Dubliners by James Joyce

Dublin The Sisters
An Encounter
After the Race
Two Gallants
The Boarding House
A Little Cloud
A Painful Case
Ivy Day in the Committee Room
A Mother
The Dead

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There are 55 occurrences of the word:   through

[The Sisters] [129] dribbled through his fingers over the front of his coat. It may have
[The Sisters] [163] put me through the responses of the Mass which he had made me
[The Sisters] [191] I went in on tiptoe. The room through the lace end of the blind was
[An Encounter] [458] through them on to the water. The granite stone of the bridge was
[An Encounter] [532] through the squalid streets where the families of the fishermen
[An Encounter] [673] monotonously through the mystery, grew almost affectionate and
[Araby] [721] of our play brought us through the dark muddy lanes behind the
[Araby] [751] had to go to carry some of the parcels. We walked through the
[Araby] [758] bore my chalice safely through a throng of foes. Her name sprang
[Araby] [770] house. Through one of the broken panes I heard the rain impinge
[Araby] [804] were called to me through the silence in which my soul luxuriated
[Araby] [854] When he was midway through his dinner I asked him to give me
[Araby] [886] would be closed, I passed in quickly through a turnstile, handing a
[Eveline] [1016] tightly in her hand as she elbowed her way through the crowds and
[Eveline] [1043] names of the different services. He had sailed through the Straits
[Eveline] [1096] station was full of soldiers with brown baggages. Through the wide
[After the Race] [1133] careering homeward and through this channel of poverty and
[After the Race] [1196] Rapid motion through space elates one; so does notoriety; so does
[After the Race] [1237] pushed their way through the knot of gazers. They walked
[Two Gallants] [1464] walked on through the crowd Corley occasionally turned to smile
[Two Gallants] [1666] through which he passed they did so morosely. He found trivial all
[Two Gallants] [1810] through his voice.
[The Boarding House] [1873] through them, had a habit of glancing upwards when she spoke
[The Boarding House] [1927] mantelpiece as soon as she had become aware through her revery
[The Boarding House] [2055] to ascend through the roof and fly away to another country where
[A Little Cloud] [2133] everyone who passed through the gardens. He watched the scene
[A Little Cloud] [2155] through all that minute vermin-like life and under the shadow of
[A Little Cloud] [2640] Not e'en a Zephyr wanders through the grove,
[Counterparts] [2959] He went through the narrow alley of Temple Bar quickly,
[Counterparts] [2968] evening editions. The man passed through the crowd, looking on
[Counterparts] [3125] "Who is that?" said the man, peering through the darkness.
[Clay] [3192] nose and a very long chin. She talked a little through her nose,
[A Painful Case] [3632] He walked along quickly through the November twilight, his stout
[A Painful Case] [3775] under the gaunt trees. He walked through the bleak alleys where
[A Painful Case] [3796] through the darkness, obstinately and laboriously. It passed slowly
[A Mother] [4700] dress. She passed by with her daughter and a quick glance through
[A Mother] [4859] through the room. The women followed with keen eyes the faded
[A Mother] [5098] daughter and followed him. As she passed through the doorway
[Grace] [5154] struggling to look in through the glass panels.
[Grace] [5166] A young man in a cycling-suit cleared his way through the ring of
[Grace] [5228] The three men left the bar and the crowd sifted through the doors
[Grace] [5518] disapproval of usury made manifest through the person of his idiot
[The Dead] [6241] Haddington Road. She had been through the Academy and gave a
[The Dead] [6290] overcoat slipped with a squeaking noise through the
[The Dead] [6843] He saw his wife making her way towards him through the waltzing
[The Dead] [6896] along by the river and then through the park! The snow would be
[The Dead] [7189] themselves through the streets to her hotel. Why did they never
[The Dead] [7243] Malins, who had been silent all through the supper, said that her
[The Dead] [7350] A hearty murmur of assent ran round the table. It shot through
[The Dead] [7379] path through life is strewn with many such sad memories: and
[The Dead] [7593] Browne, each of whom had his head out through a window of the
[The Dead] [7772] bounding along his veins; and the thoughts went rioting through
[The Dead] [7786] in the cold, looking in through a grated window at a man making
[The Dead] [7857] of her body, musical and strange and perfumed, sent through him a
[The Dead] [8217] through the universe and faintly falling, like the descent of their