Dubliners by James Joyce

Dublin The Sisters
An Encounter
After the Race
Two Gallants
The Boarding House
A Little Cloud
A Painful Case
Ivy Day in the Committee Room
A Mother
The Dead

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There are 20 occurrences of the word:   taken

[The Boarding House] [1839] Mrs. Mooney, who had taken what remained of her money out of
[The Boarding House] [1878] word to his daughter, she had taken her daughter home again and
[The Boarding House] [1938] world. He had simply taken advantage of Polly's youth and
[A Little Cloud] [2402] some time from the clouds of smoke in which he had taken refuge,
[Clay] [3320] gentleman even when he has a drop taken.
[A Painful Case] [3675] taken to the waiting-room pending the arrival of the ambulance.
[A Painful Case] [3689] taken every precaution to prevent people crossing the lines except
[A Painful Case] [3739] he had taken.
[Ivy Day in the Committee Room] [3883] I've a sup taken. What's the world coming to when sons speaks that
[A Mother] [4906] taken possession of the fireplace and were chatting familiarly with
[A Mother] [5023] However, he said that Mrs. Kearney might have taken the artistes
[Grace] [5654] would be taken into his friends' confidence. Then he asked:
[The Dead] [6235] the house in Stoney Batter and taken Mary Jane, their only niece,
[The Dead] [6371] had failed with the girl in the pantry. He had taken up a wrong
[The Dead] [6452] "0, the room is all right," replied Gabriel. "I've taken one in the
[The Dead] [6677] Balbrigan and, thanks to her, Gabriel himself had taken his degree
[The Dead] [6702] When they had taken their places she said abruptly:
[The Dead] [7452] The acclamation which followed was taken up beyond the door of
[The Dead] [7689] taken aback by his rude speech, could find nothing to say. Aunt
[The Dead] [7900] light. She had taken off her hat and cloak and was standing before