Meno by Plato

Plato Meno

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There are 12 occurrences of the word:   on

[Meno] [82] keeping. Suppose that I carry on the figure of the swarm, and ask of you,
[Meno] [91] SOCRATES: And if I went on to say: That is what I desire to know, Meno;
[Meno] [98] they have all a common nature which makes them virtues; and on this he who
[Meno] [106] of a woman, another of a child, and so on, does this apply only to virtue,
[Meno] [692] that I may demonstrate on him.
[Meno] [855] of three. Here are two and there is one; and on the other side, here are
[Meno] [1238] characters among us who would have known our future great men; and on their
[Meno] [1250] MENO: There appears to be no other alternative, Socrates. On the
[Meno] [1402] that you are right. And now I wish that you, on your part, would tell me
[Meno] [1439] famous horseman; and had him taught to stand upright on horseback and hurl
[Meno] [1480] arts--in these respects they were on a level with the best--and had he no
[Meno] [1793] their virtue was not grounded on knowledge.