The Idiot by Dostoyevsky

Dostoyevsky PART I

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There are 689 occurrences of the word:   an

[PART I] [33] were constantly compressed into an impudent, ironical--it might
[PART I] [37] was its death-like pallor, which gave to the whole man an
[PART I] [53] coloured beard; his eyes were large and blue, and had an intent
[PART I] [55] affirm to be a peculiarity. as well as evidence, of an epileptic
[PART I] [59] an old faded silk handkerchief that apparently contained all his
[PART I] [195] -but as an individual--one never hears of any Prince Muishkin
[PART I] [233] assumed an expression of great deference and servility--if not of
[PART I] [312] "Bosh! there are plenty of Nastasia Philipovnas. And what an
[PART I] [317] "Oh, but I do know, as it happens," said the clerk in an
[PART I] [343] at the opera at the French theatre of an evening, and the
[PART I] [363] us, any day. However, I went for an hour or so and saw Nastasia
[PART I] [392] like an ass! And there was he all in the fashion, pomaded and
[PART I] [414] and swore at me for an hour. 'This is only a foretaste,' says he;
[PART I] [513] certain government monopolies; he was also a voice, and an
[PART I] [641] presence of the secretary as an intermediary was, he judged,
[PART I] [820] "Yes--I saw an execution in France--at Lyons. Schneider took me
[PART I] [829] "Oh no--it's the work of an instant. They put a man inside a
[PART I] [850] spirit must have endured; it is an outrage on the soul that's
[PART I] [853] it's an impossible theory. I assure you, I saw the sight a month
[PART I] [860] Clearly he was not at all anxious to bring the conversation to an
[PART I] [877] all--but the certain knowledge that in an hour,--then in ten
[PART I] [895] cut. But in the case of an execution, that last hope--having
[PART I] [904] man can suffer this without going mad? No, no! it is an abuse, a
[PART I] [1089] from quite a new point of view, all in an instant.
[PART I] [1154] been an invalid and unable to learn much. As for bread, I should
[PART I] [1160] latter had taken an interest in the prince, that young gentleman
[PART I] [1164] The prince had been left an orphan when quite a little child, and
[PART I] [1165] Pavlicheff had entrusted him to an old lady, a relative of his
[PART I] [1170] almost an idiot of him (the prince used the expression "idiot"
[PART I] [1231] birthday, or what," added Gania, with an unpleasant smile.
[PART I] [1315] an unusually lovely woman. She was photographed in a black silk
[PART I] [1392] out of his difficulties again, and curling his lips in an
[PART I] [1402] just as though you wished for an excuse to get out of the whole
[PART I] [1403] thing. This is an affair in which you ought to act honestly
[PART I] [1456] I met an example of this handwriting, I was positively
[PART I] [1458] Switzerland, of all places! Now that is an ordinary English hand.
[PART I] [1460] perfection. This is an example of another kind, a mixture of
[PART I] [1467] the whole! It results in an incomparable type--one to fall in love
[PART I] [1472] you are an artist! Eh, Gania ?"
[PART I] [1487] departments, an easy place--but you will require to be accurate.
[PART I] [1578] her destiny is not by any means an ordinary, uneventful one. Her
[PART I] [1589] "I cannot marry at all," said the latter. "I am an invalid."
[PART I] [1660] but, as an experienced father and husband, he judged it better to
[PART I] [1670] origin, and of poor education, was, for all that, an experienced
[PART I] [1717] youngest, Aglaya, as aforesaid. But Totski himself, though an
[PART I] [1735] highly. He knew life, and realized what such an offer was worth.
[PART I] [1759] Close to an estate of Totski's, in one of the central provinces
[PART I] [1787] was an undoubted authority.
[PART I] [1814] only in an embryo condition; but a great change now came over
[PART I] [1823] good old times were gone. An entirely new and different woman sat
[PART I] [1836] reveries, the tears, the playfulness... It was an entirely new and
[PART I] [1882] acting as others might in such an emergency. She was much more
[PART I] [1915] seek an answer to some unknown riddle. Her complexion also had
[PART I] [1944] that it was pride, the pride of an injured and imaginative woman,
[PART I] [1964] She received four or five friends sometimes, of an evening.
[PART I] [1967] made her acquaintance also, and others were Ferdishenko, an ill-
[PART I] [1986] and the general determined to try what an attempt to appeal to
[PART I] [2029] any way an indemnification to her for anything, but that there
[PART I] [2130] describe them; merely mentioning an instance or two. One was that
[PART I] [2135] greedy, impatient and selfish, to an extraordinary degree; and
[PART I] [2148] such an extent that he did not dare communicate his views even to
[PART I] [2276] "Yes, my dear, it was an old abbot of that name-I must be off to
[PART I] [2305] religious world; he signed an edict there, and I have seen a
[PART I] [2399] is a great humbug and by no means an idiot," she whispered to
[PART I] [2561] sun so bright, and an old ruined castle on the mountain-side, far
[PART I] [2579] "Your philosophy is rather like that of an old woman we know, who
[PART I] [2599] two sentences, twenty minutes, or at least a quarter of an hour,
[PART I] [2620] interminable period, an enormous wealth of time; he seemed to be
[PART I] [2648] to return to life again? What an eternity of days, and all mine!
[PART I] [2680] "Very well, then there's an experiment, and the thing is proved;
[PART I] [2741] "Never mind, mamma! Prince, I wish you had seen an execution,"
[PART I] [2745] "I have seen an execution," said the prince.
[PART I] [2748] fitting crown to the rest of the story. If you have seen an
[PART I] [2766] "They do not at all approve of women going to see an execution
[PART I] [2852] town to the scaffold. I think he, too, must feel that he has an
[PART I] [2895] probably hard, hard, hard--like an engine at full pressure. I
[PART I] [2909] There would probably be but the tenth part of an instant left to
[PART I] [2990] I was among them just as an outsider, and I passed all four years
[PART I] [3034] mother was an old, old woman, and they used to sell string and
[PART I] [3287] myself--just before I came away. 'You have the form and face of an
[PART I] [3322] People may consider me a child if they like. I am often called an
[PART I] [3324] as bad as an idiot; but I am not an idiot now. How can I possibly
[PART I] [3332] over it; and at the waterfall, of an evening, when we parted for
[PART I] [3354] to you, and am not a bit ashamed or shy. I am an unsociable
[PART I] [3375] am perfectly SURE, that you are an absolute child--in all, in
[PART I] [3472] "and yet, perhaps I was right after all." He had an idea,
[PART I] [3498] "Listen, prince," said Gania, as though an idea had just struck
[PART I] [3508] I do not care to go in at present without an invitation. I
[PART I] [3525] an expression of absolute entreaty.
[PART I] [3580] merely to challenge the prince to an explanation as to how he and
[PART I] [3741] "Did you give my note? Is there an answer?" interrupted Gania,
[PART I] [3833] life,' he is simply an impudent liar; I merely pitied him once.
[PART I] [3905] that the circumstance should have made such an unpleasant
[PART I] [3941] nonentity. But suddenly he seemed to have an idea, and
[PART I] [4007] such an extent, was very far from being slow of comprehension,
[PART I] [4008] and had a way of taking in an impression, and afterwards giving
[PART I] [4014] was little better than an idiot, yet now I am almost recovered,
[PART I] [4016] an idiot to my face. Of course your anger is excusable,
[PART I] [4081] He, too, had to sleep on an old sofa, a narrow, uncomfortable
[PART I] [4243] an ironical expression in them; as though he were perpetually
[PART I] [4329] dressed in an old coat, and he smelled of vodka when he came
[PART I] [4379] "Oh, not cold--believe an old man--not from a cold, but from
[PART I] [4412] wife, is an excellent woman, so is my daughter Varvara. We have
[PART I] [4453] though an excellent fellow, may have made a mistake."
[PART I] [4471] came to no decision. It was a mysterious, an impossible business,
[PART I] [4480] camp bedstead, and in a quarter of an hour was dead: you quite
[PART I] [4497] first to say 'qu'on se trompe,' but unfortunately I was an eye-
[PART I] [4501] drum. It is of course a most curious case--nearly an impossible
[PART I] [4706] "Why, what an idiot it is!" cried Nastasia, stamping her foot
[PART I] [4725] stare at him, without taking her eyes off his face for an
[PART I] [4808] gazed with an intensity of loathing and revenge at him, but said
[PART I] [4838] "An idiot!"--the prince distinctly heard the word half whispered
[PART I] [4898] now adopted an attitude of absolute cynicism, but he could not
[PART I] [4909] had often tried to imagine such an event, but had found the
[PART I] [4929] a low bow of great dignity, "an old soldier, unfortunate, and the
[PART I] [4998] Muishkin--whose son I have this day embraced after an absence of
[PART I] [5073] slapped me on the cheek! An extraordinary woman!"
[PART I] [5087] devil was in the business. It turned out that 'light blue' was an
[PART I] [5095] "Of course I wrote an apology, and called, but they would not
[PART I] [5100] between a Frenchman and an English girl? The cigar was snatched
[PART I] [5176] laughed continuously, and an enormously tall stout one who
[PART I] [5192] face took on an expression of despair. "So that's the end of it!
[PART I] [5228] disagreeably. "He doesn't recognize Rogojin!" He did not move an
[PART I] [5277] Rogojin's troop, who were only waiting for an excuse, set up a
[PART I] [5395] form some words; then his mouth twisted into an incongruous
[PART I] [5449] Nastasia out of the room with an expression of wonder.
[PART I] [5574] that you were an idiot? You always observe what other people pass
[PART I] [5685] not even quite spoiled. I see that you are quite an ordinary man,
[PART I] [5699] of it all; but he is a good deal worse than an innocent liar now.
[PART I] [5726] too weak in mind and character. I am obeying a passion, an
[PART I] [5741] character, has no particular talent, and is, in short, an
[PART I] [5749] rich, I shall be a genius, an extremely original man. One of the
[PART I] [5805] "Come along, Colia, I want to see your father. I have an idea,"
[PART I] [5830] you were a witness, that I did all that a kind, an indulgent
[PART I] [5855] prince arrived; this took him an hour to drink, and then he had
[PART I] [5877] would put an end to them.
[PART I] [5917] them: it is a duty, an obligation. General Ivolgin and Prince
[PART I] [6009] life, and as I have an extra burden on my mind today ..."
[PART I] [6016] of a family; her words come straight from her heart, and find an
[PART I] [6017] echo in mine. A visit to her is merely an affair of a few
[PART I] [6153] Hippolyte is an extremely clever boy, but so prejudiced. He is
[PART I] [6182] "No, I have really an object in going ... That is, I am going
[PART I] [6198] present at an orgy of scandalous revelations. Parents blush when
[PART I] [6203] general! See what he is, and yet, I assure you, he is an honest
[PART I] [6276] If only he could find an opportunity of coming close up to
[PART I] [6282] was another delicate question, to which he could not find an
[PART I] [6340] he had been considered an idiot hitherto, for he was very far
[PART I] [6371] The rest of the guests (an old tutor or schoolmaster, goodness
[PART I] [6373] rather loud woman of about forty, apparently an actress; and a
[PART I] [6402] himself to the idea of meeting Ferdishenko in society, and on an
[PART I] [6536] joke, like a young girl, I should think that he must, as an
[PART I] [6604] "What an extraordinary idea!" said the general.
[PART I] [6631] was still in an excited, hysterical state, laughing convulsively
[PART I] [6698] much is that I am such an insignificant creature that it matters
[PART I] [6700] Besides, which am I to choose? It's an embarras de richesse.
[PART I] [6755] "In half an hour or so the loss was discovered, and the servants
[PART I] [6775] "That was a psychological phenomenon, not an action," remarked
[PART I] [6843] "It was a silly affair--I was an ensign at the time. You know
[PART I] [6852] in a small town. I was quartered at an old widow's house, a
[PART I] [6901] dead?' 'DEAD, when?' 'Oh, an hour and a half ago.' That meant
[PART I] [6926] of old women into an almshouse and kept them there at my own
[PART I] [6983] boundless--but it was practically an impossibility.
[PART I] [6995] "I was glad for the poor fellow, and went home. But an idea got
[PART I] [6999] told him to get the carriage ready at once. In half an hour it
[PART I] [7076] with an effort.
[PART I] [7214] could not go without an explanation. He resolved therefore, to
[PART I] [7218] returned, an though he had condescended, under the influence of
[PART I] [7272] exhibited, as if by accident, that peculiarly Russian object--an
[PART I] [7286] worked in an agony of anxiety and a fever of suspense. His
[PART I] [7301] they would have marched into an enemy's fortress. Arrived there,
[PART I] [7333] nine in length, wrapped in an old newspaper, and tied round three
[PART I] [7341] fastened with a huge diamond pin, and an enormous diamond ring on
[PART I] [7426] it was that I ever could have indulged the whim of entering an
[PART I] [7440] "Yes, he would!" said Rogojin, quietly, but with an air of
[PART I] [7469] money he spent over me! And he tried to find me an honest husband
[PART I] [7475] true, it is an abominable business, as you say. I might have
[PART I] [7514] though, what they say about him may be true--that he's an--we
[PART I] [7555] had an opportunity of finding out all day; but I received a
[PART I] [7602] brother of this same Paparchin, had been an eminent and very rich
[PART I] [7640] one present that the prince had just made her an offer of
[PART I] [7662] "Ha, ha, ha!" she cried, "this is an unexpected climax, after
[PART I] [7676] stood and looked on, with an incredulous smile, screwing up one
[PART I] [7690] and an idiot into the bargain, they say. What better could I wish
[PART I] [7695] But Rogojin understood how things were tending, at last. An
[PART I] [7771] mixture of feelings. Totski muttered to himself: "He may be an
[PART I] [7839] better dash than you did. I'll console Gania myself; I have an
[PART I] [7858] unite himself to them; the general and Totski again made an
[PART I] [7881] laid them out for you already; but good-bye, now. I made an
[PART I] [7890] one who should come and say to me: 'You are an innocent woman,
[PART I] [7907] "Gania, I have an idea. I wish to recompense you--why should you
[PART I] [7956] "I told you she wasn't an ordinary woman," replied the latter,
[PART I] [8151] is an uncut diamond.... I have often said so."
[PART II] [8178] his departure. The general, however, had had an opportunity of
[PART II] [8187] alluding to him, but not mentioning his name, that it was an
[PART II] [8205] One fact, at least, would have been perfectly plain to an
[PART II] [8307] her, making an extremely favourable impression, for the princess
[PART II] [8323] protection of so powerful an old lady as the Princess
[PART II] [8331] to the prince being an undoubted heir to a fortune turned out to
[PART II] [8344] conclusion, the general observed that his wife took as great an
[PART II] [8375] To make an end, we may say that there were many changes in the
[PART II] [8407] A certain Prince S-- arrived in St. Petersburg from Moscow, an
[PART II] [8465] himself, of an "unbounded trust in the nobility of the human
[PART II] [8505] he put himself on an equality with his new friends, and though he
[PART II] [8530] you? I do not know; but I am conscious of an irresistible desire
[PART II] [8560] to ask him, and did so with an exaggerated show of carelessness.
[PART II] [8573] box" with an expression of great contempt.
[PART II] [8636] with an infant in her arms; another girl of thirteen, also in
[PART II] [8648] for a moment. Then he moved up to him with an ingratiating smile,
[PART II] [8679] the girl, whose sweet face wore an expression of absolute
[PART II] [8746] And who do you think was his last client? An old woman who had
[PART II] [8809] am not saying it because he beat you. He is an ex-lieutenant,
[PART II] [8860] that his money is his own, and that my action -As much like an
[PART II] [8895] beside himself with rage. "I may be a drunkard, an evil-doer, a
[PART II] [8908] biography in an historical dictionary. Do you know who she was?
[PART II] [8914] "She was a Countess who rose from shame to reign like a Queen. An
[PART II] [8918] stockings; a high and holy person like that looked on it as an
[PART II] [9027] Muishkin, with an expression of passionate servility.
[PART II] [9121] looks on it as an insult. She cares as much for HIM as for a
[PART II] [9156] beggar, an atom in the scale of humanity. Who has the least
[PART II] [9255] been touched on an open wound. "That ... that has nothing to do
[PART II] [9257] sooner the better as far as I am concerned, for I am at an
[PART II] [9310] inhospitable and mysterious--an impression which is difficult to
[PART II] [9334] evidently considered his visit an impossible and miraculous
[PART II] [9335] event. He stared with an expression almost of terror, and his
[PART II] [9392] He tried to give the prince an affectionate smile, and it seemed
[PART II] [9401] malice, as though he were glad that he had been able to find an
[PART II] [9430] all. Rogojin did not insist upon an answer, and there was silence
[PART II] [9466] "Yes, it is," replied Rogojin with an unpleasant smile, as if he
[PART II] [9474] ask if he were an Old Believer?"
[PART II] [9498] "I confess I came here with an object. I wished to persuade
[PART II] [9536] any minute. Now, you have been with me but a quarter of an hour,
[PART II] [9576] such an act would horrify her, if she were with you, but it is
[PART II] [9605] "How was I to tell?" replied Rogojin, with an angry laugh. "I did
[PART II] [9698] "An hour later, she came to me again, looking melancholy. 'I will
[PART II] [9738] mind out seemed to flash in the man's eyes, combined with an
[PART II] [9806] demented ever since father died--she's an old woman. She sits and
[PART II] [9955] "Why, what an idea!" he said. "I didn't mean to ask you any of
[PART II] [10039] often heard of him as a very learned man, but an atheist; and I
[PART II] [10069] panting for breath. "One is an absolute unbeliever; the other is
[PART II] [10168] An old woman opened to them and bowed low to Parfen, who asked
[PART II] [10177] a bedroom. In one corner of this room sat an old woman in an arm-
[PART II] [10276] it for a while, half an hour or so, and now, suddenly, the uneasy
[PART II] [10337] consideration:--"What matter though it be only disease, an
[PART II] [10340] highest degree--an instant of deepest sensation, overflowing with
[PART II] [10352] were characterized--to define it in a word--by an intense
[PART II] [10404] take an interest in all he saw; in the sky, in the Neva. He spoke
[PART II] [10417] conversation with the waiter, an hour ago, chanced to be on the
[PART II] [10435] charming her face was as she held the child in her arms! What an
[PART II] [10442] what they were, after one short visit? Even Lebedeff seemed an
[PART II] [10537] and crafty, piercing eyes. When, with an air of mystery, she
[PART II] [10587] of being seen. He had stood there like an accuser, like a judge,
[PART II] [10613] Petersburg Side, when the prince felt an irresistible desire to
[PART II] [10653] upstairs; but the prince felt an irresistible conviction that he
[PART II] [10697] He had fallen in an epileptic fit.
[PART II] [10708] borne witness to this impression; and many cannot behold an
[PART II] [10818] or a quarter of an hour. Colia had free access to the prince, at
[PART II] [10820] at the door for half an hour at a time while the two were
[PART II] [10849] "Ah! What visitor did you turn away from my door, about an hour
[PART II] [10877] made an ensign to the 11th of last June, he has entertained at
[PART II] [10894] in-law, it is all the same to me,--rather an honour than not. But
[PART II] [11031] The next annoying circumstance was when an apparently strong and
[PART II] [11056] word, I was only annoyed for an instant, before I collected my
[PART II] [11113] "The child she carries is an orphan, too. She is Vera's sister,
[PART II] [11156] suddenly needed an outlet. She could not bear this General
[PART II] [11214] "Quite true! Much better to go in half an hour or so said Mrs.
[PART II] [11372] described as a man capable of living up to an ideal all his life.
[PART II] [11390] and high-souled knight. Of course it's all an ideal, and in the
[PART II] [11437] with her recitation, gazing at the prince the while in an
[PART II] [11455] had always heard of Evgenie Pavlovitch as a military man. An
[PART II] [11511] accentuation, but with so even and unbroken an appearance of
[PART II] [11514] made an uncomfortable impression upon the prince. Of course Mrs.
[PART II] [11562] said Muishkin, and for an instant the two men looked intently
[PART II] [11605] other channels, but the prince, who had been an attentive
[PART II] [11708] terrace. From an adjoining room came a noise of angry voices, and
[PART II] [11722] an affair so entirely personal could have awakened such lively
[PART II] [11727] "It will be well," she said, "if you put an end to this affair
[PART II] [11774] Another thought tormented him: He wondered was this an arranged
[PART II] [11812] round with an air of insolent effrontery. His face, covered with
[PART II] [11813] pimples, was neither thoughtful nor even contemptuous; it wore an
[PART II] [11815] in being an aggrieved party. His voice trembled, and he spoke so
[PART II] [11820] The latter was only seventeen or eighteen. He had an intelligent
[PART II] [11828] came in; and being more or less abashed, put on an air of extreme
[PART II] [11871] of an embittered soul was in his voice. But he spoke so
[PART II] [11911] She held out a weekly comic paper, pointing to an article on one
[PART II] [11925] An impetuous woman, Lizabetha Prokofievna sometimes weighed her
[PART II] [11932] "Proletarians and scions of nobility! An episode of the
[PART II] [11953] in an old scantily-lined cloak. He had come from Switzerland,
[PART II] [11959] Judge for yourselves. Our subject was an infant in arms when he
[PART II] [11960] lost his father, an officer who died just as he was about to be
[PART II] [11966] serfs (souls as serfs!--can you understand such an expression,
[PART II] [11970] Russian parasites who lead an idle existence abroad, spending the
[PART II] [11978] But the little aristocrat, the last of his noble race, was an
[PART II] [11983] notion; he imagined that in Switzerland they could change an
[PART II] [12007] over an arid plain and empties itself into the sea. He had
[PART II] [12010] Moscow. He was a merchant, an Old Believer, and he had no
[PART II] [12056] orphan was left to provide for himself, his mother now being an
[PART II] [12062] copecks a lesson, especially with an invalid mother to keep? Even
[PART II] [12074] spent upon me were not really mine; they came to me by an error
[PART II] [12141] "May I ask your reason for such an insulting supposition, sir?"
[PART II] [12144] You will admit yourself, general, that for an honourable man, if
[PART II] [12145] the author is an honourable man, that is an--an insult," growled
[PART II] [12202] an indignant outcry drowned his words.
[PART II] [12235] at an end. Give us satisfaction, without entreaties or thanks
[PART II] [12239] once, and there will be an end of the matter. But we will tell
[PART II] [12283] manner, with an equal disregard for style and decency. I know he
[PART II] [12284] is a cross between a fool and an adventurer; I make no bones
[PART II] [12342] "The noble and intelligent word of an intelligent and most noble
[PART II] [12366] "It is most offensive!" shrieked Hippolyte; "it is an insulting
[PART II] [12412] that I was almost an idiot at that time, and could hardly
[PART II] [12458] a simple-minded man, quite defenceless, and an easy tool in the
[PART II] [12508] to an understanding? Well, the event has proved me right! I have
[PART II] [12520] an innocent man, deceived by everyone! A defenceless victim, who
[PART II] [12523] barely an hour ago. I had not heard from him for some time, as I
[PART II] [12527] know, gentlemen, that many people think me an idiot. Counting
[PART II] [12544] involved you all in an attempted fraud, for when all is said and
[PART II] [12596] late, the mischief is done! Yes, I am an idiot, an absolute
[PART II] [12601] a calm, clear voice began to render an account of the mission
[PART II] [12705] an insult! The affair is quite painful enough for him without
[PART II] [12776] Keller. I speak thus because I look on you, Mr. Burdovsky, as an
[PART II] [12780] that I too thought it an attempt at robbery and extortion. On the
[PART II] [12808] Burdovsky turned quickly, and drawing an addressed but unsealed
[PART II] [12842] indignant. He stood waiting for his wife with an air of offended
[PART II] [12849] them. This is an excess of ingenuousness or of malice--you ought
[PART II] [12861] your 'never mind' is an insult to us. We have nothing to hide;
[PART II] [12867] Ardalionovitch, with an air of ingenuous surprise.
[PART II] [12956] talked in whispers. Lebedeff wore an expression of utmost
[PART II] [12969] be coming to an end. I had not heard of it before. Now I
[PART II] [13018] taught him to be an atheist, you don't believe in God, and you
[PART II] [13092] You are an original and eccentric woman; I have seen that for
[PART II] [13220] say, 'I am base,' and there is an end of it. As to you, prince,
[PART II] [13231] voice, "and because I would not betray a friend in an awkward
[PART II] [13255] "Yesterday morning," he replied, "we had an interview which we
[PART II] [13311] that is quite enough--let us make an end of this."
[PART II] [13373] with an hysterical laugh, "that Burdovsky will accuse you of
[PART II] [13396] you could speak to the people from a window for a quarter of an
[PART II] [13401] animation, fixing an unflinching glance on his questioner. "What
[PART II] [13434] planters on the score that the blacks were an inferior race to
[PART II] [13463] noticed that our Liberals never allow other people to have an
[PART II] [13470] the terrace steps, where he yawned with an air of boredom.
[PART II] [13514] quarter of an hour. But I am not eighteen, you know; lying on
[PART II] [13537] mockery--you called me an atheist just now, but you know this
[PART II] [13571] speak for a quarter of an hour I would convince the whole world,
[PART II] [13594] Hippolyte raised his head with an effort, saying:
[PART II] [13608] She spoke angrily, and in great excitement, and expected an
[PART II] [13619] would be of more use here than an excitable person like you.
[PART II] [13705] thank you for giving us an opportunity of getting to know you so
[PART II] [13710] had gone to fetch a quarter of an hour ago, by Doktorenko's
[PART II] [13721] sensation in his ear as an angry voice whispered:
[PART II] [13748] end without a last adventure. An unexpected meeting was yet in
[PART II] [13928] was right in so far as that he understood there to be an intrigue
[PART II] [13949] prince refused to believe that Lebedeff could have given such an
[PART II] [13977] at Lebedeff's to consult him on an urgent matter of business. If
[PART II] [13986] already. She was staying with Daria Alexeyevna, in an ugly little
[PART II] [13996] engagement on her account, and an old general had quarrelled with
[PART II] [14055] of an hour. At that moment he was thoroughly unhappy.
[PART II] [14062] out; nothing short of an earthquake would have removed him.
[PART II] [14140] Keller started, gave an astonished look at the speaker, and
[PART II] [14166] sobbing), an idea from hell struck me. 'Why not, after
[PART II] [14172] "It is hardly an exact statement of the case," said the prince in
[PART II] [14187] that independently of this your confession was made with an
[PART II] [14197] "Well, how anybody can call you an idiot after that, is more than
[PART II] [14268] rather a fantasy than an intrigue!"
[PART II] [14304] quarrel! Also Evgenie Pavlovitch had called, and met with an
[PART II] [14343] very earnestly, for an hour or more.
[PART II] [14356] there. We live in an atmosphere of riddles; I can't make head or
[PART II] [14373] an intrigue, to upset our plans and to stir up a quarrel. You
[PART II] [14378] meant to be so. Why? I'm sure I can't tell you. She's an
[PART II] [14379] extraordinary woman, you see, an eccentric woman; I tell you I am
[PART II] [14386] even KNOW her, and as for those bills, why, the whole thing is an
[PART II] [14399] whole of the journey, which occupied nearly an hour, he continued
[PART II] [14482] stranger and a foreigner. I felt an ecstasy in being in my native
[PART II] [14512] "The urchin! the urchin!" interrupted Lizabetha Prokofievna in an
[PART II] [14535] could take any interest in you, do you? Why, she called you an
[PART II] [14755] pocket an untidy slip of paper, on which was scrawled:
[PART II] [14782] call it; most improper for such an intelligent, well-brought-up
[PART II] [14785] to an idiot like you, for you'd be sure to take it literally."
[PART II] [14787] time, and never let go of his hand for an instant. "What are you
[PART III] [14832] good fellow. But a certain limitation of mind seems to be an
[PART III] [14840] to an aristocratic family. True, Russians think more of
[PART III] [14846] increased them to an absurd degree; but if you have a wart on
[PART III] [14898] to be an old maid, and "with such beauty, too!" The mother spent
[PART III] [14930] as usual she spoke in the threatening tone of one who demands an
[PART III] [14997] ladies at an age to be married; they were present, they heard
[PART III] [15002] Aglaya had an attack of nerves for these last three days? Why has
[PART III] [15008] and burst into tears over it? Why is there an allusion to that
[PART III] [15013] having to do with himself, too! Thank goodness, he's an idiot,
[PART III] [15015] with such a gaby! What an idea! Pfu! we ought all to be put under
[PART III] [15087] manner, pretending to be in earnest, but with an under-current of
[PART III] [15127] consider that an axiom. But we were not speaking of literature;
[PART III] [15168] an attack (whether mistaken or reasonable, is quite another
[PART III] [15171] liberalism is not an attack upon the existing order of things,
[PART III] [15172] but an attack upon the very essence of things themselves--indeed,
[PART III] [15173] on the things themselves; not an attack on the Russian order of
[PART III] [15193] hold to it as a fact, yet I recognize that it is an accidental
[PART III] [15209] an accidental case, prince?"
[PART III] [15258] such an ass as I like to appear sometimes, although I am rather
[PART III] [15259] an ass, I admit), and--well, ladies and gentlemen, will you allow
[PART III] [15293] usual case--the rule, or an exception? I confess I put the
[PART III] [15313] this strange argument CAN, of course, only be an accidental case
[PART III] [15335] lies--an extremely natural mistake, I assure you, my dear
[PART III] [15437] and be off," and she drew her workbox towards her with an air of
[PART III] [15441] "Yes, I remember he boasted about the blank wall in an
[PART III] [15516] afflicted. I was twenty-four years an invalid, you see--the first
[PART III] [15518] sayings and actions of an invalid. I'm going away directly, I
[PART III] [15572] marry an absurd creature like you! Just look in the glass and see
[PART III] [15721] an instant's deliberation.
[PART III] [15730] of the public is most correct and proper, and there is an
[PART III] [15791] strange; he would gaze at her as though she were an object a
[PART III] [15824] "Well, it's lucky she has happened upon an idiot, then, that's
[PART III] [15848] seen that for the last quarter of an hour Aglaya had also been
[PART III] [15912] She walked past the orchestra, to where an open carriage was
[PART III] [15926] portrait face had left but too painful an impression.
[PART III] [15960] forgetting her in an instant, turned to the right once more, and
[PART III] [16091] He bowed and retired without waiting for an answer.
[PART III] [16253] "That may have been an accident."
[PART III] [16312] He was on his way out, with an expression of determination on his
[PART III] [16440] "I tell you, my dear fellow, Aglaya is such an extraordinary,
[PART III] [16535] pass an insult. He will take no notice of Rogojin and myself,
[PART III] [16585] champagne! That was an interesting item of news, at all events!--
[PART III] [16632] an appointment to a lover's rendezvous, he would have blushed
[PART III] [16708] "What an extraordinary man you are! I wonder at you!" Rogojin
[PART III] [16721] passed a delirium, an insane dream. I can understand all you did,
[PART III] [16774] me too much for that. Why, if I were an angel of light, and as
[PART III] [16926] Pavlovitch had only dropped in half an hour or so ago. Lebedeff
[PART III] [17045] are an unusual sort of a person; you don't lie at every step, as
[PART III] [17061] better if they see that we are friendly just in an ordinary way.
[PART III] [17063] give me twenty minutes-half an hour at most."
[PART III] [17102] "Oh, I don't know. I've been half an hour here with him, and he--"
[PART III] [17112] part, and an animated one, in the noisy conversation of the
[PART III] [17168] "It is not right! Half an hour ago, prince, it was agreed among
[PART III] [17196] free people, has an enormous attraction for me. It fascinates me,
[PART III] [17197] prince. I have always been an artist in the depths of my soul, I
[PART III] [17218] That is an important point," said Evgenie Pavlovitch.
[PART III] [17284] "That is an artful and traitorous idea. A smart notion,"
[PART III] [17285] vociferated the clerk, "thrown out as an apple of discord. But it
[PART III] [17319] triumphantly, and passes on with an air of pride. As for me, I
[PART III] [17367] was about six, an insignificant total when compared with the
[PART III] [17373] "That's impossible!" said he in an aggrieved tone. "I am often
[PART III] [17416] is, a kind of mountain of stones--a dreadful, almost an
[PART III] [17436] indeed one of those facts which enables an intelligent historian
[PART III] [17446] "I admit that it is an historic thought, but what is your
[PART III] [17471] substitute lay nourishment for clerical. That this was merely an
[PART III] [17474] only six? Why not thirty? But if we regard it as an experiment,
[PART III] [17506] been an idea more powerful than all the calamities and sorrows of
[PART III] [17507] this world, famine or torture, leprosy or plague--an idea which
[PART III] [17577] "I have observed," said the prince, "that he seems to be an
[PART III] [17665] gentlemen are not listening. Prince, I will just read over an
[PART III] [17676] Lebedeff and the others--the paper seemed to be an object of
[PART III] [17704] whole thing in forty minutes, at most an hour! Look how
[PART III] [17721] time." "What sort of an article is it? For a paper? Probably it's
[PART III] [17753] sincerity. "That is an astonishing psychological fact," he cried,
[PART III] [17936] Kislorodoff, who is a Nationalist, an Atheist, and a Nihilist, by
[PART III] [17966] (But that he is an 'idiot,' at bottom there can be no doubt
[PART III] [17969] just now. I had fallen asleep about an hour before he came in,
[PART III] [17983] legs at an angle of forty-five degrees, each about three inches
[PART III] [18094] be an indescribable exchange of forgiveness between us all! In a
[PART III] [18105] an impossibility? And yet I could not even read a book to the
[PART III] [18288] thought of having an explanation with him, but I knew that if I
[PART III] [18304] an old wretch in a long kaftan rushed up too. He did not dispute
[PART III] [18333] "An old peasant woman opened the door; she was busy lighting the
[PART III] [18339] him, drunk, it appeared to me. On the table was an end of candle
[PART III] [18340] in an iron candlestick, and a half-bottle of vodka, nearly
[PART III] [18354] in an iron candlestick; and on the bed there whined a baby of
[PART III] [18369] protruded an open portmanteau full of bundles of rags. In a word,
[PART III] [18378] parcels, was saying something to his wife in an excited manner.
[PART III] [18434] "I saw how the man dashed about the room to find me an empty
[PART III] [18492] confess; I sat there nearly an hour. His story was a very
[PART III] [18516] from my chair he was standing before me with an expression of
[PART III] [18554] at school. We considered him an aristocrat; at all events I
[PART III] [18617] "'In Moscow,' I said, 'there was an old state counsellor, a civil
[PART III] [18680] Isn't that an amusing idea!'
[PART III] [18859] an hour and a half or so before Colia's departure.
[PART III] [18861] "Can there be an appearance of that which has no form? And yet it
[PART III] [18914] this is an apparition and not Rogojin himself?
[PART III] [18917] seen an apparition;--but I had always thought, both when I was a
[PART III] [18932] an icy blast blew over me; I felt a chill down my backbone and my
[PART III] [18984] the pistol, and powder enough in an old flask for two or three
[PART III] [19013] room, with an attentive doctor--probably much more comfortably
[PART III] [19036] understand that if I were to make an attempt upon my own life
[PART III] [19060] happy in it;--while I--only I, am an outcast, and have been blind
[PART III] [19101] death is needed--the death of an insignificant atom--in order to
[PART III] [19151] numbered. It is an insignificant gift, and my revolt is equally
[PART III] [19196] with an air of annoyance, taking his hat. "A month of this... Are
[PART III] [19203] Gania with an expression of malice.
[PART III] [19302] Evgenie, and looking at him with an expression of trust and
[PART III] [19454] to put one in beforehand for fear of an accidental explosion in
[PART III] [19496] You see, prince, for once in my life I wish to perform an
[PART III] [19497] absolutely honest action, that is, an action with no ulterior
[PART III] [19545] "What an extraordinary person you are, prince! Do you mean to say
[PART III] [19567] An hour later, towards four o'clock, the prince went into the
[PART III] [19594] universal life, while he alone was an "outcast." This picture had
[PART III] [19595] impressed him at the time, and he meditated upon it now. An old,
[PART III] [19599] he had been pretty nearly an idiot still; he could not speak
[PART III] [19622] words, nor any of nature's voices; he was a stranger and an
[PART III] [19721] hearing all. "We have only an hour here, till eight; I must be
[PART III] [19855] delicate moments as this, she invariably did so with an air of
[PART III] [19993] to be such an utter child--a child who probably did not even now
[PART III] [20070] "That is NOT true," said the prince, in an equally low voice.
[PART III] [20099] "Yes--no-half a candle--an end, you know--no, it was a whole
[PART III] [20102] his finger in it for half an hour and more!--There! Can't that
[PART III] [20196] for placing myself on a pedestal above her (I never had an idea
[PART III] [20202] is, and what an intellect she has! She astonished me sometimes."
[PART III] [20348] "What's true? What's all this? What's true?" said an alarmed
[PART III] [20424] seven o'clock,--according to an agreement made by Aglaya Ivanovna
[PART III] [20427] an hour about matters concerning Aglaya Ivanovna herself, and
[PART III] [20640] intending to keep it by me, as I expected to have an applicant
[PART III] [20646] "Yes, through an agent. My own name doesn't appear. I have a
[PART III] [20675] not, dropped an object out of my pocket on to the ground, that
[PART III] [20790] given is a sham. An hour after--that is at about eight, I went to
[PART III] [20792] did tell me, certainly, that an hour or so since someone had been
[PART III] [20866] ruins next day in an English iron box with a secret lock; it had
[PART III] [20868] it would never have been found! The whole thing is, of course, an
[PART III] [20941] Lebedeff made an impatient movement.
[PART III] [20945] permit me to consider him an invalid?"
[PART III] [20976] prince?" he replied, with an unctuous smile.
[PART III] [21013] whole thing was an invention of his excellency's own mind. Of
[PART III] [21017] understand, so who could have told YOU? It is an important
[PART III] [21075] of friendship, while waiting for an opportunity to cut your
[PART III] [21130] and found you Perfection--it is simply an article of faith. But I
[PART III] [21157] in my eyes as in his-you are as light. An angel cannot hate,
[PART III] [21170] "Artists always draw the Saviour as an actor in one of the Gospel
[PART IV] [21392] perhaps an exaggeration, but he was by no means a non-existent
[PART IV] [21430] For instance, when the whole essence of an ordinary person's
[PART IV] [21434] unbroken line of routine--. I think such an individual really
[PART IV] [21458] is simpler than to imagine himself an original character, and to
[PART IV] [21469] read an idea of somebody else's, and they can immediately
[PART IV] [21673] write an ode instead of tearing up and down like that. This
[PART IV] [21721] "Of course, naturally. The bridegroom is an impossible and
[PART IV] [21782] parents; I shall certainly find an opportunity to see your father
[PART IV] [21791] the rest of them, I mean; but you have given me an idea. Aglaya
[PART IV] [21822] secondly, because he is an idiot in the eyes of most people. It's
[PART IV] [21900] committed himself to such an act, he can have done it for no
[PART IV] [21973] sacrifice an old man--your father too or at all events father of
[PART IV] [21974] your wife--an old man who has served his emperor--to a wretched
[PART IV] [22005] ought to be ashamed of yourself, teasing an old man like that--
[PART IV] [22054] call yourself an old man, too, with grey hair, and father of a
[PART IV] [22116] but so small an offence as this to make his cup to overflow. The
[PART IV] [22132] not take the opportunity of tormenting an old man, sir, who is
[PART IV] [22141] deliberately; he spoke to me about that Kapiton fellow with an
[PART IV] [22147] kept such an excellent spying watch during these last few days
[PART IV] [22159] for half an hour, and tried to frighten them into believing that
[PART IV] [22206] Ardalionovna, because an explanation between your brother and
[PART IV] [22207] myself has become an absolute necessity, and I could not think of
[PART IV] [22342] go to--he'll be back here in half an hour. I've talked it all
[PART IV] [22376] an impetuous man, and a quiet life of repentance in the bosom of
[PART IV] [22393] clad on such occasions--but, on the contrary, in an uncommonly
[PART IV] [22419] a scene with the prince. Colia had asked an explanation of the
[PART IV] [22462] voice. But the sudden outbreak of song did not last; and for an
[PART IV] [22510] unpleasant it is when an outsider sticks his nose in where he is
[PART IV] [22512] you about another matter, though, an important matter. A very
[PART IV] [22584] blessing! My principal object is to beg you to fix an hour for a
[PART IV] [22609] pay him a visit. Lebedeff came at once, and "esteemed it an
[PART IV] [22675] angrily, "and, and--what an intriguer you are, Lebedeff!" he
[PART IV] [22690] Lebedeff assumed an air of dignity. It was true enough that he
[PART IV] [22692] an excessively cunning gentleman, and the prince was almost
[PART IV] [22693] converting him into an enemy by his repeated rebuffs. The prince
[PART IV] [22792] Because if I found it, why should not he too observe an object
[PART IV] [22863] found so very appropriate an expression. I honour you for it,
[PART IV] [22921] conversation upon an outside subject.
[PART IV] [22929] "Oh, but it's only the simple tale of an old soldier who saw the
[PART IV] [22931] interesting. Remarks of an eye-witness are always valuable,
[PART IV] [22982] "I quite understand you. You mean that an innocent lie for the
[PART IV] [23007] the Kremlin, an old-fashioned falconet taken from the French
[PART IV] [23011] prince, laughing. "I assure you, it is only an innocent joke, and
[PART IV] [23040] something which then happened, and having been myself an eye-
[PART IV] [23222] protest. Suddenly his eye fell on me and an idea seemed to flash
[PART IV] [23241] Of course it was the idea of an eagle, and must have originated
[PART IV] [23284] the end he wept no more, though he continued to emit an
[PART IV] [23351] him with flashing eyes, and an expression as though he were under
[PART IV] [23431] your forgiveness and long-suffering? Oh, Colia, your mother has an
[PART IV] [23432] angelic spirit, an angelic spirit, Colia!"
[PART IV] [23498] with the perspicacity of her sex, she gave out as an accomplished
[PART IV] [23563] prince is an idiot, and, secondly, he is a fool--knows nothing of
[PART IV] [23569] heart trembled with indignation to think of such an absurdity,
[PART IV] [23607] Half an hour after this conversation, she went off to town, and
[PART IV] [23623] an elephant; that, so far as she had heard their story, she was
[PART IV] [23655] while before she appeared--half an hour, at least; that she had
[PART IV] [23680] Suddenly, a quarter of an hour after the prince's departure,
[PART IV] [23718] know how to answer such an insult!" But, in the end, Colia went
[PART IV] [23747] sat gloomy and depressed for half an hour. He was almost in
[PART IV] [23809] At length she plunged into an energetic and hostile criticism of
[PART IV] [23859] hear from you, personally--are you making me an offer, or not?"
[PART IV] [23890] to have something to say in the matter. An important moment of my
[PART IV] [23942] gathering signs of an approaching storm of laughter, which she
[PART IV] [23947] into an irrepressible, and almost hysterical, fit of mirth. At
[PART IV] [24184] together for an hour or two at a time, very often, but it was
[PART IV] [24194] "I told you I had not had much of an education," replied the
[PART IV] [24342] others who heard my confession will die before I do. There's an
[PART IV] [24370] "I guess what you mean--I should be an Osterman, not a Gleboff--
[PART IV] [24406] rise from the dead to be an Osterman. However, I see I must make
[PART IV] [24433] take an interest in the prince. They were anxious that he should
[PART IV] [24611] "What an idea! Of course not. And what are you blushing for
[PART IV] [24627] him with an air of relief and ran away.
[PART IV] [24631] particular night, while in semi-delirium, he had an idea: what if
[PART IV] [24651] prince was not in an observant condition, yet he could not avoid
[PART IV] [24724] from the individual whose name begins with an A.," smirked
[PART IV] [24877] Colia was in an almost hysterical state; he cried continuously,
[PART IV] [24953] and wit and personal dignity might possibly be no more than an
[PART IV] [24986] reverence-as anything less than an Olympic God! There were others
[PART IV] [24994] there was an old military general--a count or baron with a German
[PART IV] [24999] being an eternity in the service, generally die full of honour
[PART IV] [25009] Another guest was an elderly, important-looking gentleman, a
[PART IV] [25058] wife for such an elderly husband as the dignitary. She had been a
[PART IV] [25118] him with an unusual display of friendliness. Evgenie himself
[PART IV] [25123] part. Not every society man would have worn crape for "such an
[PART IV] [25206] Pavlicheff had taken so great an interest in the little prince,
[PART IV] [25233] He really was an idiot then, Ivan Petrovitch must know, though he
[PART IV] [25389] seized territories and an earthly throne, and has held them with
[PART IV] [25488] a rabid one into the bargain. If one of us becomes an Atheist, he
[PART IV] [25499] Russian to become an Atheist, than for any other nationality in
[PART IV] [25500] the world. And not only does a Russian 'become an Atheist,' but
[PART IV] [25566] Will it be believed that, after Aglaya's alarming words, an
[PART IV] [25606] though it pleased him to take an interest in it.
[PART IV] [25666] which does you great credit, but an exaggeration, for all that."
[PART IV] [25703] an incorrect form.
[PART IV] [25770] graceful simplicity of intellect; I have seen an old man who is
[PART IV] [25800] with an air of confidential trustfulness." Yesterday, Aglaya
[PART IV] [25831] think me Utopian, don't you--an idealist? Oh, no! I'm not,
[PART IV] [25862] THEIR advocate, a democrat, and an orator of Equality?" The
[PART IV] [25866] prince of an old family myself, and I am sitting among my peers;
[PART IV] [25907] In a quarter of an hour or so Prince N. and Evgenie Pavlovitch
[PART IV] [25938] an invalid."
[PART IV] [25956] "I did not expect that of you, Aglaya," she said. "He is an
[PART IV] [25990] clearly, how, half an hour after his fit, he had been carried
[PART IV] [26018] perceived that this was an impression which would last for the
[PART IV] [26096] in her added, "mine, at all events," there seemed an ominous
[PART IV] [26145] Half an hour after the Epanchins had gone, Hippolyte arrived, so
[PART IV] [26231] fancy to begin with, if you can, that I, too, was given an
[PART IV] [26289] women. For HER sake I entered into relations with Rogojin--an
[PART IV] [26500] An ominous expression passed over Nastasia Philipovna's face, of
[PART IV] [26561] could even dream of such an impossible scene as this, stood and
[PART IV] [26578] all in an instant.
[PART IV] [26596] is an error; because you are too vain--no, not quite that either;
[PART IV] [26662] Nastasia Philipovna, with an effort. "And--and I did run away
[PART IV] [26669] anxious to arouse an aversion for him in my heart by your
[PART IV] [26672] doing an heroic action! How could you spare any love for him,
[PART IV] [26673] when you love your own vanity to such an extent? Why could you
[PART IV] [26734] "Probably an honest girl living by her own toil. Why do you speak
[PART IV] [26739] "If you had cared to be an honest woman, you would have gone out
[PART IV] [26751] "Look at this young lady! And I imagined her an angel! Did you
[PART IV] [26853] He raised her, carried her into the room, placed her in an arm-
[PART IV] [26891] position, we had perhaps better give an example of what we mean;
[PART IV] [26905] those who came down of an evening for the music--had got hold of
[PART IV] [26973] So that if our readers were to ask an explanation, not of the
[PART IV] [27016] her; he began to be restless whenever he passed an hour without
[PART IV] [27024] as they remained at Pavlofsk, and that he was not allowed an
[PART IV] [27028] with another refusal. We know, too, that exactly an hour after
[PART IV] [27175] and only the alarmed jealousy of an absolutely inexperienced girl
[PART IV] [27187] agree, in fact I am angry, when I hear you called an idiot; you
[PART IV] [27188] are far too intelligent to deserve such an epithet; but you are
[PART IV] [27195] several times confessed); and lastly, a mass, an accumulation, of
[PART IV] [27209] very day of your arrival, they tell you a sad story of an ill-
[PART IV] [27244] is now, not whether she is an innocent woman (I do not insist one
[PART IV] [27262] be an honest man, prince, if you act so? I ask you! And did you
[PART IV] [27333] was an insane idea. I understand all now that I did not
[PART IV] [27394] human being, not like an abstract spirit. Do you know what, my
[PART IV] [27527] by his education, and so on, not to be in some sense an exalted
[PART IV] [27535] night. So if 'you have need of the pistol' of an honest man,
[PART IV] [27578] Lebedeff immediately procured the services of an old doctor, and
[PART IV] [27593] into a conversation about Hippolyte. He had given the doctor an
[PART IV] [27668] though she is not yours, of course, now, still such an act would
[PART IV] [27698] was nothing in their cheerful, animated conversation which an
[PART IV] [27719] its forces. Yet this was an explanation that did not procure him
[PART IV] [27722] looked on his marriage as an unimportant formality, and on his
[PART IV] [27767] an illusion on her part. Nastasia immediately went across to
[PART IV] [27838] "Why, he wears an 'order,' and it looks so well!"
[PART IV] [27929] standing on the platform and wearing an old-fashioned, but
[PART IV] [27967] addressed an old gentleman who was standing on the verandah steps
[PART IV] [27991] Nearly an hour passed thus, and when tea was over the visitors
[PART IV] [28048] AN hour later he was in St. Petersburg, and by ten o'clock he had
[PART IV] [28053] was opened, and an aged servant appeared.
[PART IV] [28089] disappeared. The prince decided to come back within an
[PART IV] [28121] blinds was lifted, and Rogojin's face appeared for an instant and
[PART IV] [28124] and put it off for an hour.
[PART IV] [28231] other side, walking up and down in anguish of soul for half an
[PART IV] [28247] apartments. He observed an open book on the table, Madam Bovary,
[PART IV] [28371] at him as before, with an expression of deep thoughtfulness.
[PART IV] [28437] eyes watched the prince with an intent stare.
[PART IV] [28497] asleep upon it--in an absolutely motionless sleep. Not the
[PART IV] [28683] as before, as though he had just seized hold of an idea and was
[PART IV] [28705] The prince sat down on a chair, and watched him in alarm. Half an
[PART IV] [28750] "An idiot!"
[PART IV] [28857] after a short and sudden attachment to a certain Polish count, an
[PART IV] [28890] of a celebrated Jesuit priest, who made an absolute fanatic of