The Idiot by Dostoyevsky

Dostoyevsky PART I

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There are 121 occurrences of the word:   those

[PART I] [97] believe in those fellows, here!" remarked the black-haired
[PART I] [223] "Parfen Rogojin? dear me--then don't you belong to those very
[PART I] [227] "Yes--those very ones," interrupted Rogojin, impatiently, and
[PART I] [458] Come to see me, prince; we'll take off those gaiters of yours and
[PART I] [807] is changed in the place that even those who did know it well are
[PART I] [1241] one of those specially invited, you know."
[PART I] [1394] with his fevered eyes straight into those of the general, as
[PART I] [1439] Some of the letters are shaped quite differently from those now
[PART I] [1580] hasn't she? Her eyes show it--those two bones there, the little
[PART I] [2577] my views of things to those I meet with?"
[PART I] [2619] "He said that those five minutes seemed to him to be a most
[PART I] [2630] Then having bade farewell, he embarked upon those two minutes
[PART I] [2704] afterwards; yes, I dreamt of those five minutes . . ."
[PART I] [2921] and a few heads and eyes below. Those might come in as
[PART I] [3020] madness, and you have no idea what those children did for
[PART I] [3115] tatters and rags--the badge of those who lose their virtue. Who
[PART I] [3281] came closer than ever to those little souls, but even then it was
[PART I] [3305] troubles in looking at them. And then, all those three years, I
[PART I] [3327] "When I received a letter from those dear little souls, while
[PART I] [3346] time since that moment of parting. I think I must be one of those
[PART I] [4518] know, and some people perhaps have more than those who are most
[PART I] [5886] "Do you see those brightly-lighted windows?" said the general.
[PART I] [6453] although too often they were both rude and offensive. Those who
[PART I] [6584] As most of those present were aware that this evening a certain
[PART I] [6644] those!" said Ferdishenko.
[PART I] [6965] ladies were in raptures over it, those who had read it, at least.
[PART I] [7276] those who should happen to come into contact with it.
[PART I] [7431] who accepts pearls like those you knew the general was going to
[PART I] [7526] "Oh, you get those ideas out of novels, you know. Times are
[PART I] [7635] congratulations; even those of Rogojin's party who had retreated
[PART I] [7887] myself, and I used to dream of you once. Very often during those
[PART I] [8150] --in spite of all education, even--all those gifts are wasted! She
[PART II] [8170] The prince was away for six months, and even those who were most
[PART II] [8408] eminent and honourable young man. He was one of those active
[PART II] [8468] When he signed those notes of hand,he never dreamt that they would
[PART II] [9345] had many occasions of meeting; indeed, some few of those meetings
[PART II] [9639] be hungry.' She came back from the theatre alone. 'Those cowards
[PART II] [9674] Emperor was making during all those days on his knees? Stop, I'll
[PART II] [10346] That there was, indeed, beauty and harmony in those abnormal
[PART II] [10367] understood those amazing words--'There shall be no more time.'"
[PART II] [10432] committed that crime? Did he kill those six persons? I seem to be
[PART II] [10766] those around him for the last three days had made a pleasant
[PART II] [10783] friends. During those three days the prince had noticed that they
[PART II] [11030] some of those present were particularly detestable in her eyes.
[PART II] [11949] themselves by one of those burning scandals that amaze the public
[PART II] [11969] unintelligible to us). He appears to have been one of those
[PART II] [12814] "Those are the two hundred and fifty roubles you dared to send
[PART II] [12910] to vent her rage on somebody. Those who knew Lizabetha
[PART II] [12965] to those around her, who were trying to keep her quiet. "No,
[PART II] [13504] "Do you know that I came here to see those trees?" pointing to
[PART II] [13723] "If you do not turn those dreadful people out of the house this
[PART II] [14042] step was one of those things, however, which are not thought out,
[PART II] [14386] even KNOW her, and as for those bills, why, the whole thing is an
[PART II] [14759] will not find me among the number of those who are in any way
[PART III] [14916] peculiarity of being as innocent and naive as those of a child of
[PART III] [14999] scene, too, with those dreadful youths. You must be pleased to
[PART III] [15348] all like this. Those of whom Evgenie Pavlovitch has spoken, do
[PART III] [15463] with some of those present, "you will not easily find heaven on
[PART III] [15702] those three big trees--that green bench?"
[PART III] [15796] breaking off her merry conversation and laughter with those about
[PART III] [16908] The presence of certain of those in the room surprised the prince
[PART III] [16978] "I have a couple of words to say to you," he began, "and those on
[PART III] [17110] gaze wandered from face to face of those present, and from object
[PART III] [17358] "To the twelfth century, and those immediately preceding and
[PART III] [17360] occurred in those days every two or three years, and such was the
[PART III] [17425] that there were cannibals in those days, perhaps in considerable
[PART III] [17436] indeed one of those facts which enables an intelligent historian
[PART III] [17439] clergy were in those days sixty times richer and more flourishing
[PART III] [17514] unites men nowadays with half the strength that it had in those
[PART III] [17717] strangely disturbed that many of those present could not help
[PART III] [17885] why do I leave my chamber? Those who are sentenced to death
[PART III] [18132] I could not bear to see all those preoccupied, anxious-looking
[PART III] [18316] could see nothing whatever. It was one of those large houses
[PART III] [18561] during those years come up to me and tried to make friends; but I
[PART III] [18626] journey, and gave them devotional books, choosing those who could
[PART III] [18627] read, under the firm conviction that they would read to those who
[PART III] [18713] all those who are to judge of my action should see clearly out of
[PART III] [18847] arises in the mind of anyone who looks at it. All those faithful
[PART III] [19130] course, too, the prince is one of those who say so: that one must
[PART III] [19540] us in his 'explanation.' I assure you those confounded words of
[PART III] [20200] be happy among such people as those--you cannot suppose that such
[PART III] [20652] "Well, meanwhile that sick boy was brought here, and those guests
[PART III] [20712] early in the morning; therefore, by one of those who slept here.
[PART III] [21155] yourself--only for those whom they wrong. No one can wrong YOU.
[PART IV] [21454] all men can--that is, those of limited intellect, and those who
[PART IV] [21736] those elder girls--I don't know why."
[PART IV] [22309] humiliating remarks as those of Hippolyte. A smile of self-
[PART IV] [22411] also observed during those two or three days that he was in a
[PART IV] [22556] esteem by virtue of those aspirations alone."
[PART IV] [22955] even from those to whom I give my heart, so to speak. Prince, I
[PART IV] [23017] "They do say one can dance with those!"
[PART IV] [23207] dinner, and his suite on those occasions were generally Davoust,
[PART IV] [23220] together--just those two and myself--I was unobserved--and they
[PART IV] [23251] They were alone together--those two and myself.
[PART IV] [23894] prince, since you cherish those intentions, how you consider that
[PART IV] [24387] though I often think over the men of those times, I cannot for
[PART IV] [24395] and independent a being as his brother of those earlier days. Of
[PART IV] [24996] ability. He was one of those Olympian administrators who know
[PART IV] [25055] pensions for a few of them, thanks to her influence with those in
[PART IV] [25533] Of those who were present, such as knew the prince listened to
[PART IV] [25674] the words he spoke, as often as not, were not those he wished to
[PART IV] [26129] "Not those very words. She only just had time to whisper as she
[PART IV] [26300] laughing at me and fitting those silly lines to my case--
[PART IV] [26427] afterwards, how during all those fevered hours he had seen but
[PART IV] [26574] eyes and the expression of her face what the thought of those
[PART IV] [26656] dared send me those letters? By what right do you continually
[PART IV] [26674] not simply go away from here, instead of writing me those absurd
[PART IV] [26902] those inhabited by Lebedeff, Ptitsin, Nastasia Philipovna and the
[PART IV] [26905] those who came down of an evening for the music--had got hold of
[PART IV] [26923] those who, in every class of society, are always in haste to
[PART IV] [27072] during those days was strange and perturbed. Hippolyte plainly
[PART IV] [27334] understand before; and, do you know, when those two stood
[PART IV] [27440] husband... But if those good souls, in the boundless kindness of
[PART IV] [27972] presently the whole crowd was censuring those who had accepted
[PART IV] [28008] babes. I have applied those words to him before, but now I add
[PART IV] [28114] Rogojin were closed, those of his mother's apartments were open.
[PART IV] [28276] those who passed him. Arrived at his destination, he determined
[PART IV] [28544] and then--no one comes in to tidy the house or anything; those
[PART IV] [28684] afraid of losing it again. "I--I wanted those cards! They say you
[PART IV] [28743] of those who surrounded him.