Dubliners by James Joyce

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An Encounter
After the Race
Two Gallants
The Boarding House
A Little Cloud
A Painful Case
Ivy Day in the Committee Room
A Mother
The Dead

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There are 38 occurrences of the word:   saying

[The Sisters] [70] corner. That's what I'm always saying to that Rosicrucian there:
[The Sisters] [108] ordinary days a notice used to hang in the window, saying:
[The Sisters] [306] "But still and all he kept on saying that before the summer was
[An Encounter] [492] by saying what a funk he was and guessing how many he would
[An Encounter] [566] with great care. He began to talk of the weather, saying that it
[An Encounter] [606] accent was good. He began to speak to us about girls, saying what
[An Encounter] [623] saying that he had to leave us for a minute or so, a few minutes,
[An Encounter] [678] pretending to fix my shoe properly and then, saying that I was
[Araby] [865] believed in the old saying: "All work and no play makes Jack a
[Araby] [879] saying that it was a special train for the bazaar. I remained alone in
[Eveline] [1076] back into the sickroom saying:
[Eveline] [1083] mother's voice saying constantly with foolish insistence:
[Eveline] [1095] saying something about the passage over and over again. The
[After the Race] [1323] America. Jimmy made a speech, a long speech, Villona saying:
[The Boarding House] [2008] threw her arms round his neck, saying:
[The Boarding House] [2070] little paler than usual, kept smiling and saying that there was no
[A Little Cloud] [2404] am I saying?--I've known them: cases of... immorality...."
[A Little Cloud] [2561] There are hundreds--what am I saying?--thousands of rich
[Counterparts] [2717] Miss Parker returned to her machine, saying to a man who was
[Counterparts] [2776] shot up his head again, saying:
[Counterparts] [2869] began to hurry Miss Parker, saying she would never have the
[Counterparts] [2893] Alleyne began a tirade of abuse, saying that two letters were
[Counterparts] [2981] saying it was as smart a thing as ever he heard. Farrington stood a
[Counterparts] [2997] imitated Farrington, saying, "And here was my nabs, as cool as you
[Counterparts] [3145] lit the lamp. He began to mimic his son's flat accent, saying half to
[Clay] [3201] compliment. And Ginger Mooney was always saying what she
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [3942] The old man returned to his seat by the fire, saying:
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [4299] cheerfully, saying:
[A Mother] [4678] She pushed the decanter towards him, saying:
[Grace] [5202] then turned to the constable, saying:
[Grace] [5616] declined it, saying she was ironing downstairs, and, after having
[Grace] [5803] remember Crofton saying to me when we came out----"
[Grace] [5897] a double intention, saying:
[Grace] [5964] "What's that you were saying, Tom?" asked Mr. M'Coy.
[The Dead] [6450] you've seen about the room. Gretta was saying..."
[The Dead] [7280] the table during which Mrs. Malins could be heard saying to her
[The Dead] [8115] see him so I wrote him a letter saying I was going up to Dublin and
[The Dead] [8173] and dancing, the merry-making when saying good-night in the hall,