boarding House] [1951] room to say that she wished to speak with him. She felt sure she
[The Boarding House] [2064] of the return-room.
[A Little Cloud] [2141] sat in the little room off the hall, he had been tempted to take one
[A Little Cloud] [2577] Little Chandler sat in the room off the hall, holding a child in his
[A Little Cloud] [2625] the room. He found something mean in the pretty furniture which
[A Little Cloud] [2646] He paused. He felt the rhythm of the verse about him in the room.
[A Little Cloud] [2670] down the room with the child in his arms. It began to sob
[A Little Cloud] [2672] bursting out anew. The thin walls of the room echoed the sound.
[A Little Cloud] [2698] Giving no heed to him she began to walk up and down the room,
[Counterparts] [2736] The man entered Mr. Alleyne's room. Simultaneously Mr. Alleyne,
[Counterparts] [2787] the room, he heard Mr. Alleyne cry after him that if the contract
[Counterparts] [2852] room. Miss Delacour was a middle-aged woman of Jewish
[Counterparts] [2937] out of the office in order to make room for his own nephew. He
[Counterparts] [3048] room, she brushed against his chair and said "O, pardon!" in a
[Counterparts] [3049] London accent. He watched her leave the room in the hope that she
[Clay] [3239] women's room and began to pull the big bell. In a few minutes the
[Clay] [3306] gentleman made room for her. He was a stout gentleman and he
[A Painful Case] [3443] uncarpeted room were free from pictures. He had himself bought
[A Painful Case] [3444] every article of furniture in the room: a black iron bedstead, an
[A Painful Case] [3577] room, their isolation, the music that still vibrated in their ears
[A Painful Case] [3605] room still bore witness of the orderliness of his mind. Some new
[A Painful Case] [3606] pieces of music encumbered the music-stand in the lower room
[A Painful Case] [3675] taken to the waiting-room pending the arrival of the ambulance.
[A Painful Case] [3769] must have been, sitting night after night alone in that room. His
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [3808] IVY DAY IN THE COMMITTEE ROOM
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [3857] the Committee Room in Wicklow Street with Jack, the old
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [3897] silent, gazing into the fire. Someone opened the door of the room
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [3918] after stumbling about the room returned with two candlesticks
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [3920] table. A denuded room came into view and the fire lost all its
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [3921] cheerful colour. The walls of the room were bare except for a copy
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [3922] of an election address. In the middle of the room was a small table
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [4000] The room was silent again. Then a bustling little man with a
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [4040] The old man went out of the room.
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [4080] He went out of the room slowly. Neither Mr. Henchy nor the old
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [4355] Here two men entered the room. One of them was a very fat man
[A Mother] [4663] drawing-room, made him sit down and brought out the decanter
[A Mother] [4705] In the dressing-room behind the stage she was introduced to the
[A Mother] [4717] Fitzpatrick came in, smiled vacantly at the room, and said:
[A Mother] [4820] Mrs. Kearney had to go back to the dressing-room.
[A Mother] [4859] through the room. The women followed with keen eyes the faded
[A Mother] [4867] dressing-room at that moment and the two young ladies asked him
[A Mother] [4870] corner of the room, holding a roll of music stiffly before her and
[A Mother] [4904] When she came back to the dressing-room her cheeks were slightly
[A Mother] [4905] suffused. The room was lively. Two men in outdoor dress had
[A Mother] [4936] staircase and came to a secluded room where one of the stewards
[A Mother] [4938] gentlemen was Mr. O'Madden Burke, who had found out the room
[A Mother] [4948] dressing-room had become strained. Mr. Bell, the first item, stood
[A Mother] [4958] Mr. Holohan and Mr. O'Madden Burke came into the room In a
[A Mother] [4976] The room was silent. When the strain of the silence had become
[A Mother] [4989] Fitzpatrick burst into the room, followed by Mr. Holohan who was
[A Mother] [5015] All this time the dressing-room was a hive of excitement. In one
[A Mother] [5030] In another corner of the room were Mrs. Kearney and he: husband,
[A Mother] [5106] up and down the room, in order to cool himself for he his skin on
[Grace] [5397] disorder of the room, but at the same time looked at them a little
[Grace] [5590] room and the poor devils have to try and catch it on their plates:
[Grace] [5610] Mrs. Kernan entered the room and, placing a tray on the table,
[Grace] [5618] prepared to leave the room. Her husband called out to her:
[Grace] [6018] Kernan came into the room, drying her hands she came into a
[The Dead] [6223] upstairs into a ladies' dressing-room. Miss Kate and Miss Julia
[The Dead] [6242] pupils' concert every year in the upper room of the Antient Concert
[The Dead] [6248] piano in the back room. Lily, the caretaker's daughter, did
[The Dead] [6287] went upstairs, laughing, to the ladies' dressing-room. A light fringe
[The Dead] [6356] He waited outside the drawing-room door until the waltz should
[The Dead] [6376] dressing-room. His aunts were two small, plainly dressed old
[The Dead] [6450] you've seen about the room. Gretta was saying..."
[The Dead] [6452] "0, the room is all right," replied Gabriel. "I've taken one in the
[The Dead] [6479] pianist told that the waltz had ended. The drawing-room door was
[The Dead] [6510] of earshot, at once led the three young ladies into the back room.
[The Dead] [6511] The middle of the room was occupied by two square tables placed
[The Dead] [6552] A red-faced young woman, dressed in pansy, came into the room,
[The Dead] [6581] Jane led her recruits quickly from the room. They had hardly gone
[The Dead] [6582] when Aunt Julia wandered slowly into the room, looking behind
[The Dead] [6610] the sideboard, crossed the room on rather shaky legs and began to
[The Dead] [6622] Gabriel, into the drawing-room."
[The Dead] [6624] Before leaving the room with Gabriel she signalled to Mr. Browne
[The Dead] [6648] drawing-room. He liked music but the piece she was playing had
[The Dead] [6652] refreshment-room to stand in the doorway at the sound of the
[The Dead] [6691] escaped from the room. The most vigorous clapping came from
[The Dead] [6693] refreshment-room at the beginning of the piece but had come back
[The Dead] [6825] of the room where Freddy Malins' mother was sitting. She was a
[The Dead] [6878] While she was threading her way back across the room Mrs.
[The Dead] [6888] quotation. When he saw Freddy Malins coming across the room to
[The Dead] [6890] the embrasure of the window. The room had already cleared and
[The Dead] [6891] from the back room came the clatter of plates and knives. Those
[The Dead] [6892] who still remained in the drawing room seemed tired of dancing
[The Dead] [6920] A murmur in the room attracted his attention. Mr. Browne was
[The Dead] [6926] room, gradually ceased. Gabriel recognised the prelude. It was that
[The Dead] [6942] across the room to Aunt Julia whose hand he seized and held in
[The Dead] [7024] On the landing outside the drawing-room Gabriel found his wife
[The Dead] [7069] At the moment Aunt Kate came toddling out of the supper-room,
[The Dead] [7303] the drawing-room door. People, perhaps, were standing in the
[The Dead] [7453] the supper-room by many of the other guests and renewed time
[The Dead] [7812] room in the hotel, then they would be alone together. He would
[The Dead] [7897] and crossed the room towards the window. He looked down into
[The Dead] [8178] Soon, perhaps, he would be sitting in that same drawing-room,
[The Dead] [8186] The air of the room chilled his shoulders. He stretched himself