The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoyevsky

Fyodor PART I

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There are 32 occurrences of the word:   red

[PART I] [776] the contrary, Alyosha was at this time a well-grown, red-cheeked,
[PART I] [781] shall be told, perhaps, that red cheeks are not incompatible with
[PART I] [3491] house of two stories, painted grey, with a red iron roof. It was roomy
[PART I] [3688] Her broad, healthy, red face had a look of blank idiocy and the
[PART I] [4684] and tied across with red tape. You see how well I know all about it!
[PART I] [4760] red, silky material. In the spaces between the windows there were
[PART I] [5880] red perhaps- in fact, that it was the beauty of the moment, the
[PART II] [6746] had come out during the night, was bandaged with a red handkerchief;
[PART II] [6761] red handkerchief more becomingly on his forehead.
[PART II] [6973] "He began first!" cried a boy in a red shirt in an angry
[PART II] [8258] The captain flushed red.
[PART II] [10823] back for half an hour till it's quite red and swollen, and what's left
[PART II] [11069] thin, red beard. If his beard shakes when he talks and he gets
[PART III] [15884] "How red the whitebeam berries are!" he murmured, not knowing why.
[PART III] [15888] red screen, "Chinese," as Fyodor Pavlovitch used to call it. The
[PART III] [15894] dressing-gown. On his head Fyodor Pavlovitch had the same red
[PART III] [15902] looking-glass on the wall, with his right hand raised the red
[PART III] [16231] thing, let them bring up champagne. And brandy, too, and red and white
[PART III] [16458] there an hour earlier!" Andrey, a lanky, red-haired, middle-aged
[PART III] [17544] "This is a mortal insult!" The little Pole turned as red as a
[PART III] [17557] She was red with passion.
[PART III] [17822] of liqueur. He had drunk two cups of chocolate. His face was red,
[PART III] [17986] felt continually, "like a red-hot coal in his heart," he said
[PART III] [18645] There were three seals of red sealing-wax on the envelope, but it
[PART III] [19814] Mitya flushed red and flew into a rage.
[PART IV] [21144] red lights gleamed out of the darkness; the monster roared as it
[PART IV] [21805] glowed with feeling. He had rather high cheekbones; small, very red,
[PART IV] [24264] Though swollen and red and tender!
[PART IV] [26713] for not having appeared to you in a red glow, with thunder and
[PART IV] [27226] grey and cut short, and a red ribbon, of what Order I don't
[PART IV] [27252] other had a small, grey beard, and wore a red ribbon with some sort of
[PART IV] [31839] he ran, to snatch up a piece of red brick that lay on the snow of