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[27644]    What parallel courses did Bloom and Stephen follow returning?
[27646]    Starting united both at normal walking pace from Beresford place they
[27647]    followed in the order named Lower and Middle Gardiner streets and
[27648]    Mountjoy square, west: then, at reduced pace, each bearing left,
[27649]    Gardiner's place by an inadvertence as far as the farther corner of
[27650]    Temple street: then, at reduced pace with interruptions of halt, bearing
[27651]    right, Temple street, north, as far as Hardwicke place. Approaching,
[27652]    disparate, at relaxed walking pace they crossed both the circus before
[27653]    George's church diametrically, the chord in any circle being less than
[27654]    the arc which it subtends.
[27656]    Of what did the duumvirate deliberate during their itinerary?
[27658]    Music, literature, Ireland, Dublin, Paris, friendship, woman,
[27659]    prostitution, diet, the influence of gaslight or the light of arc and
[27660]    glowlamps on the growth of adjoining paraheliotropic trees, exposed
[27661]    corporation emergency dustbuckets, the Roman catholic church,
[27662]    ecclesiastical celibacy, the Irish nation, jesuit education, careers, the
[27663]    study of medicine, the past day, the maleficent influence of the
[27664]    presabbath, Stephen's collapse.
[27666]    Did Bloom discover common factors of similarity between their respective
[27667]    like and unlike reactions to experience?
[27669]    Both were sensitive to artistic impressions, musical in preference to
[27670]    plastic or pictorial. Both preferred a continental to an insular manner
[27671]    of life, a cisatlantic to a transatlantic place of residence. Both
[27672]    indurated by early domestic training and an inherited tenacity of
[27673]    heterodox resistance professed their disbelief in many orthodox
[27674]    religious, national, social and ethical doctrines. Both admitted the
[27675]    alternately stimulating and obtunding influence of heterosexual
[27676]    magnetism.
[27678]    Were their views on some points divergent?
[27680]    Stephen dissented openly from Bloom's views on the importance of dietary
[27681]    and civic selfhelp while Bloom dissented tacitly from Stephen's views on
[27682]    the eternal affirmation of the spirit of man in literature. Bloom
[27683]    assented covertly to Stephen's rectification of the anachronism involved
[27684]    in assigning the date of the conversion of the Irish nation to
[27685]    christianity from druidism by Patrick son of Calpornus, son of Potitus,
[27686]    son of Odyssus, sent by pope Celestine I in the year 432 in the reign of
[27687]    Leary to the year 260 or thereabouts in the reign of Cormac MacArt (died
[27688]    266 A.D.), suffocated by imperfect deglutition of aliment at Sletty and
[27689]    interred at Rossnaree. The collapse which Bloom ascribed to gastric
[27690]    inanition and certain chemical compounds of varying degrees of
[27691]    adulteration and alcoholic strength, accelerated by mental exertion and
[27692]    the velocity of rapid circular motion in a relaxing atmosphere, Stephen
[27693]    attributed to the reapparition of a matutinal cloud (perceived by both
[27694]    from two different points of observation Sandycove and Dublin) at first
[27695]    no bigger than a woman's hand.
[27697]    Was there one point on which their views were equal and negative?
[27699]    The influence of gaslight or electric light on the growth of adjoining
[27700]    paraheliotropic trees.
[27702]    Had Bloom discussed similar subjects during nocturnal perambulations in
[27703]    the past?
[27705]    In 1884 with Owen Goldberg and Cecil Turnbull at night on public
[27706]    thoroughfares between Longwood avenue and Leonard's corner and Leonard's
[27707]    corner and Synge street and Synge street and Bloomfield avenue.
[27709]    In 1885 with Percy Apjohn in the evenings, reclined against the wall
[27710]    between Gibraltar villa and Bloomfield house in Crumlin, barony of
[27711]    Uppercross. In 1886 occasionally with casual acquaintances and
[27712]    prospective purchasers on doorsteps, in front parlours, in third class
[27713]    railway carriages of suburban lines. In 1888 frequently with major Brian
[27714]    Tweedy and his daughter Miss Marion Tweedy, together and separately on
[27715]    the lounge in Matthew Dillon's house in Roundtown. Once in 1892 and once
[27716]    in 1893 with Julius (Juda) Mastiansky, on both occasions in the parlour
[27717]    of his (Bloom's) house in Lombard street, west.
[27719]    What reflection concerning the irregular sequence of dates 1884, 1885,
[27720]    1886, 1888, 1892, 1893, 1904 did Bloom make before their arrival at their
[27721]    destination?
[27723]    He reflected that the progressive extension of the field of individual
[27724]    development and experience was regressively accompanied by a restriction
[27725]    of the converse domain of interindividual relations.
[27727]    As in what ways?
[27729]    From inexistence to existence he came to many and was as one received:
[27730]    existence with existence he was with any as any with any: from existence
[27731]    to nonexistence gone he would be by all as none perceived.
[27733]    What act did Bloom make on their arrival at their destination?
[27735]    At the housesteps of the 4th Of the equidifferent uneven numbers, number
[27736]    7 Eccles street, he inserted his hand mechanically into the back pocket
[27737]    of his trousers to obtain his latchkey.
[27739]    Was it there?
[27741]    It was in the corresponding pocket of the trousers which he had worn on
[27742]    the day but one preceding.
[27744]    Why was he doubly irritated?
[27746]    Because he had forgotten and because he remembered that he had reminded
[27747]    himself twice not to forget.
[27749]    What were then the alternatives before the, premeditatedly (respectively)
[27750]    and inadvertently, keyless couple?
[27752]    To enter or not to enter. To knock or not to knock.
[27754]    Bloom's decision?
[27756]    A stratagem. Resting his feet on the dwarf wall, he climbed over the area
[27757]    railings, compressed his hat on his head, grasped two points at the lower
[27758]    union of rails and stiles, lowered his body gradually by its length of
[27759]    five feet nine inches and a half to within two feet ten inches of the
[27760]    area pavement and allowed his body to move freely in space by separating
[27761]    himself from the railings and crouching in preparation for the impact of
[27762]    the fall.
[27764]    Did he fall?
[27766]    By his body's known weight of eleven stone and four pounds in avoirdupois
[27767]    measure, as certified by the graduated machine for periodical
[27768]    selfweighing in the premises of Francis Froedman, pharmaceutical chemist
[27769]    of 19 Frederick street, north, on the last feast of the Ascension, to
[27770]    wit, the twelfth day of May of the bissextile year one thousand nine
[27771]    hundred and four of the christian era (jewish era five thousand six
[27772]    hundred and sixtyfour, mohammadan era one thousand three hundred and
[27773]    twentytwo), golden number 5, epact 13, solar cycle 9, dominical letters C
[27774]    B, Roman indiction 2, Julian period 6617, MCMIV.
[27776]    Did he rise uninjured by concussion?
[27778]    Regaining new stable equilibrium he rose uninjured though concussed by
[27779]    the impact, raised the latch of the area door by the exertion of force at
[27780]    its freely moving flange and by leverage of the first kind applied at its
[27781]    fulcrum, gained retarded access to the kitchen through the subadjacent
[27782]    scullery, ignited a lucifer match by friction, set free inflammable coal
[27783]    gas by turningon the ventcock, lit a high flame which, by regulating, he
[27784]    reduced to quiescent candescence and lit finally a portable candle.
[27786]    What discrete succession of images did Stephen meanwhile perceive?
[27788]    Reclined against the area railings he perceived through the transparent
[27789]    kitchen panes a man regulating a gasflame of 14 CP, a man lighting a
[27790]    candle of 1 CP, a man removing in turn each of his two boots, a man
[27791]    leaving the kitchen holding a candle.
[27793]    Did the man reappear elsewhere?
[27795]    After a lapse of four minutes the glimmer of his candle was discernible
[27796]    through the semitransparent semicircular glass fanlight over the
[27797]    halldoor. The halldoor turned gradually on its hinges. In the open space
[27798]    of the doorway the man reappeared without his hat, with his candle.
[27800]    Did Stephen obey his sign?
[27802]    Yes, entering softly, he helped to close and chain the door and followed
[27803]    softly along the hallway the man's back and listed feet and lighted
[27804]    candle past a lighted crevice of doorway on the left and carefully down a
[27805]    turning staircase of more than five steps into the kitchen of Bloom's
[27806]    house.
[27808]    What did Bloom do?
[27810]    He extinguished the candle by a sharp expiration of breath upon its
[27811]    flame, drew two spoonseat deal chairs to the hearthstone, one for Stephen
[27812]    with its back to the area window, the other for himself when necessary,
[27813]    knelt on one knee, composed in the grate a pyre of crosslaid resintipped
[27814]    sticks and various coloured papers and irregular polygons of best Abram
[27815]    coal at twentyone shillings a ton from the yard of Messrs Flower and
[27816]    M'Donald of 14 D'Olier street, kindled it at three projecting points of
[27817]    paper with one ignited lucifer match, thereby releasing the potential
[27818]    energy contained in the fuel by allowing its carbon and hydrogen elements
[27819]    to enter into free union with the oxygen of the air.
[27821]    Of what similar apparitions did Stephen think?
[27823]    Of others elsewhere in other times who, kneeling on one knee or on two,
[27824]    had kindled fires for him, of Brother Michael in the infirmary of the
[27825]    college of the Society of Jesus at Clongowes Wood, Sallins, in the county
[27826]    of Kildare: of his father, Simon Dedalus, in an unfurnished room of his
[27827]    first residence in Dublin, number thirteen Fitzgibbon street: of his
[27828]    godmother Miss Kate Morkan in the house of her dying sister Miss Julia
[27829]    Morkan at 15 Usher's Island: of his aunt Sara, wife of Richie (Richard)
[27830]    Goulding, in the kitchen of their lodgings at 62 Clanbrassil street: of
[27831]    his mother Mary, wife of Simon Dedalus, in the kitchen of number twelve
[27832]    North Richmond street on the morning of the feast of Saint Francis Xavier
[27833]    1898: of the dean of studies, Father Butt, in the physics' theatre of
[27834]    university College, 16 Stephen's Green, north: of his sister Dilly
[27835]    (Delia) in his father's house in Cabra.
[27837]    What did Stephen see on raising his gaze to the height of a yard from the
[27838]    fire towards the opposite wall?
[27840]    Under a row of five coiled spring housebells a curvilinear rope,
[27841]    stretched between two holdfasts athwart across the recess beside the
[27842]    chimney pier, from which hung four smallsized square handkerchiefs folded
[27843]    unattached consecutively in adjacent rectangles and one pair of ladies'
[27844]    grey hose with Lisle suspender tops and feet in their habitual position
[27845]    clamped by three erect wooden pegs two at their outer extremities and the
[27846]    third at their point of junction.
[27848]    What did Bloom see on the range?
[27850]    On the right (smaller) hob a blue enamelled saucepan: on the left
[27851]    (larger) hob a black iron kettle.
[27853]    What did Bloom do at the range?
[27855]    He removed the saucepan to the left hob, rose and carried the iron kettle
[27856]    to the sink in order to tap the current by turning the faucet to let it
[27857]    flow.
[27859]    Did it flow?
[27861]    Yes. From Roundwood reservoir in county Wicklow of a cubic capacity of
[27862]    2400 million gallons, percolating through a subterranean aqueduct of
[27863]    filter mains of single and double pipeage constructed at an initial plant
[27864]    cost of 5 pounds per linear yard by way of the Dargle, Rathdown, Glen of
[27865]    the Downs and Callowhill to the 26 acre reservoir at Stillorgan, a
[27866]    distance of 22 statute miles, and thence, through a system of relieving
[27867]    tanks, by a gradient of 250 feet to the city boundary at Eustace bridge,
[27868]    upper Leeson street, though from prolonged summer drouth and daily supply
[27869]    of 12 1/2 million gallons the water had fallen below the sill of the
[27870]    overflow weir for which reason the borough surveyor and waterworks
[27871]    engineer, Mr Spencer Harty, C. E., on the instructions of the waterworks
[27872]    committee had prohibited the use of municipal water for purposes other
[27873]    than those of consumption (envisaging the possibility of recourse being
[27874]    had to the impotable water of the Grand and Royal canals as in 1893)
[27875]    particularly as the South Dublin Guardians, notwithstanding their ration
[27876]    of 15 gallons per day per pauper supplied through a 6 inch meter, had
[27877]    been convicted of a wastage of 20,000 gallons per night by a reading of
[27878]    their meter on the affirmation of the law agent of the corporation, Mr
[27879]    Ignatius Rice, solicitor, thereby acting to the detriment of another
[27880]    section of the public, selfsupporting taxpayers, solvent, sound.
[27882]    What in water did Bloom, waterlover, drawer of water, watercarrier,
[27883]    returning to the range, admire?
[27885]    Its universality: its democratic equality and constancy to its nature in
[27886]    seeking its own level: its vastness in the ocean of Mercator's
[27887]    projection: its unplumbed profundity in the Sundam trench of the Pacific
[27888]    exceeding 8000 fathoms: the restlessness of its waves and surface
[27889]    particles visiting in turn all points of its seaboard: the independence
[27890]    of its units: the variability of states of sea: its hydrostatic
[27891]    quiescence in calm: its hydrokinetic turgidity in neap and spring tides:
[27892]    its subsidence after devastation: its sterility in the circumpolar
[27893]    icecaps, arctic and antarctic: its climatic and commercial significance:
[27894]    its preponderance of 3 to 1 over the dry land of the globe: its
[27895]    indisputable hegemony extending in square leagues over all the region
[27896]    below the subequatorial tropic of Capricorn: the multisecular stability
[27897]    of its primeval basin: its luteofulvous bed: its capacity to dissolve and
[27898]    hold in solution all soluble substances including millions of tons of the
[27899]    most precious metals: its slow erosions of peninsulas and islands, its
[27900]    persistent formation of homothetic islands, peninsulas and
[27901]    downwardtending promontories: its alluvial deposits: its weight and
[27902]    volume and density: its imperturbability in lagoons and highland tarns:
[27903]    its gradation of colours in the torrid and temperate and frigid zones:
[27904]    its vehicular ramifications in continental lakecontained streams and
[27905]    confluent oceanflowing rivers with their tributaries and transoceanic
[27906]    currents, gulfstream, north and south equatorial courses: its violence in
[27907]    seaquakes, waterspouts, Artesian wells, eruptions, torrents, eddies,
[27908]    freshets, spates, groundswells, watersheds, waterpartings, geysers,
[27909]    cataracts, whirlpools, maelstroms, inundations, deluges, cloudbursts: its
[27910]    vast circumterrestrial ahorizontal curve: its secrecy in springs and
[27911]    latent humidity, revealed by rhabdomantic or hygrometric instruments and
[27912]    exemplified by the well by the hole in the wall at Ashtown gate,
[27913]    saturation of air, distillation of dew: the simplicity of its
[27914]    composition, two constituent parts of hydrogen with one constituent part
[27915]    of oxygen: its healing virtues: its buoyancy in the waters of the Dead
[27916]    Sea: its persevering penetrativeness in runnels, gullies, inadequate
[27917]    dams, leaks on shipboard: its properties for cleansing, quenching thirst
[27918]    and fire, nourishing vegetation: its infallibility as paradigm and
[27919]    paragon: its metamorphoses as vapour, mist, cloud, rain, sleet, snow,
[27920]    hail: its strength in rigid hydrants: its variety of forms in loughs and
[27921]    bays and gulfs and bights and guts and lagoons and atolls and
[27922]    archipelagos and sounds and fjords and minches and tidal estuaries and
[27923]    arms of sea: its solidity in glaciers, icebergs, icefloes: its docility
[27924]    in working hydraulic millwheels, turbines, dynamos, electric power
[27925]    stations, bleachworks, tanneries, scutchmills: its utility in canals,
[27926]    rivers, if navigable, floating and graving docks: its potentiality
[27927]    derivable from harnessed tides or watercourses falling from level to
[27928]    level: its submarine fauna and flora (anacoustic, photophobe),
[27929]    numerically, if not literally, the inhabitants of the globe: its ubiquity
[27930]    as constituting 90 percent of the human body: the noxiousness of its
[27931]    effluvia in lacustrine marshes, pestilential fens, faded flowerwater,
[27932]    stagnant pools in the waning moon.
[27934]    Having set the halffilled kettle on the now burning coals, why did he
[27935]    return to the stillflowing tap?
[27937]    To wash his soiled hands with a partially consumed tablet of Barrington's
[27938]    lemonflavoured soap, to which paper still adhered, (bought thirteen hours
[27939]    previously for fourpence and still unpaid for), in fresh cold
[27940]    neverchanging everchanging water and dry them, face and hands, in a long
[27941]    redbordered holland cloth passed over a wooden revolving roller.
[27943]    What reason did Stephen give for declining Bloom's offer?
[27945]    That he was hydrophobe, hating partial contact by immersion or total by
[27946]    submersion in cold water, (his last bath having taken place in the month
[27947]    of October of the preceding year), disliking the aqueous substances of
[27948]    glass and crystal, distrusting aquacities of thought and language.
[27950]    What impeded Bloom from giving Stephen counsels of hygiene and
[27951]    prophylactic to which should be added suggestions concerning a
[27952]    preliminary wetting of the head and contraction of the muscles with rapid
[27953]    splashing of the face and neck and thoracic and epigastric region in case
[27954]    of sea or river bathing, the parts of the human anatomy most sensitive to
[27955]    cold being the nape, stomach and thenar or sole of foot?
[27957]    The incompatibility of aquacity with the erratic originality of genius.
[27959]    What additional didactic counsels did he similarly repress?
[27961]    Dietary: concerning the respective percentage of protein and caloric
[27962]    energy in bacon, salt ling and butter, the absence of the former in the
[27963]    lastnamed and the abundance of the latter in the firstnamed.
[27965]    Which seemed to the host to be the predominant qualities of his guest?
[27967]    Confidence in himself, an equal and opposite power of abandonment and
[27968]    recuperation.
[27970]    What concomitant phenomenon took place in the vessel of liquid by the
[27971]    agency of fire?
[27973]    The phenomenon of ebullition. Fanned by a constant updraught of
[27974]    ventilation between the kitchen and the chimneyflue, ignition was
[27975]    communicated from the faggots of precombustible fuel to polyhedral masses
[27976]    of bituminous coal, containing in compressed mineral form the foliated
[27977]    fossilised decidua of primeval forests which had in turn derived their
[27978]    vegetative existence from the sun, primal source of heat (radiant),
[27979]    transmitted through omnipresent luminiferous diathermanous ether. Heat
[27980]    (convected), a mode of motion developed by such combustion, was
[27981]    constantly and increasingly conveyed from the source of calorification to
[27982]    the liquid contained in the vessel, being radiated through the uneven
[27983]    unpolished dark surface of the metal iron, in part reflected, in part
[27984]    absorbed, in part transmitted, gradually raising the temperature of the
[27985]    water from normal to boiling point, a rise in temperature expressible as
[27986]    the result of an expenditure of 72 thermal units needed to raise 1 pound
[27987]    of water from 50 degrees to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
[27989]    What announced the accomplishment of this rise in temperature?
[27991]    A double falciform ejection of water vapour from under the kettlelid at
[27992]    both sides simultaneously.
[27994]    For what personal purpose could Bloom have applied the water so boiled?
[27996]    To shave himself.
[27998]    What advantages attended shaving by night?
[28000]    A softer beard: a softer brush if intentionally allowed to remain from
[28001]    shave to shave in its agglutinated lather: a softer skin if unexpectedly
[28002]    encountering female acquaintances in remote places at incustomary hours:
[28003]    quiet reflections upon the course of the day: a cleaner sensation when
[28004]    awaking after a fresher sleep since matutinal noises, premonitions and
[28005]    perturbations, a clattered milkcan, a postman's double knock, a paper
[28006]    read, reread while lathering, relathering the same spot, a shock, a
[28007]    shoot, with thought of aught he sought though fraught with nought might
[28008]    cause a faster rate of shaving and a nick on which incision plaster with
[28009]    precision cut and humected and applied adhered: which was to be done.
[28011]    Why did absence of light disturb him less than presence of noise?
[28013]    Because of the surety of the sense of touch in his firm full masculine
[28014]    feminine passive active hand.
[28016]    What quality did it (his hand) possess but with what counteracting
[28017]    influence?
[28019]    The operative surgical quality but that he was reluctant to shed human
[28020]    blood even when the end justified the means, preferring, in their natural
[28021]    order, heliotherapy, psychophysicotherapeutics, osteopathic surgery.
[28023]    What lay under exposure on the lower, middle and upper shelves of the
[28024]    kitchen dresser, opened by Bloom?
[28026]    On the lower shelf five vertical breakfast plates, six horizontal
[28027]    breakfast saucers on which rested inverted breakfast cups, a
[28028]    moustachecup, uninverted, and saucer of Crown Derby, four white
[28029]    goldrimmed eggcups, an open shammy purse displaying coins, mostly copper,
[28030]    and a phial of aromatic (violet) comfits. On the middle shelf a chipped
[28031]    eggcup containing pepper, a drum of table salt, four conglomerated black
[28032]    olives in oleaginous paper, an empty pot of Plumtree's potted meat, an
[28033]    oval wicker basket bedded with fibre and containing one Jersey pear, a
[28034]    halfempty bottle of William Gilbey and Co's white invalid port, half
[28035]    disrobed of its swathe of coralpink tissue paper, a packet of Epps's
[28036]    soluble cocoa, five ounces of Anne Lynch's choice tea at 2/- per lb in a
[28037]    crinkled leadpaper bag, a cylindrical canister containing the best
[28038]    crystallised lump sugar, two onions, one, the larger, Spanish, entire,
[28039]    the other, smaller, Irish, bisected with augmented surface and more
[28040]    redolent, a jar of Irish Model Dairy's cream, a jug of brown crockery
[28041]    containing a naggin and a quarter of soured adulterated milk, converted
[28042]    by heat into water, acidulous serum and semisolidified curds, which added
[28043]    to the quantity subtracted for Mr Bloom's and Mrs Fleming's breakfasts,
[28044]    made one imperial pint, the total quantity originally delivered, two
[28045]    cloves, a halfpenny and a small dish containing a slice of fresh
[28046]    ribsteak. On the upper shelf a battery of jamjars (empty) of various
[28047]    sizes and proveniences.
[28049]    What attracted his attention lying on the apron of the dresser?
[28051]    Four polygonal fragments of two lacerated scarlet betting tickets,
[28052]    numbered 8 87, 88 6.
[28054]    What reminiscences temporarily corrugated his brow?
[28056]    Reminiscences of coincidences, truth stranger than fiction, preindicative
[28057]    of the result of the Gold Cup flat handicap, the official and definitive
[28058]    result of which he had read in the EVENING TELEGRAPH, late pink edition,
[28059]    in the cabman's shelter, at Butt bridge.
[28061]    Where had previous intimations of the result, effected or projected, been
[28062]    received by him?
[28064]    In Bernard Kiernan's licensed premises 8, 9 and 10 little Britain street:
[28065]    in David Byrne's licensed premises, 14 Duke street: in O'Connell street
[28066]    lower, outside Graham Lemon's when a dark man had placed in his hand a
[28067]    throwaway (subsequently thrown away), advertising Elijah, restorer of the
[28068]    church in Zion: in Lincoln place outside the premises of F. W. Sweny and
[28069]    Co (Limited), dispensing chemists, when, when Frederick M. (Bantam) Lyons
[28070]    had rapidly and successively requested, perused and restituted the copy
[28071]    of the current issue of the FREEMAN'S JOURNAL AND NATIONAL PRESS which he
[28072]    had been about to throw away (subsequently thrown away), he had proceeded
[28073]    towards the oriental edifice of the Turkish and Warm Baths, 11 Leinster
[28074]    street, with the light of inspiration shining in his countenance and
[28075]    bearing in his arms the secret of the race, graven in the language of
[28076]    prediction.
[28078]    What qualifying considerations allayed his perturbations?
[28080]    The difficulties of interpretation since the significance of any event
[28081]    followed its occurrence as variably as the acoustic report followed the
[28082]    electrical discharge and of counterestimating against an actual loss by
[28083]    failure to interpret the total sum of possible losses proceeding
[28084]    originally from a successful interpretation.
[28086]    His mood?
[28088]    He had not risked, he did not expect, he had not been disappointed, he
[28089]    was satisfied.
[28091]    What satisfied him?
[28093]    To have sustained no positive loss. To have brought a positive gain to
[28094]    others. Light to the gentiles.
[28096]    How did Bloom prepare a collation for a gentile?
[28098]    He poured into two teacups two level spoonfuls, four in all, of Epps's
[28099]    soluble cocoa and proceeded according to the directions for use printed
[28100]    on the label, to each adding after sufficient time for infusion the
[28101]    prescribed ingredients for diffusion in the manner and in the quantity
[28102]    prescribed.
[28104]    What supererogatory marks of special hospitality did the host show his
[28105]    guest?
[28107]    Relinquishing his symposiarchal right to the moustache cup of imitation
[28108]    Crown Derby presented to him by his only daughter, Millicent (Milly), he
[28109]    substituted a cup identical with that of his guest and served
[28110]    extraordinarily to his guest and, in reduced measure, to himself the
[28111]    viscous cream ordinarily reserved for the breakfast of his wife Marion
[28112]    (Molly).
[28114]    Was the guest conscious of and did he acknowledge these marks of
[28115]    hospitality?
[28117]    His attention was directed to them by his host jocosely, and he accepted
[28118]    them seriously as they drank in jocoserious silence Epps's massproduct,
[28119]    the creature cocoa.
[28121]    Were there marks of hospitality which he contemplated but suppressed,
[28122]    reserving them for another and for himself on future occasions to
[28123]    complete the act begun?
[28125]    The reparation of a fissure of the length of 1 1/2 inches in the right
[28126]    side of his guest's jacket. A gift to his guest of one of the four lady's
[28127]    handkerchiefs, if and when ascertained to be in a presentable condition.
[28129]    Who drank more quickly?
[28131]    Bloom, having the advantage of ten seconds at the initiation and taking,
[28132]    from the concave surface of a spoon along the handle of which a steady
[28133]    flow of heat was conducted, three sips to his opponent's one, six to two,
[28134]    nine to three.
[28136]    What cerebration accompanied his frequentative act?
[28138]    Concluding by inspection but erroneously that his silent companion was
[28139]    engaged in mental composition he reflected on the pleasures derived from
[28140]    literature of instruction rather than of amusement as he himself had
[28141]    applied to the works of William Shakespeare more than once for the
[28142]    solution of difficult problems in imaginary or real life.
[28144]    Had he found their solution?
[28146]    In spite of careful and repeated reading of certain classical passages,
[28147]    aided by a glossary, he had derived imperfect conviction from the text,
[28148]    the answers not bearing in all points.
[28150]    What lines concluded his first piece of original verse written by him,
[28151]    potential poet, at the age of 11 in 1877 on the occasion of the offering
[28152]    of three prizes of 10/-, 5/- and 2/6 respectively for competition by the
[28153]    SHAMROCK, a weekly newspaper?
[28156]        AN AMBITION TO SQUINT
[28157]        AT MY VERSES IN PRINT
[28159]        IF YOU SO CONDESCEND
[28164]    Did he find four separating forces between his temporary guest and him?
[28166]    Name, age, race, creed.
[28168]    What anagrams had he made on his name in youth?
[28171]        Leopold Bloom
[28172]        Ellpodbomool
[28173]        Molldopeloob
[28174]        Bollopedoom
[28175]        Old Ollebo, M. P.
[28178]    What acrostic upon the abbreviation of his first name had he (kinetic
[28179]    poet) sent to Miss Marion (Molly) Tweedy on the 14 February 1888?
[28188]    What had prevented him from completing a topical song (music by R. G.
[28189]    Johnston) on the events of the past, or fixtures for the actual, years,
[28191]    commissioned by Michael Gunn, lessee of the Gaiety Theatre, 46, 47, 48,
[28192]    49 South King street, and to be introduced into the sixth scene, the
[28193]    valley of diamonds, of the second edition (30 January 1893) of the grand
[28194]    annual Christmas pantomime SINBAD THE SAILOR (produced by R Shelton 26
[28195]    December 1892, written by Greenleaf Whittier, scenery by George A.
[28196]    Jackson and Cecil Hicks, costumes by Mrs and Miss Whelan under the
[28197]    personal supervision of Mrs Michael Gunn, ballets by Jessie Noir,
[28198]    harlequinade by Thomas Otto) and sung by Nelly Bouverist, principal girl?
[28200]    Firstly, oscillation between events of imperial and of local interest,
[28201]    the anticipated diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria (born 1820, acceded
[28202]    1837) and the posticipated opening of the new municipal fish market:
[28203]    secondly, apprehension of opposition from extreme circles on the
[28204]    questions of the respective visits of Their Royal Highnesses the duke and
[28205]    duchess of York (real) and of His Majesty King Brian Boru (imaginary):
[28206]    thirdly, a conflict between professional etiquette and professional
[28207]    emulation concerning the recent erections of the Grand Lyric Hall on
[28208]    Burgh Quay and the Theatre Royal in Hawkins street: fourthly, distraction
[28209]    resultant from compassion for Nelly Bouverist's non-intellectual, non-
[28210]    political, non-topical expression of countenance and concupiscence caused
[28211]    by Nelly Bouverist's revelations of white articles of non-intellectual,
[28212]    non-political, non-topical underclothing while she (Nelly Bouverist) was
[28213]    in the articles: fifthly, the difficulties of the selection of
[28214]    appropriate music and humorous allusions from EVERYBODY'S BOOK OF JOKES
[28215]    (1000 pages and a laugh in every one): sixthly, the rhymes, homophonous
[28216]    and cacophonous, associated with the names of the new lord mayor, Daniel
[28217]    Tallon, the new high sheriff, Thomas Pile and the new solicitorgeneral,
[28218]    Dunbar Plunket Barton.
[28220]    What relation existed between their ages?
[28222]    16 years before in 1888 when Bloom was of Stephen's present age Stephen
[28223]    was 6. 16 years after in 1920 when Stephen would be of Bloom's present
[28224]    age Bloom would be 54. In 1936 when Bloom would be 70 and Stephen 54
[28225]    their ages initially in the ratio of 16 to 0 would be as 17 1/2 to 13
[28226]    1/2, the proportion increasing and the disparity diminishing according as
[28227]    arbitrary future years were added, for if the proportion existing in 1883
[28228]    had continued immutable, conceiving that to be possible, till then 1904
[28229]    when Stephen was 22 Bloom would be 374 and in 1920 when Stephen would be
[28230]    38, as Bloom then was, Bloom would be 646 while in 1952 when Stephen
[28231]    would have attained the maximum postdiluvian age of 70 Bloom, being 1190
[28232]    years alive having been born in the year 714, would have surpassed by 221
[28233]    years the maximum antediluvian age, that of Methusalah, 969 years, while,
[28234]    if Stephen would continue to live until he would attain that age in the
[28235]    year 3072 A.D., Bloomwould have been obliged to have been alive 83,300
[28236]    years, having been obliged to have been born in the year 81,396 B.C.
[28238]    What events might nullify these calculations?
[28240]    The cessation of existence of both or either, the inauguration of a new
[28241]    era or calendar, the annihilation of the world and consequent
[28242]    extermination of the human species, inevitable but impredictable.
[28244]    How many previous encounters proved their preexisting acquaintance?
[28246]    Two. The first in the lilacgarden of Matthew Dillon's house, Medina
[28247]    Villa, Kimmage road, Roundtown, in 1887, in the company of Stephen's
[28248]    mother, Stephen being then of the age of 5 and reluctant to give his hand
[28249]    in salutation. The second in the coffeeroom of Breslin's hotel on a rainy
[28250]    Sunday in the January of 1892, in the company of Stephen's father and
[28251]    Stephen's granduncle, Stephen being then 5 years older.
[28253]    Did Bloom accept the invitation to dinner given then by the son and
[28254]    afterwards seconded by the father?
[28256]    Very gratefully, with grateful appreciation, with sincere appreciative
[28257]    gratitude, in appreciatively grateful sincerity of regret, he declined.
[28259]    Did their conversation on the subject of these reminiscences reveal a
[28260]    third connecting link between them?
[28262]    Mrs Riordan (Dante), a widow of independent means, had resided in the
[28263]    house of Stephen's parents from 1 September 1888 to 29 December 1891 and
[28264]    had also resided during the years 1892, 1893 and 1894 in the City Arms
[28265]    Hotel owned by Elizabeth O'Dowd of 54 Prussia street where, during parts
[28266]    of the years 1893 and 1894, she had been a constant informant of Bloom
[28267]    who resided also in the same hotel, being at that time a clerk in the
[28268]    employment of Joseph Cuffe of 5 Smithfield for the superintendence of
[28269]    sales in the adjacent Dublin Cattle market on the North Circular road.
[28271]    Had he performed any special corporal work of mercy for her?
[28273]    He had sometimes propelled her on warm summer evenings, an infirm widow
[28274]    of independent, if limited, means, in her convalescent bathchair with
[28275]    slow revolutions of its wheels as far as the corner of the North Circular
[28276]    road opposite Mr Gavin Low's place of business where she had remained for
[28277]    a certain time scanning through his onelensed binocular fieldglasses
[28278]    unrecognisable citizens on tramcars, roadster bicycles equipped with
[28279]    inflated pneumatic tyres, hackney carriages, tandems, private and hired
[28280]    landaus, dogcarts, ponytraps and brakes passing from the city to the
[28281]    Phoenix Park and vice versa.
[28283]    Why could he then support that his vigil with the greater equanimity?
[28285]    Because in middle youth he had often sat observing through a rondel of
[28286]    bossed glass of a multicoloured pane the spectacle offered with continual
[28287]    changes of the thoroughfare without, pedestrians, quadrupeds,
[28288]    velocipedes, vehicles, passing slowly, quickly, evenly, round and round
[28289]    and round the rim of a round and round precipitous globe.
[28291]    What distinct different memories had each of her now eight years
[28292]    deceased?
[28294]    The older, her bezique cards and counters, her Skye terrier, her
[28295]    suppositious wealth, her lapses of responsiveness and incipient catarrhal
[28296]    deafness: the younger, her lamp of colza oil before the statue of the
[28297]    Immaculate Conception, her green and maroon brushes for Charles Stewart
[28298]    Parnell and for Michael Davitt, her tissue papers.
[28300]    Were there no means still remaining to him to achieve the rejuvenation
[28301]    which these reminiscences divulged to a younger companion rendered the
[28302]    more desirable?
[28304]    The indoor exercises, formerly intermittently practised, subsequently
[28305]    abandoned, prescribed in Eugen Sandow's PHYSICAL STRENGTH AND HOW TO
[28306]    OBTAIN IT which, designed particularly for commercial men engaged in
[28307]    sedentary occupations, were to be made with mental concentration in front
[28308]    of a mirror so as to bring into play the various families of muscles and
[28309]    produce successively a pleasant rigidity, a more pleasant relaxation and
[28310]    the most pleasant repristination of juvenile agility.
[28312]    Had any special agility been his in earlier youth?
[28314]    Though ringweight lifting had been beyond his strength and the full
[28315]    circle gyration beyond his courage yet as a High school scholar he had
[28316]    excelled in his stable and protracted execution of the half lever
[28317]    movement on the parallel bars in consequence of his abnormally developed
[28318]    abdominal muscles.
[28320]    Did either openly allude to their racial difference?
[28322]    Neither.
[28324]    What, reduced to their simplest reciprocal form, were Bloom's thoughts
[28325]    about Stephen's thoughts about Bloom and about Stephen's thoughts about
[28326]    Bloom's thoughts about Stephen?
[28328]    He thought that he thought that he was a jew whereas he knew that he knew
[28329]    that he knew that he was not.
[28331]    What, the enclosures of reticence removed, were their respective
[28332]    parentages?
[28334]    Bloom, only born male transubstantial heir of Rudolf Virag (subsequently
[28335]    Rudolph Bloom) of Szombathely, Vienna, Budapest, Milan, London and Dublin
[28336]    and of Ellen Higgins, second daughter of Julius Higgins (born Karoly) and
[28337]    Fanny Higgins (born Hegarty). Stephen, eldest surviving male
[28338]    consubstantial heir of Simon Dedalus of Cork and Dublin and of Mary,
[28339]    daughter of Richard and Christina Goulding (born Grier).
[28341]    Had Bloom and Stephen been baptised, and where and by whom, cleric or
[28342]    layman?
[28344]    Bloom (three times), by the reverend Mr Gilmer Johnston M. A., alone, in
[28345]    the protestant church of Saint Nicholas Without, Coombe, by James
[28346]    O'Connor, Philip Gilligan and James Fitzpatrick, together, under a pump
[28347]    in the village of Swords, and by the reverend Charles Malone C. C., in
[28348]    the church of the Three Patrons, Rathgar. Stephen (once) by the reverend
[28349]    Charles Malone C. C., alone, in the church of the Three Patrons, Rathgar.
[28351]    Did they find their educational careers similar?
[28353]    Substituting Stephen for Bloom Stoom would have passed successively
[28354]    through a dame's school and the high school. Substituting Bloom for
[28355]    Stephen Blephen would have passed successively through the preparatory,
[28356]    junior, middle and senior grades of the intermediate and through the
[28357]    matriculation, first arts, second arts and arts degree courses of the
[28358]    royal university.
[28360]    Why did Bloom refrain from stating that he had frequented the university
[28361]    of life?
[28363]    Because of his fluctuating incertitude as to whether this observation had
[28364]    or had not been already made by him to Stephen or by Stephen to him.
[28366]    What two temperaments did they individually represent?
[28368]    The scientific. The artistic.
[28370]    What proofs did Bloom adduce to prove that his tendency was towards
[28371]    applied, rather than towards pure, science?
[28373]    Certain possible inventions of which he had cogitated when reclining in a
[28374]    state of supine repletion to aid digestion, stimulated by his
[28375]    appreciation of the importance of inventions now common but once
[28376]    revolutionary, for example, the aeronautic parachute, the reflecting
[28377]    telescope, the spiral corkscrew, the safety pin, the mineral water
[28378]    siphon, the canal lock with winch and sluice, the suction pump.
[28380]    Were these inventions principally intended for an improved scheme of
[28381]    kindergarten?
[28383]    Yes, rendering obsolete popguns, elastic airbladders, games of hazard,
[28384]    catapults. They comprised astronomical kaleidoscopes exhibiting the
[28385]    twelve constellations of the zodiac from Aries to Pisces, miniature
[28386]    mechanical orreries, arithmetical gelatine lozenges, geometrical to
[28387]    correspond with zoological biscuits, globemap playing balls, historically
[28388]    costumed dolls.
[28390]    What also stimulated him in his cogitations?
[28392]    The financial success achieved by Ephraim Marks and Charles A. James, the
[28393]    former by his 1d bazaar at 42 George's street, south, the latter at his
[28394]    6-1/2d shop and world's fancy fair and waxwork exhibition at 30 Henry
[28395]    street, admission 2d, children 1d: and the infinite possibilities
[28396]    hitherto unexploited of the modern art of advertisement if condensed in
[28397]    triliteral monoideal symbols, vertically of maximum visibility (divined),
[28398]    horizontally of maximum legibility (deciphered) and of magnetising
[28399]    efficacy to arrest involuntary attention, to interest, to convince, to
[28400]    decide.
[28402]    Such as?
[28404]    K. II. Kino's 11/- Trousers. House of Keys. Alexander J. Keyes.
[28406]    Such as not?
[28408]    Look at this long candle. Calculate when it burns out and you receive
[28409]    gratis 1 pair of our special non-compo boots, guaranteed 1 candle power.
[28410]    Address: Barclay and Cook, 18 Talbot street.
[28412]    Bacilikil (Insect Powder). Veribest (Boot Blacking). Uwantit (Combined
[28413]    pocket twoblade penknife with corkscrew, nailfile and pipecleaner).
[28415]    Such as never?
[28417]    What is home without Plumtree's Potted Meat?
[28419]    Incomplete.
[28421]    With it an abode of bliss.
[28423]    Manufactured by George Plumtree, 23 Merchants' quay, Dublin, put up in 4
[28424]    oz pots, and inserted by Councillor Joseph P. Nannetti, M. P., Rotunda
[28425]    Ward, 19 Hardwicke street, under the obituary notices and anniversaries
[28426]    of deceases. The name on the label is Plumtree. A plumtree in a meatpot,
[28427]    registered trade mark. Beware of imitations. Peatmot. Trumplee. Moutpat.
[28428]    Plamtroo.
[28430]    Which example did he adduce to induce Stephen to deduce that originality,
[28431]    though producing its own reward, does not invariably conduce to success?
[28433]    His own ideated and rejected project of an illuminated showcart, drawn by
[28434]    a beast of burden, in which two smartly dressed girls were to be seated
[28435]    engaged in writing.
[28437]    What suggested scene was then constructed by Stephen?
[28439]    Solitary hotel in mountain pass. Autumn. Twilight. Fire lit. In dark
[28440]    corner young man seated. Young woman enters. Restless. Solitary. She
[28441]    sits. She goes to window. She stands. She sits. Twilight. She thinks. On
[28442]    solitary hotel paper she writes. She thinks. She writes. She sighs.
[28443]    Wheels and hoofs. She hurries out. He comes from his dark corner. He
[28444]    seizes solitary paper. He holds it towards fire. Twilight. He reads.
[28445]    Solitary.
[28447]    What?
[28449]    In sloping, upright and backhands: Queen's Hotel, Queen's Hotel, Queen's
[28450]    Hotel. Queen's Ho...
[28452]    What suggested scene was then reconstructed by Bloom?
[28454]    The Queen's Hotel, Ennis, county Clare, where Rudolph Bloom (Rudolf
[28455]    Virag) died on the evening of the 27 June 1886, at some hour unstated, in
[28456]    consequence of an overdose of monkshood (aconite) selfadministered in the
[28457]    form of a neuralgic liniment composed of 2 parts of aconite liniment to I
[28458]    of chloroform liniment (purchased by him at 10.20 a.m. on the morning of
[28459]    27 June 1886 at the medical hall of Francis Dennehy, 17 Church street,
[28460]    Ennis) after having, though not in consequence of having, purchased at
[28461]    3.15 p.m. on the afternoon of 27 June 1886 a new boater straw hat, extra
[28462]    smart (after having, though not in consequence of having, purchased at
[28463]    the hour and in the place aforesaid, the toxin aforesaid), at the general
[28464]    drapery store of James Cullen, 4 Main street, Ennis.
[28466]    Did he attribute this homonymity to information or coincidence or
[28467]    intuition?
[28469]    Coincidence.
[28471]    Did he depict the scene verbally for his guest to see?
[28473]    He preferred himself to see another's face and listen to another's words
[28474]    by which potential narration was realised and kinetic temperament
[28475]    relieved.
[28477]    Did he see only a second coincidence in the second scene narrated to him,
[28478]    described by the narrator as A PISGAH SIGHT OF PALESTINE OR THE PARABLE
[28479]    OF THE PLUMS?
[28481]    It, with the preceding scene and with others unnarrated but existent by
[28482]    implication, to which add essays on various subjects or moral apothegms
[28484]    during schoolyears, seemed to him to contain in itself and in conjunction
[28485]    with the personal equation certain possibilities of financial, social,
[28486]    personal and sexual success, whether specially collected and selected as
[28487]    model pedagogic themes (of cent per cent merit) for the use of
[28488]    preparatory and junior grade students or contributed in printed form,
[28489]    following the precedent of Philip Beaufoy or Doctor Dick or Heblon's
[28490]    STUDIES IN BLUE, to a publication of certified circulation and solvency
[28491]    or employed verbally as intellectual stimulation for sympathetic
[28492]    auditors, tacitly appreciative of successful narrative and confidently
[28493]    augurative of successful achievement, during the increasingly longer
[28494]    nights gradually following the summer solstice on the day but three
[28495]    following, videlicet, Tuesday, 21 June (S. Aloysius Gonzaga), sunrise
[28496]    3.33 a.m., sunset 8.29 p.m.
[28498]    Which domestic problem as much as, if not more than, any other frequently
[28499]    engaged his mind?
[28501]    What to do with our wives.
[28503]    What had been his hypothetical singular solutions?
[28505]    Parlour games (dominos, halma, tiddledywinks, spilikins, cup and ball,
[28506]    nap, spoil five, bezique, twentyfive, beggar my neighbour, draughts,
[28507]    chess or backgammon): embroidery, darning or knitting for the policeaided
[28508]    clothing society: musical duets, mandoline and guitar, piano and flute,
[28509]    guitar and piano: legal scrivenery or envelope addressing: biweekly
[28510]    visits to variety entertainments: commercial activity as pleasantly
[28511]    commanding and pleasingly obeyed mistress proprietress in a cool dairy
[28512]    shop or warm cigar divan: the clandestine satisfaction of erotic
[28513]    irritation in masculine brothels, state inspected and medically
[28514]    controlled: social visits, at regular infrequent prevented intervals and
[28515]    with regular frequent preventive superintendence, to and from female
[28516]    acquaintances of recognised respectability in the vicinity: courses of
[28517]    evening instruction specially designed to render liberal instruction
[28518]    agreeable.
[28520]    What instances of deficient mental development in his wife inclined him
[28521]    in favour of the lastmentioned (ninth) solution?
[28523]    In disoccupied moments she had more than once covered a sheet of paper
[28524]    with signs and hieroglyphics which she stated were Greek and Irish and
[28525]    Hebrew characters. She had interrogated constantly at varying intervals
[28526]    as to the correct method of writing the capital initial of the name of a
[28527]    city in Canada, Quebec. She understood little of political complications,
[28528]    internal, or balance of power, external. In calculating the addenda of
[28529]    bills she frequently had recourse to digital aid. After completion of
[28530]    laconic epistolary compositions she abandoned the implement of
[28531]    calligraphy in the encaustic pigment, exposed to the corrosive action of
[28532]    copperas, green vitriol and nutgall. Unusual polysyllables of foreign
[28533]    origin she interpreted phonetically or by false analogy or by both:
[28534]    metempsychosis (met him pike hoses), ALIAS (a mendacious person mentioned
[28535]    in sacred scripture).
[28537]    What compensated in the false balance of her intelligence for these and
[28538]    such deficiencies of judgment regarding persons, places and things?
[28540]    The false apparent parallelism of all perpendicular arms of all balances,
[28541]    proved true by construction. The counterbalance of her proficiency of
[28542]    judgment regarding one person, proved true by experiment.
[28544]    How had he attempted to remedy this state of comparative ignorance?
[28546]    Variously. By leaving in a conspicuous place a certain book open at a
[28547]    certain page: by assuming in her, when alluding explanatorily, latent
[28548]    knowledge: by open ridicule in her presence of some absent other's
[28549]    ignorant lapse.
[28551]    With what success had he attempted direct instruction?
[28553]    She followed not all, a part of the whole, gave attention with interest
[28554]    comprehended with surprise, with care repeated, with greater difficulty
[28555]    remembered, forgot with ease, with misgiving reremembered, rerepeated
[28556]    with error.
[28558]    What system had proved more effective?
[28560]    Indirect suggestion implicating selfinterest.
[28562]    Example?
[28564]    She disliked umbrella with rain, he liked woman with umbrella, she
[28565]    disliked new hat with rain, he liked woman with new hat, he bought new
[28566]    hat with rain, she carried umbrella with new hat.
[28568]    Accepting the analogy implied in his guest's parable which examples of
[28569]    postexilic eminence did he adduce?
[28571]    Three seekers of the pure truth, Moses of Egypt, Moses Maimonides, author
[28572]    of MORE NEBUKIM (Guide of the Perplexed) and Moses Mendelssohn of such
[28573]    eminence that from Moses (of Egypt) to Moses (Mendelssohn) there arose
[28574]    none like Moses (Maimonides).
[28576]    What statement was made, under correction, by Bloom concerning a fourth
[28577]    seeker of pure truth, by name Aristotle, mentioned, with permission, by
[28578]    Stephen?
[28580]    That the seeker mentioned had been a pupil of a rabbinical philosopher,
[28581]    name uncertain.
[28583]    Were other anapocryphal illustrious sons of the law and children of a
[28584]    selected or rejected race mentioned?
[28586]    Felix Bartholdy Mendelssohn (composer), Baruch Spinoza (philosopher),
[28587]    Mendoza (pugilist), Ferdinand Lassalle (reformer, duellist).
[28589]    What fragments of verse from the ancient Hebrew and ancient Irish
[28590]    languages were cited with modulations of voice and translation of texts
[28591]    by guest to host and by host to guest?
[28594]    (walk, walk, walk your way, walk in safety, walk with care).
[28596]    By Bloom: KIFELOCH, HARIMON RAKATEJCH M'BAAD L'ZAMATEJCH (thy temple amid
[28597]    thy hair is as a slice of pomegranate).
[28599]    How was a glyphic comparison of the phonic symbols of both languages made
[28600]    in substantiation of the oral comparison?
[28602]    By juxtaposition. On the penultimate blank page of a book of inferior
[28603]    literary style, entituled SWEETS OF SIN (produced by Bloom and so
[28604]    manipulated that its front cover carne in contact with the surface of the
[28605]    table) with a pencil (supplied by Stephen) Stephen wrote the Irish
[28606]    characters for gee, eh, dee, em, simple and modified, and Bloom in turn
[28607]    wrote the Hebrew characters ghimel, aleph, daleth and (in the absence of
[28608]    mem) a substituted qoph, explaining their arithmetical values as ordinal
[28609]    and cardinal numbers, videlicet 3, 1, 4, and 100.
[28611]    Was the knowledge possessed by both of each of these languages, the
[28612]    extinct and the revived, theoretical or practical?
[28614]    Theoretical, being confined to certain grammatical rules of accidence and
[28615]    syntax and practically excluding vocabulary.
[28617]    What points of contact existed between these languages and between the
[28618]    peoples who spoke them?
[28620]    The presence of guttural sounds, diacritic aspirations, epenthetic and
[28621]    servile letters in both languages: their antiquity, both having been
[28622]    taught on the plain of Shinar 242 years after the deluge in the seminary
[28623]    instituted by Fenius Farsaigh, descendant of Noah, progenitor of Israel,
[28624]    and ascendant of Heber and Heremon, progenitors of Ireland: their
[28625]    archaeological, genealogical, hagiographical, exegetical, homiletic,
[28626]    toponomastic, historical and religious literatures comprising the works
[28627]    of rabbis and culdees, Torah, Talmud (Mischna and Ghemara), Massor,
[28628]    Pentateuch, Book of the Dun Cow, Book of Ballymote, Garland of Howth,
[28629]    Book of Kells: their dispersal, persecution, survival and revival: the
[28630]    isolation of their synagogical and ecclesiastical rites in ghetto (S.
[28631]    Mary's Abbey) and masshouse (Adam and Eve's tavern): the proscription of
[28632]    their national costumes in penal laws and jewish dress acts: the
[28633]    restoration in Chanah David of Zion and the possibility of Irish
[28634]    political autonomy or devolution.
[28636]    What anthem did Bloom chant partially in anticipation of that multiple,
[28637]    ethnically irreducible consummation?
[28641]        NEFESCH, JEHUDI, HOMIJAH.
[28644]    Why was the chant arrested at the conclusion of this first distich?
[28646]    In consequence of defective mnemotechnic.
[28649]    How did the chanter compensate for this deficiency?
[28651]    By a periphrastic version of the general text.
[28654]    In what common study did their mutual reflections merge?
[28656]    The increasing simplification traceable from the Egyptian epigraphic
[28657]    hieroglyphs to the Greek and Roman alphabets and the anticipation of
[28658]    modern stenography and telegraphic code in the cuneiform inscriptions
[28659]    (Semitic) and the virgular quinquecostate ogham writing (Celtic). Did the
[28660]    guest comply with his host's request?
[28662]    Doubly, by appending his signature in Irish and Roman characters.
[28665]    What was Stephen's auditive sensation?
[28667]    He heard in a profound ancient male unfamiliar melody the accumulation of
[28668]    the past.
[28671]    What was Bloom's visual sensation?
[28673]    He saw in a quick young male familiar form the predestination of a future.
[28676]    What were Stephen's and Bloom's quasisimultaneous volitional
[28677]    quasisensations of concealed identities?
[28679]    Visually, Stephen's: The traditional figure of hypostasis, depicted by
[28680]    Johannes Damascenus, Lentulus Romanus and Epiphanius Monachus as
[28681]    leucodermic, sesquipedalian with winedark hair. Auditively, Bloom's: The
[28682]    traditional accent of the ecstasy of catastrophe.
[28684]    What future careers had been possible for Bloom in the past and with what
[28685]    exemplars?
[28687]    In the church, Roman, Anglican or Nonconformist: exemplars, the very
[28688]    reverend John Conmee S. J., the reverend T. Salmon, D. D., provost of
[28689]    Trinity college, Dr Alexander J. Dowie. At the bar, English or Irish:
[28690]    exemplars, Seymour Bushe, K. C., Rufus Isaacs, K. C. On the stage modern
[28691]    or Shakespearean: exemplars, Charles Wyndham, high comedian Osmond Tearle
[28692]    (died 1901), exponent of Shakespeare.
[28694]    Did the host encourage his guest to chant in a modulated voice a strange
[28695]    legend on an allied theme?
[28697]    Reassuringly, their place, where none could hear them talk, being
[28698]    secluded, reassured, the decocted beverages, allowing for subsolid
[28699]    residual sediment of a mechanical mixture, water plus sugar plus cream
[28700]    plus cocoa, having been consumed.
[28702]    Recite the first (major) part of this chanted legend.
[28706]        WENT OUT FOR TO PLAY BALL.
[28713]    How did the son of Rudolph receive this first part?
[28715]    With unmixed feeling. Smiling, a jew he heard with pleasure and saw the
[28716]    unbroken kitchen window.
[28718]    Recite the second part (minor) of the legend.
[28724]        AND PLAY YOUR BALL AGAIN."
[28729]        HE'D MAKE IT A SORRY BALL."
[28733]        UNTIL SHE LED HIM TO A ROOM
[28739]        FOR HE LIES AMONG THE DEAD.
[28742]    How did the father of Millicent receive this second part?
[28744]    With mixed feelings. Unsmiling, he heard and saw with wonder a jew's
[28745]    daughter, all dressed in green.
[28747]    Condense Stephen's commentary.
[28749]    One of all, the least of all, is the victim predestined. Once by
[28750]    inadvertence twice by design he challenges his destiny. It comes when he
[28751]    is abandoned and challenges him reluctant and, as an apparition of hope
[28752]    and youth, holds him unresisting. It leads him to a strange habitation,
[28753]    to a secret infidel apartment, and there, implacable, immolates him,
[28754]    consenting.
[28756]    Why was the host (victim predestined) sad?
[28758]    He wished that a tale of a deed should be told of a deed not by him
[28759]    should by him not be told.
[28761]    Why was the host (reluctant, unresisting) still?
[28763]    In accordance with the law of the conservation of energy.
[28765]    Why was the host (secret infidel) silent?
[28767]    He weighed the possible evidences for and against ritual murder: the
[28768]    incitations of the hierarchy, the superstition of the populace, the
[28769]    propagation of rumour in continued fraction of veridicity, the envy of
[28770]    opulence, the influence of retaliation, the sporadic reappearance of
[28771]    atavistic delinquency, the mitigating circumstances of fanaticism,
[28772]    hypnotic suggestion and somnambulism.
[28774]    From which (if any) of these mental or physical disorders was he not
[28775]    totally immune?
[28777]    From hypnotic suggestion: once, waking, he had not recognised his
[28778]    sleeping apartment: more than once, waking, he had been for an indefinite
[28779]    time incapable of moving or uttering sounds. From somnambulism: once,
[28780]    sleeping, his body had risen, crouched and crawled in the direction of a
[28781]    heatless fire and, having attained its destination, there, curled,
[28782]    unheated, in night attire had lain, sleeping.
[28784]    Had this latter or any cognate phenomenon declared itself in any member
[28785]    of his family?
[28787]    Twice, in Holles street and in Ontario terrace, his daughter Millicent
[28788]    (Milly) at the ages of 6 and 8 years had uttered in sleep an exclamation
[28789]    of terror and had replied to the interrogations of two figures in night
[28790]    attire with a vacant mute expression.
[28792]    What other infantile memories had he of her?
[28794]    15 June 1889. A querulous newborn female infant crying to cause and
[28795]    lessen congestion. A child renamed Padney Socks she shook with shocks her
[28796]    moneybox: counted his three free moneypenny buttons, one, tloo, tlee: a
[28797]    doll, a boy, a sailor she cast away: blond, born of two dark, she had
[28798]    blond ancestry, remote, a violation, Herr Hauptmann Hainau, Austrian
[28799]    army, proximate, a hallucination, lieutenant Mulvey, British navy.
[28801]    What endemic characteristics were present?
[28803]    Conversely the nasal and frontal formation was derived in a direct line
[28804]    of lineage which, though interrupted, would continue at distant intervals
[28805]    to more distant intervals to its most distant intervals.
[28807]    What memories had he of her adolescence?
[28809]    She relegated her hoop and skippingrope to a recess. On the duke's lawn,
[28810]    entreated by an English visitor, she declined to permit him to make and
[28811]    take away her photographic image (objection not stated). On the South
[28812]    Circular road in the company of Elsa Potter, followed by an individual of
[28813]    sinister aspect, she went half way down Stamer street and turned abruptly
[28814]    back (reason of change not stated). On the vigil of the 15th anniversary
[28815]    of her birth she wrote a letter from Mullingar, county Westmeath, making
[28816]    a brief allusion to a local student (faculty and year not stated).
[28818]    Did that first division, portending a second division, afflict him?
[28820]    Less than he had imagined, more than he had hoped.
[28822]    What second departure was contemporaneously perceived by him similarly,
[28823]    if differently?
[28825]    A temporary departure of his cat.
[28827]    Why similarly, why differently?
[28829]    Similarly, because actuated by a secret purpose the quest of a new male
[28831]    (Mullingar student) or of a healing herb (valerian). Differently, because
[28832]    of different possible returns to the inhabitants or to the habitation.
[28834]    In other respects were their differences similar?
[28836]    In passivity, in economy, in the instinct of tradition, in
[28837]    unexpectedness.
[28839]    As?
[28841]    Inasmuch as leaning she sustained her blond hair for him to ribbon it for
[28842]    her (cf neckarching cat). Moreover, on the free surface of the lake in
[28843]    Stephen's green amid inverted reflections of trees her uncommented spit,
[28844]    describing concentric circles of waterrings, indicated by the constancy
[28845]    of its permanence the locus of a somnolent prostrate fish (cf
[28846]    mousewatching cat).
[28848]    Again, in order to remember the date, combatants, issue and consequences
[28849]    of a famous military engagement she pulled a plait of her hair (cf
[28850]    earwashing cat). Furthermore, silly Milly, she dreamed of having had an
[28851]    unspoken unremembered conversation with a horse whose name had been
[28852]    Joseph to whom (which) she had offered a tumblerful of lemonade which it
[28853]    (he) had appeared to have accepted (cf hearthdreaming cat). Hence, in
[28854]    passivity, in economy, in the instinct of tradition, in unexpectedness,
[28855]    their differences were similar.
[28857]    In what way had he utilised gifts 1) an owl, 2) a clock, given as
[28858]    matrimonial auguries, to interest and to instruct her?
[28860]    As object lessons to explain: 1) the nature and habits of oviparous
[28861]    animals, the possibility of aerial flight, certain abnormalities of
[28862]    vision, the secular process of imbalsamation: 2) the principle of the
[28863]    pendulum, exemplified in bob, wheelgear and regulator, the translation in
[28864]    terms of human or social regulation of the various positions of clockwise
[28865]    moveable indicators on an unmoving dial, the exactitude of the recurrence
[28866]    per hour of an instant in each hour when the longer and the shorter
[28867]    indicator were at the same angle of inclination, VIDELICET, 5 5/11
[28868]    minutes past each hour per hour in arithmetical progression.
[28870]    In what manners did she reciprocate?
[28872]    She remembered: on the 27th anniversary of his birth she presented to him
[28873]    a breakfast moustachecup of imitation Crown Derby porcelain ware. She
[28874]    provided: at quarter day or thereabouts if or when purchases had been
[28875]    made by him not for her she showed herself attentive to his necessities,
[28876]    anticipating his desires. She admired: a natural phenomenon having been
[28877]    explained by him to her she expressed the immediate desire to possess
[28878]    without gradual acquisition a fraction of his science, the moiety, the
[28879]    quarter, a thousandth part.
[28881]    What proposal did Bloom, diambulist, father of Milly, somnambulist, make
[28882]    to Stephen, noctambulist?
[28884]    To pass in repose the hours intervening between Thursday (proper) and
[28885]    Friday (normal) on an extemporised cubicle in the apartment immediately
[28886]    above the kitchen and immediately adjacent to the sleeping apartment of
[28887]    his host and hostess.
[28889]    What various advantages would or might have resulted from a prolongation
[28890]    of such an extemporisation?
[28892]    For the guest: security of domicile and seclusion of study. For the host:
[28893]    rejuvenation of intelligence, vicarious satisfaction. For the hostess:
[28894]    disintegration of obsession, acquisition of correct Italian
[28895]    pronunciation.
[28897]    Why might these several provisional contingencies between a guest and a
[28898]    hostess not necessarily preclude or be precluded by a permanent
[28899]    eventuality of reconciliatory union between a schoolfellow and a jew's
[28900]    daughter?
[28902]    Because the way to daughter led through mother, the way to mother through
[28903]    daughter.
[28905]    To what inconsequent polysyllabic question of his host did the guest
[28906]    return a monosyllabic negative answer?
[28908]    If he had known the late Mrs Emily Sinico, accidentally killed at Sydney
[28909]    Parade railway station, 14 October 1903.
[28911]    What inchoate corollary statement was consequently suppressed by the
[28912]    host?
[28914]    A statement explanatory of his absence on the occasion of the interment
[28915]    of Mrs Mary Dedalus (born Goulding), 26 June 1903, vigil of the
[28916]    anniversary of the decease of Rudolph Bloom (born Virag).
[28918]    Was the proposal of asylum accepted?
[28920]    Promptly, inexplicably, with amicability, gratefully it was declined.
[28921]    What exchange of money took place between host and guest?
[28923]    The former returned to the latter, without interest, a sum of money
[28924]    (1-7-0), one pound seven shillings sterling, advanced by the latter to
[28925]    the former.
[28927]    What counterproposals were alternately advanced, accepted, modified,
[28928]    declined, restated in other terms, reaccepted, ratified, reconfirmed?
[28930]    To inaugurate a prearranged course of Italian instruction, place the
[28931]    residence of the instructed. To inaugurate a course of vocal instruction,
[28932]    place the residence of the instructress. To inaugurate a series of static
[28933]    semistatic and peripatetic intellectual dialogues, places the residence
[28934]    of both speakers (if both speakers were resident in the same place), the
[28935]    Ship hotel and tavern, 6 Lower Abbey street (W. and E. Connery,
[28936]    proprietors), the National Library of Ireland, 10 Kildare street, the
[28937]    National Maternity Hospital, 29, 30 and 31 Holles street, a public
[28938]    garden, the vicinity of a place of worship, a conjunction of two or more
[28939]    public thoroughfares, the point of bisection of a right line drawn
[28940]    between their residences (if both speakers were resident in different
[28941]    places).
[28943]    What rendered problematic for Bloom the realisation of these mutually
[28944]    selfexcluding propositions?
[28946]    The irreparability of the past: once at a performance of Albert Hengler's
[28947]    circus in the Rotunda, Rutland square, Dublin, an intuitive particoloured
[28948]    clown in quest of paternity had penetrated from the ring to a place in
[28949]    the auditorium where Bloom, solitary, was seated and had publicly
[28950]    declared to an exhilarated audience that he (Bloom) was his (the clown's)
[28951]    papa. The imprevidibility of the future: once in the summer of 1898 he
[28952]    (Bloom) had marked a florin (2/-) with three notches on the milled edge
[28953]    and tendered it m payment of an account due to and received by J. and T.
[28954]    Davy, family grocers, 1 Charlemont Mall, Grand Canal, for circulation on
[28955]    the waters of civic finance, for possible, circuitous or direct, return.
[28957]    Was the clown Bloom's son?
[28959]    No.
[28961]    Had Bloom's coin returned?
[28963]    Never.
[28965]    Why would a recurrent frustration the more depress him?
[28967]    Because at the critical turningpoint of human existence he desired to
[28968]    amend many social conditions, the product of inequality and avarice and
[28969]    international animosity.
[28971]    He believed then that human life was infinitely perfectible, eliminating
[28972]    these conditions?
[28974]    There remained the generic conditions imposed by natural, as distinct
[28975]    from human law, as integral parts of the human whole: the necessity of
[28976]    destruction to procure alimentary sustenance: the painful character of
[28977]    the ultimate functions of separate existence, the agonies of birth and
[28978]    death: the monotonous menstruation of simian and (particularly) human
[28979]    females extending from the age of puberty to the menopause: inevitable
[28980]    accidents at sea, in mines and factories: certain very painful maladies
[28981]    and their resultant surgical operations, innate lunacy and congenital
[28982]    criminality, decimating epidemics: catastrophic cataclysms which make
[28983]    terror the basis of human mentality: seismic upheavals the epicentres of
[28984]    which are located in densely populated regions: the fact of vital growth,
[28985]    through convulsions of metamorphosis, from infancy through maturity to
[28986]    decay.
[28988]    Why did he desist from speculation?
[28990]    Because it was a task for a superior intelligence to substitute other
[28991]    more acceptable phenomena in the place of the less acceptable phenomena
[28992]    to be removed.
[28994]    Did Stephen participate in his dejection?
[28996]    He affirmed his significance as a conscious rational animal proceeding
[28997]    syllogistically from the known to the unknown and a conscious rational
[28998]    reagent between a micro and a macrocosm ineluctably constructed upon the
[28999]    incertitude of the void.
[29001]    Was this affirmation apprehended by Bloom?
[29003]    Not verbally. Substantially.
[29005]    What comforted his misapprehension?
[29007]    That as a competent keyless citizen he had proceeded energetically from
[29008]    the unknown to the known through the incertitude of the void.
[29010]    In what order of precedence, with what attendant ceremony was the exodus
[29011]    from the house of bondage to the wilderness of inhabitation effected?
[29014]    Lighted Candle in Stick borne by
[29015]    BLOOM
[29016]    Diaconal Hat on Ashplant borne by
[29017]    STEPHEN:
[29020]    With what intonation secreto of what commemorative psalm?
[29023]    POPULO BARBARO.
[29026]    What did each do at the door of egress?
[29028]    Bloom set the candlestick on the floor. Stephen put the hat on his head.
[29031]    For what creature was the door of egress a door of ingress?
[29033]    For a cat.
[29036]    What spectacle confronted them when they, first the host, then the guest,
[29037]    emerged silently, doubly dark, from obscurity by a passage from the rere
[29038]    of the house into the penumbra of the garden?
[29040]    The heaventree of stars hung with humid nightblue fruit.
[29042]    With what meditations did Bloom accompany his demonstration to his
[29043]    companion of various constellations?
[29045]    Meditations of evolution increasingly vaster: of the moon invisible in
[29046]    incipient lunation, approaching perigee: of the infinite lattiginous
[29047]    scintillating uncondensed milky way, discernible by daylight by an
[29048]    observer placed at the lower end of a cylindrical vertical shaft 5000 ft
[29049]    deep sunk from the surface towards the centre of the earth: of Sirius
[29050]    (alpha in Canis Maior) 10 lightyears (57,000,000,000,000 miles) distant
[29051]    and in volume 900 times the dimension of our planet: of Arcturus: of the
[29052]    precession of equinoxes: of Orion with belt and sextuple sun theta and
[29053]    nebula in which 100 of our solar systems could be contained: of moribund
[29054]    and of nascent new stars such as Nova in 1901: of our system plunging
[29055]    towards the constellation of Hercules: of the parallax or parallactic
[29056]    drift of socalled fixed stars, in reality evermoving wanderers from
[29057]    immeasurably remote eons to infinitely remote futures in comparison with
[29058]    which the years, threescore and ten, of allotted human life formed a
[29059]    parenthesis of infinitesimal brevity.
[29061]    Were there obverse meditations of involution increasingly less vast?
[29063]    Of the eons of geological periods recorded in the stratifications of the
[29064]    earth: of the myriad minute entomological organic existences concealed in
[29065]    cavities of the earth, beneath removable stones, in hives and mounds, of
[29066]    microbes, germs, bacteria, bacilli, spermatozoa: of the incalculable
[29067]    trillions of billions of millions of imperceptible molecules contained by
[29068]    cohesion of molecular affinity in a single pinhead: of the universe of
[29069]    human serum constellated with red and white bodies, themselves universes
[29070]    of void space constellated with other bodies, each, in continuity, its
[29071]    universe of divisible component bodies of which each was again divisible
[29072]    in divisions of redivisible component bodies, dividends and divisors ever
[29073]    diminishing without actual division till, if the progress were carried
[29074]    far enough, nought nowhere was never reached.
[29076]    Why did he not elaborate these calculations to a more precise result?
[29078]    Because some years previously in 1886 when occupied with the problem of
[29079]    the quadrature of the circle he had learned of .the existence of a number
[29080]    computed to a relative degree of accuracy to be of such magnitude and of
[29081]    so many places, e.g., the 9th power of the 9th power of 9, that, the
[29082]    result having been obtained, 33 closely printed volumes of 1000 pages
[29083]    each of innumerable quires and reams of India paper would have to be
[29084]    requisitioned in order to contain the complete tale of its printed
[29085]    integers of units, tens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds
[29086]    of thousands, millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions, billions,
[29087]    the nucleus of the nebula of every digit of every series containing
[29088]    succinctly the potentiality of being raised to the utmost kinetic
[29089]    elaboration of any power of any of its powers.
[29091]    Did he find the problems of the inhabitability of the planets and their
[29092]    satellites by a race, given in species, and of the possible social and
[29093]    moral redemption of said race by a redeemer, easier of solution?
[29095]    Of a different order of difficulty. Conscious that the human organism,
[29096]    normally capable of sustaining an atmospheric pressure of 19 tons, when
[29097]    elevated to a considerable altitude in the terrestrial atmosphere
[29098]    suffered with arithmetical progression of intensity, according as the
[29099]    line of demarcation between troposphere and stratosphere was approximated
[29100]    from nasal hemorrhage, impeded respiration and vertigo, when proposing
[29101]    this problem for solution, he had conjectured as a working hypothesis
[29102]    which could not be proved impossible that a more adaptable and
[29103]    differently anatomically constructed race of beings might subsist
[29104]    otherwise under Martian, Mercurial, Veneral, Jovian, Saturnian, Neptunian
[29105]    or Uranian sufficient and equivalent conditions, though an apogean
[29106]    humanity of beings created in varying forms with finite differences
[29107]    resulting similar to the whole and to one another would probably there as
[29108]    here remain inalterably and inalienably attached to vanities, to vanities
[29109]    of vanities and to all that is vanity.
[29111]    And the problem of possible redemption?
[29113]    The minor was proved by the major.
[29115]    Which various features of the constellations were in turn considered?
[29117]    The various colours significant of various degrees of vitality (white,
[29118]    yellow, crimson, vermilion, cinnabar): their degrees of brilliancy: their
[29119]    magnitudes revealed up to and including the 7th: their positions: the
[29120]    waggoner's star: Walsingham way: the chariot of David: the annular
[29121]    cinctures of Saturn: the condensation of spiral nebulae into suns: the
[29122]    interdependent gyrations of double suns: the independent synchronous
[29123]    discoveries of Galileo, Simon Marius, Piazzi, Le Verrier, Herschel,
[29124]    Galle: the systematisations attempted by Bode and Kepler of cubes of
[29125]    distances and squares of times of revolution: the almost infinite
[29126]    compressibility of hirsute comets and their vast elliptical egressive and
[29127]    reentrant orbits from perihelion to aphelion: the sidereal origin of
[29128]    meteoric stones: the Libyan floods on Mars about the period of the birth
[29129]    of the younger astroscopist: the annual recurrence of meteoric showers
[29130]    about the period of the feast of S. Lawrence (martyr, lo August): the
[29131]    monthly recurrence known as the new moon with the old moon in her arms:
[29132]    the posited influence of celestial on human bodies: the appearance of a
[29133]    star (1st magnitude) of exceeding brilliancy dominating by night and day
[29134]    (a new luminous sun generated by the collision and amalgamation in
[29135]    incandescence of two nonluminous exsuns) about the period of the birth of
[29136]    William Shakespeare over delta in the recumbent neversetting
[29137]    constellation of Cassiopeia and of a star (2nd magnitude) of similar
[29138]    origin but of lesser brilliancy which had appeared in and disappeared
[29139]    from the constellation of the Corona Septentrionalis about the period of
[29140]    the birth of Leopold Bloom and of other stars of (presumably) similar
[29141]    origin which had (effectively or presumably) appeared in and disappeared
[29142]    from the constellation of Andromeda about the period of the birth of
[29143]    Stephen Dedalus, and in and from the constellation of Auriga some years
[29144]    after the birth and death of Rudolph Bloom, junior, and in and from other
[29145]    constellations some years before or after the birth or death of other
[29146]    persons: the attendant phenomena of eclipses, solar and lunar, from
[29147]    immersion to emersion, abatement of wind, transit of shadow, taciturnity
[29148]    of winged creatures, emergence of nocturnal or crepuscular animals,
[29149]    persistence of infernal light, obscurity of terrestrial waters, pallor of
[29150]    human beings.
[29152]    His (Bloom's) logical conclusion, having weighed the matter and allowing
[29153]    for possible error?
[29155]    That it was not a heaventree, not a heavengrot, not a heavenbeast, not a
[29156]    heavenman. That it was a Utopia, there being no known method from the
[29157]    known to the unknown: an infinity renderable equally finite by the
[29158]    suppositious apposition of one or more bodies equally of the same and of
[29159]    different magnitudes: a mobility of illusory forms immobilised in space,
[29160]    remobilised in air: a past which possibly had ceased to exist as a
[29161]    present before its probable spectators had entered actual present
[29162]    existence.
[29164]    Was he more convinced of the esthetic value of the spectacle?
[29166]    Indubitably in consequence of the reiterated examples of poets in the
[29167]    delirium of the frenzy of attachment or in the abasement of rejection
[29168]    invoking ardent sympathetic constellations or the frigidity of the
[29169]    satellite of their planet.
[29171]    Did he then accept as an article of belief the theory of astrological
[29172]    influences upon sublunary disasters?
[29174]    It seemed to him as possible of proof as of confutation and the
[29175]    nomenclature employed in its selenographical charts as attributable to
[29176]    verifiable intuition as to fallacious analogy: the lake of dreams, the
[29177]    sea of rains, the gulf of dews, the ocean of fecundity.
[29179]    What special affinities appeared to him to exist between the moon and
[29180]    woman?
[29182]    Her antiquity in preceding and surviving successive tellurian
[29183]    generations: her nocturnal predominance: her satellitic dependence: her
[29184]    luminary reflection: her constancy under all her phases, rising and
[29185]    setting by her appointed times, waxing and waning: the forced
[29186]    invariability of her aspect: her indeterminate response to inaffirmative
[29187]    interrogation: her potency over effluent and refluent waters: her power
[29188]    to enamour, to mortify, to invest with beauty, to render insane, to
[29189]    incite to and aid delinquency: the tranquil inscrutability of her visage:
[29190]    the terribility of her isolated dominant implacable resplendent
[29191]    propinquity: her omens of tempest and of calm: the stimulation of her
[29192]    light, her motion and her presence: the admonition of her craters, her
[29193]    arid seas, her silence: her splendour, when visible: her attraction, when
[29194]    invisible.
[29196]    What visible luminous sign attracted Bloom's, who attracted Stephen's,
[29197]    gaze?
[29199]    In the second storey (rere) of his (Bloom's) house the light of a
[29200]    paraffin oil lamp with oblique shade projected on a screen of roller
[29201]    blind supplied by Frank O'Hara, window blind, curtain pole and revolving
[29202]    shutter manufacturer, 16 Aungier street.
[29204]    How did he elucidate the mystery of an invisible attractive person, his
[29205]    wife Marion (Molly) Bloom, denoted by a visible splendid sign, a lamp?
[29207]    With indirect and direct verbal allusions or affirmations: with subdued
[29208]    affection and admiration: with description: with impediment: with
[29209]    suggestion.
[29211]    Both then were silent?
[29213]    Silent, each contemplating the other in both mirrors of the reciprocal
[29214]    flesh of theirhisnothis fellowfaces.
[29216]    Were they indefinitely inactive?
[29218]    At Stephen's suggestion, at Bloom's instigation both, first Stephen, then
[29219]    Bloom, in penumbra urinated, their sides contiguous, their organs of
[29220]    micturition reciprocally rendered invisible by manual circumposition,
[29221]    their gazes, first Bloom's, then Stephen's, elevated to the projected
[29222]    luminous and semiluminous shadow.
[29224]    Similarly?
[29226]    The trajectories of their, first sequent, then simultaneous, urinations
[29227]    were dissimilar: Bloom's longer, less irruent, in the incomplete form of
[29228]    the bifurcated penultimate alphabetical letter, who in his ultimate year
[29229]    at High School (1880) had been capable of attaining the point of greatest
[29230]    altitude against the whole concurrent strength of the institution, 210
[29231]    scholars: Stephen's higher, more sibilant, who in the ultimate hours of
[29232]    the previous day had augmented by diuretic consumption an insistent
[29233]    vesical pressure.
[29235]    What different problems presented themselves to each concerning the
[29236]    invisible audible collateral organ of the other?
[29238]    To Bloom: the problems of irritability, tumescence, rigidity, reactivity,
[29239]    dimension, sanitariness, pilosity.
[29241]    To Stephen: the problem of the sacerdotal integrity of Jesus circumcised
[29242]    (I January, holiday of obligation to hear mass and abstain from
[29243]    unnecessary servile work) and the problem as to whether the divine
[29244]    prepuce, the carnal bridal ring of the holy Roman catholic apostolic
[29245]    church, conserved in Calcata, were deserving of simple hyperduly or of
[29246]    the fourth degree of latria accorded to the abscission of such divine
[29247]    excrescences as hair and toenails.
[29249]    What celestial sign was by both simultaneously observed?
[29251]    A star precipitated with great apparent velocity across the firmament
[29252]    from Vega in the Lyre above the zenith beyond the stargroup of the Tress
[29253]    of Berenice towards the zodiacal sign of Leo.
[29255]    How did the centripetal remainer afford egress to the centrifugal
[29256]    departer?
[29258]    By inserting the barrel of an arruginated male key in the hole of an
[29259]    unstable female lock, obtaining a purchase on the bow of the key and
[29260]    turning its wards from right to left, withdrawing a bolt from its staple,
[29261]    pulling inward spasmodically an obsolescent unhinged door and revealing
[29262]    an aperture for free egress and free ingress.
[29264]    How did they take leave, one of the other, in separation?
[29266]    Standing perpendicular at the same door and on different sides of its
[29267]    base, the lines of their valedictory arms, meeting at any point and
[29268]    forming any angle less than the sum of two right angles.
[29270]    What sound accompanied the union of their tangent, the disunion of their
[29271]    (respectively) centrifugal and centripetal hands?
[29273]    The sound of the peal of the hour of the night by the chime of the bells
[29274]    in the church of Saint George.
[29276]    What echoes of that sound were by both and each heard?
[29278]    By Stephen:
[29285]    By Bloom:
[29288]        HEIGHO, HEIGHO,
[29289]        HEIGHO, HEIGHO.
[29292]    Where were the several members of the company which with Bloom that day
[29293]    at the bidding of that peal had travelled from Sandymount in the south to
[29294]    Glasnevin in the north?
[29296]    Martin Cunningham (in bed), Jack Power (in bed), Simon Dedalus (in bed),
[29297]    Ned Lambert (in bed), Tom Kernan (in bed), Joe Hynes (in bed), John Henry
[29298]    Menton (in bed), Bernard Corrigan (in bed), Patsy Dignam (in bed), Paddy
[29299]    Dignam (in the grave).
[29301]    Alone, what did Bloom hear?
[29303]    The double reverberation of retreating feet on the heavenborn earth, the
[29304]    double vibration of a jew's harp in the resonant lane.
[29306]    Alone, what did Bloom feel?
[29308]    The cold of interstellar space, thousands of degrees below freezing point
[29309]    or the absolute zero of Fahrenheit, Centigrade or Reaumur: the incipient
[29310]    intimations of proximate dawn.
[29312]    Of what did bellchime and handtouch and footstep and lonechill remind
[29313]    him?
[29315]    Of companions now in various manners in different places defunct: Percy
[29316]    Apjohn (killed in action, Modder River), Philip Gilligan (phthisis,
[29317]    Jervis Street hospital), Matthew F. Kane (accidental drowning, Dublin
[29318]    Bay), Philip Moisel (pyemia, Heytesbury street), Michael Hart (phthisis,
[29319]    Mater Misericordiae hospital), Patrick Dignam (apoplexy, Sandymount).
[29321]    What prospect of what phenomena inclined him to remain?
[29323]    The disparition of three final stars, the diffusion of daybreak, the
[29324]    apparition of a new solar disk.
[29326]    Had he ever been a spectator of those phenomena?
[29328]    Once, in 1887, after a protracted performance of charades in the house of
[29329]    Luke Doyle, Kimmage, he had awaited with patience the apparition of the
[29330]    diurnal phenomenon, seated on a wall, his gaze turned in the direction of
[29331]    Mizrach, the east.
[29333]    He remembered the initial paraphenomena?
[29335]    More active air, a matutinal distant cock, ecclesiastical clocks at
[29336]    various points, avine music, the isolated tread of an early wayfarer, the
[29337]    visible diffusion of the light of an invisible luminous body, the first
[29338]    golden limb of the resurgent sun perceptible low on the horizon.
[29340]    Did he remain?
[29342]    With deep inspiration he returned, retraversing the garden, reentering
[29343]    the passage, reclosing the door. With brief suspiration he reassumed the
[29344]    candle, reascended the stairs, reapproached the door of the front room,
[29345]    hallfloor, and reentered.
[29347]    What suddenly arrested his ingress?
[29349]    The right temporal lobe of the hollow sphere of his cranium came into
[29350]    contact with a solid timber angle where, an infinitesimal but sensible
[29351]    fraction of a second later, a painful sensation was located in
[29352]    consequence of antecedent sensations transmitted and registered.
[29354]    Describe the alterations effected in the disposition of the articles of
[29355]    furniture.
[29357]    A sofa upholstered in prune plush had been translocated from opposite the
[29358]    door to the ingleside near the compactly furled Union Jack (an alteration
[29359]    which he had frequently intended to execute): the blue and white checker
[29360]    inlaid majolicatopped table had been placed opposite the door in the
[29361]    place vacated by the prune plush sofa: the walnut sideboard (a projecting
[29362]    angle of which had momentarily arrested his ingress) had been moved from
[29363]    its position beside the door to a more advantageous but more perilous
[29364]    position in front of the door: two chairs had been moved from right and
[29365]    left of the ingleside to the position originally occupied by the blue and
[29366]    white checker inlaid majolicatopped table.
[29368]    Describe them.
[29370]    One: a squat stuffed easychair, with stout arms extended and back slanted
[29371]    to the rere, which, repelled in recoil, had then upturned an irregular
[29372]    fringe of a rectangular rug and now displayed on its amply upholstered
[29373]    seat a centralised diffusing and diminishing discolouration. The other: a
[29374]    slender splayfoot chair of glossy cane curves, placed directly opposite
[29375]    the former, its frame from top to seat and from seat to base being
[29376]    varnished dark brown, its seat being a bright circle of white plaited
[29377]    rush.
[29379]    What significances attached to these two chairs?
[29381]    Significances of similitude, of posture, of symbolism, of circumstantial
[29382]    evidence, of testimonial supermanence.
[29384]    What occupied the position originally occupied by the sideboard?
[29386]    A vertical piano (Cadby) with exposed keyboard, its closed coffin
[29387]    supporting a pair of long yellow ladies' gloves and an emerald ashtray
[29388]    containing four consumed matches, a partly consumed cigarette and two
[29389]    discoloured ends of cigarettes, its musicrest supporting the music in the
[29390]    key of G natural for voice and piano of LOVE'S OLD SWEET SONG (words by
[29391]    G. Clifton Bingham, composed by J. L. Molloy, sung by Madam Antoinette
[29392]    Sterling) open at the last page with the final indications AD LIBITUM,
[29393]    FORTE, pedal, ANIMATO, sustained pedal, RITIRANDO, close.
[29395]    With what sensations did Bloom contemplate in rotation these objects?
[29397]    With strain, elevating a candlestick: with pain, feeling on his right
[29398]    temple a contused tumescence: with attention, focussing his gaze on a
[29399]    large dull passive and a slender bright active: with solicitation,
[29400]    bending and downturning the upturned rugfringe: with amusement,
[29401]    remembering Dr Malachi Mulligan's scheme of colour containing the
[29402]    gradation of green: with pleasure, repeating the words and antecedent act
[29403]    and perceiving through various channels of internal sensibility the
[29404]    consequent and concomitant tepid pleasant diffusion of gradual
[29405]    discolouration.
[29407]    His next proceeding?
[29409]    From an open box on the majolicatopped table he extracted a black
[29410]    diminutive cone, one inch in height, placed it on its circular base on a
[29411]    small tin plate, placed his candlestick on the right corner of the
[29412]    mantelpiece, produced from his waistcoat a folded page of prospectus
[29413]    (illustrated) entitled Agendath Netaim, unfolded the same, examined it
[29414]    superficially, rolled it into a thin cylinder, ignited it in the
[29415]    candleflame, applied it when ignited to the apex of the cone till the
[29416]    latter reached the stage of rutilance, placed the cylinder in the basin
[29417]    of the candlestick disposing its unconsumed part in such a manner as to
[29418]    facilitate total combustion.
[29420]    What followed this operation?
[29422]    The truncated conical crater summit of the diminutive volcano emitted a
[29423]    vertical and serpentine fume redolent of aromatic oriental incense.
[29425]    What homothetic objects, other than the candlestick, stood on the
[29426]    mantelpiece?
[29428]    A timepiece of striated Connemara marble, stopped at the hour of 4.46
[29429]    a.m. on the 21 March 1896, matrimonial gift of Matthew Dillon: a dwarf
[29430]    tree of glacial arborescence under a transparent bellshade, matrimonial
[29431]    gift of Luke and Caroline Doyle: an embalmed owl, matrimonial gift of
[29432]    Alderman John Hooper.
[29434]    What interchanges of looks took place between these three objects and
[29435]    Bloom?
[29437]    In the mirror of the giltbordered pierglass the undecorated back of the
[29438]    dwarf tree regarded the upright back of the embalmed owl. Before the
[29439]    mirror the matrimonial gift of Alderman John Hooper with a clear
[29440]    melancholy wise bright motionless compassionate gaze regarded Bloom while
[29441]    Bloom with obscure tranquil profound motionless compassionated gaze
[29442]    regarded the matrimonial gift of Luke and Caroline Doyle.
[29444]    What composite asymmetrical image in the mirror then attracted his
[29445]    attention?
[29447]    The image of a solitary (ipsorelative) mutable (aliorelative) man.
[29449]    Why solitary (ipsorelative)?
[29456]    Why mutable (aliorelative)?
[29458]    From infancy to maturity he had resembled his maternal procreatrix. From
[29459]    maturity to senility he would increasingly resemble his paternal
[29460]    procreator.
[29462]    What final visual impression was communicated to him by the mirror?
[29464]    The optical reflection of several inverted volumes improperly arranged
[29465]    and not in the order of their common letters with scintillating titles on
[29466]    the two bookshelves opposite.
[29469]    Catalogue these books.
[29472]    Denis Florence M'Carthy's POETICAL WORKS (copper beechleaf bookmark
[29473]      at p. 5).
[29474]    Shakespeare's WORKS (dark crimson morocco, goldtooled).
[29475]    THE USEFUL READY RECKONER (brown cloth).
[29476]    THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE COURT OF CHARLES II (red cloth, tooled
[29477]      binding).
[29478]    THE CHILD'S GUIDE (blue cloth).
[29479]    The Beauties of Killarney (wrappers).
[29480]    WHEN WE WERE BOYS by William O'Brien M. P. (green cloth, slightly faded,
[29481]      envelope bookmark at p. 217).
[29482]    THOUGHTS FROM SPINOZA (maroon leather).
[29483]    THE STORY OF THE HEAVENS by Sir Robert Ball (blue cloth).
[29484]    Ellis's THREE TRIPS TO MADAGASCAR (brown cloth, title obliterated).
[29485]    THE STARK-MUNRO LETTERS by A. Conan Doyle, property of the City of
[29486]      Dublin Public Library, 106 Capel street, lent 21 May (Whitsun Eve)
[29487]      1904, due 4 June 1904, 13 days overdue (black cloth binding, bearing
[29488]      white letternumber ticket).
[29489]    VOYAGES IN CHINA by "Viator" (recovered with brown paper, red ink title).
[29490]    PHILOSOPHY OF THE TALMUD (sewn pamphlet).
[29491]    Lockhart's LIFE OF NAPOLEON (cover wanting, marginal annotations,
[29492]      minimising victories, aggrandising defeats of the protagonist).
[29493]    SOLL UND HABEN by Gustav Freytag (black boards, Gothic characters,
[29494]      cigarette coupon bookmark at p. 24).
[29495]    Hozier's HISTORY OF THE RUSSO-TURKISH WAR (brown cloth, a volumes, with
[29496]      gummed label, Garrison Library, Governor's Parade, Gibraltar, on verso
[29497]      of cover).
[29498]    LAURENCE BLOOMFIELD IN IRELAND by William Allingham (second edition,
[29499]      green cloth, gilt trefoil design, previous owner's name on recto of
[29500]      flyleaf erased).
[29501]    A HANDBOOK OF ASTRONOMY (cover, brown leather, detached, S plates,
[29502]      antique letterpress long primer, author's footnotes nonpareil, marginal
[29503]      clues brevier, captions small pica).
[29504]    THE HIDDEN LIFE OF CHRIST (black boards).
[29505]    IN THE TRACK OF THE SUN (yellow cloth, titlepage missing, recurrent title
[29506]      intestation).
[29507]    PHYSICAL STRENGTH AND HOW TO OBTAIN IT by Eugen Sandow (red cloth).
[29508]    SHORT BUT YET PLAIN ELEMENTS OF GEOMETRY written in French by F. Ignat.
[29509]      Pardies and rendered into English by John Harris D. D. London,
[29510]      printed for R. Knaplock at the Bifhop's Head, MDCCXI, with dedicatory
[29511]      epiftle to his worthy friend Charles Cox, efquire, Member of
[29512]      Parliament for the burgh of Southwark and having ink calligraphed
[29513]      statement on the flyleaf certifying that the book was the property of
[29514]      Michael Gallagher, dated this 10th day of May 1822 and requefting the
[29515]      perfon who should find it, if the book should be loft or go aftray,
[29516]      to reftore it to Michael Gallagher, carpenter, Dufery Gate,
[29517]      Ennifcorthy, county Wicklow, the fineft place in the world.
[29520]    What reflections occupied his mind during the process of reversion of the
[29521]    inverted volumes?
[29523]    The necessity of order, a place for everything and everything in its
[29524]    place: the deficient appreciation of literature possessed by females: the
[29525]    incongruity of an apple incuneated in a tumbler and of an umbrella
[29526]    inclined in a closestool: the insecurity of hiding any secret document
[29527]    behind, beneath or between the pages of a book.
[29529]    Which volume was the largest in bulk?
[29533]    What among other data did the second volume of the work in question
[29534]    contain?
[29536]    The name of a decisive battle (forgotten), frequently remembered by a
[29537]    decisive officer, major Brian Cooper Tweedy (remembered).
[29539]    Why, firstly and secondly, did he not consult the work in question?
[29541]    Firstly, in order to exercise mnemotechnic: secondly, because after an
[29542]    interval of amnesia, when, seated at the central table, about to consult
[29543]    the work in question, he remembered by mnemotechnic the name of the
[29544]    military engagement, Plevna.
[29546]    What caused him consolation in his sitting posture?
[29548]    The candour, nudity, pose, tranquility, youth, grace, sex, counsel of a
[29549]    statue erect in the centre of the table, an image of Narcissus purchased
[29550]    by auction from P. A. Wren, 9 Bachelor's Walk.
[29552]    What caused him irritation in his sitting posture? Inhibitory pressure of
[29553]    collar (size 17) and waistcoat (5 buttons), two articles of clothing
[29554]    superfluous in the costume of mature males and inelastic to alterations
[29555]    of mass by expansion.
[29557]    How was the irritation allayed?
[29559]    He removed his collar, with contained black necktie and collapsible stud,
[29560]    from his neck to a position on the left of the table. He unbuttoned
[29561]    successively in reversed direction waistcoat, trousers, shirt and vest
[29562]    along the medial line of irregular incrispated black hairs extending in
[29563]    triangular convergence from the pelvic basin over the circumference of
[29564]    the abdomen and umbilicular fossicle along the medial line of nodes to
[29565]    the intersection of the sixth pectoral vertebrae, thence produced both
[29566]    ways at right angles and terminating in circles described about two
[29567]    equidistant points, right and left, on the summits of the mammary
[29568]    prominences. He unbraced successively each of six minus one braced
[29569]    trouser buttons, arranged in pairs, of which one incomplete.
[29571]    What involuntary actions followed?
[29573]    He compressed between 2 fingers the flesh circumjacent to a cicatrice in
[29574]    the left infracostal region below the diaphragm resulting from a sting
[29575]    inflicted 2 weeks and 3 days previously (23 May 1904) by a bee. He
[29576]    scratched imprecisely with his right hand, though insensible of
[29577]    prurition, various points and surfaces of his partly exposed, wholly
[29578]    abluted skin. He inserted his left hand into the left lower pocket of his
[29579]    waistcoat and extracted and replaced a silver coin (I shilling), placed
[29580]    there (presumably) on the occasion (17 October 1903) of the interment of
[29581]    Mrs Emily Sinico, Sydney Parade.
[29583]    Compile the budget for 16 June 1904.
[29585]    DEBIT CREDIT
[29586]                             L--s--d L--s--d
[29587]    1 Pork kidney 0--0--3 Cash in Hand 0--4--9
[29588]    1 Copy FREEMAN'S JOURNAL 0--0--1 Commission recd FREEMAN'S JOURNAL 1--7--6
[29589]    1 Bath And Gratification 0--1--6 Loan (Stephen Dedalus) 1--7--0
[29590]    Tramfare 0--0--1
[29591]    1 In Memoriam
[29592]    Patrick Dignam 0--5--0
[29593]    2 Banbury cakes 0--0--1
[29594]    1 Lunch 0--0--7
[29595]    1 Renewal fee for book 0--1--0
[29596]    1 Packet Notepaper
[29597]    and Envelopes 0--0--2
[29598]    1 Dinner
[29599]    and Gratification 0--2--0
[29600]    I Postal Order
[29601]    and Stamp 0--2--8
[29602]    Tramfare 0--0--1
[29603]    1 Pig's Foot 0--0--4
[29604]    1 Sheep's Trotter 0--0--3
[29605]    1 Cake Fry's
[29606]    Plain Chocolate 0--0--1
[29607]    1 Square Soda Bread 0--0--4
[29608]    1 Coffee and Bun 0--0--4
[29609]    Loan (Stephen Dedalus)
[29610]    refunded 1--7--0
[29612]    BALANCE 0--17--5
[29613]                            2--19--3 2--19--3
[29616]    Did the process of divestiture continue?
[29618]    Sensible of a benignant persistent ache in his footsoles he extended his
[29619]    foot to one side and observed the creases, protuberances and salient
[29620]    points caused by foot pressure in the course of walking repeatedly in
[29621]    several different directions, then, inclined, he disnoded the laceknots,
[29622]    unhooked and loosened the laces, took off each of his two boots for the
[29623]    second time, detached the partially moistened right sock through the fore
[29624]    part of which the nail of his great toe had again effracted, raised his
[29625]    right foot and, having unhooked a purple elastic sock suspender, took off
[29626]    his right sock, placed his unclothed right foot on the margin of the seat
[29627]    of his chair, picked at and gently lacerated the protruding part of the
[29628]    great toenail, raised the part lacerated to his nostrils and inhaled the
[29629]    odour of the quick, then, with satisfaction, threw away the lacerated
[29630]    ungual fragment.
[29632]    Why with satisfaction?
[29634]    Because the odour inhaled corresponded to other odours inhaled of other
[29635]    ungual fragments, picked and lacerated by Master Bloom, pupil of Mrs
[29636]    Ellis's juvenile school, patiently each night in the act of brief
[29637]    genuflection and nocturnal prayer and ambitious meditation.
[29639]    In what ultimate ambition had all concurrent and consecutive ambitions
[29640]    now coalesced?
[29642]    Not to inherit by right of primogeniture, gavelkind or borough English,
[29643]    or possess in perpetuity an extensive demesne of a sufficient number of
[29644]    acres, roods and perches, statute land measure (valuation 42 pounds), of
[29645]    grazing turbary surrounding a baronial hall with gatelodge and carriage
[29646]    drive nor, on the other hand, a terracehouse or semidetached villa,
[29647]    described as RUS IN URBE or QUI SI SANA, but to purchase by private
[29648]    treaty in fee simple a thatched bungalowshaped 2 storey dwellinghouse of
[29649]    southerly aspect, surmounted by vane and lightning conductor, connected
[29650]    with the earth, with porch covered by parasitic plants (ivy or Virginia
[29651]    creeper), halldoor, olive green, with smart carriage finish and neat
[29652]    doorbrasses, stucco front with gilt tracery at eaves and gable, rising,
[29653]    if possible, upon a gentle eminence with agreeable prospect from balcony
[29654]    with stone pillar parapet over unoccupied and unoccupyable interjacent
[29655]    pastures and standing in 5 or 6 acres of its own ground, at such a
[29656]    distance from the nearest public thoroughfare as to render its
[29657]    houselights visible at night above and through a quickset hornbeam hedge
[29658]    of topiary cutting, situate at a given point not less than 1 statute mile
[29659]    from the periphery of the metropolis, within a time limit of not more
[29660]    than 15 minutes from tram or train line (e.g., Dundrum, south, or Sutton,
[29661]    north, both localities equally reported by trial to resemble the
[29662]    terrestrial poles in being favourable climates for phthisical subjects),
[29663]    the premises to be held under feefarm grant, lease 999 years, the
[29664]    messuage to consist of 1 drawingroom with baywindow (2 lancets),
[29665]    thermometer affixed, 1 sittingroom, 4 bedrooms, 2 servants' rooms, tiled
[29666]    kitchen with close range and scullery, lounge hall fitted with linen
[29667]    wallpresses, fumed oak sectional bookcase containing the Encyclopaedia
[29668]    Britannica and New Century Dictionary, transverse obsolete medieval and
[29669]    oriental weapons, dinner gong, alabaster lamp, bowl pendant, vulcanite
[29670]    automatic telephone receiver with adjacent directory, handtufted
[29671]    Axminster carpet with cream ground and trellis border, loo table with
[29672]    pillar and claw legs, hearth with massive firebrasses and ormolu mantel
[29673]    chronometer clock, guaranteed timekeeper with cathedral chime, barometer
[29674]    with hygrographic chart, comfortable lounge settees and corner fitments,
[29675]    upholstered in ruby plush with good springing and sunk centre, three
[29676]    banner Japanese screen and cuspidors (club style, rich winecoloured
[29677]    leather, gloss renewable with a minimum of labour by use of linseed oil
[29678]    and vinegar) and pyramidically prismatic central chandelier lustre,
[29679]    bentwood perch with fingertame parrot (expurgated language), embossed
[29680]    mural paper at 10/- per dozen with transverse swags of carmine floral
[29681]    design and top crown frieze, staircase, three continuous flights at
[29682]    successive right angles, of varnished cleargrained oak, treads and
[29683]    risers, newel, balusters and handrail, with steppedup panel dado, dressed
[29684]    with camphorated wax: bathroom, hot and cold supply, reclining and
[29685]    shower: water closet on mezzanine provided with opaque singlepane oblong
[29686]    window, tipup seat, bracket lamp, brass tierod and brace, armrests,
[29687]    footstool and artistic oleograph on inner face of door: ditto, plain:
[29688]    servants' apartments with separate sanitary and hygienic necessaries for
[29689]    cook, general and betweenmaid (salary, rising by biennial unearned
[29690]    increments of 2 pounds, with comprehensive fidelity insurance, annual
[29691]    bonus (1 pound) and retiring allowance (based on the 65 system) after 30
[29692]    years' service), pantry, buttery, larder, refrigerator, outoffices, coal
[29693]    and wood cellarage with winebin (still and sparkling vintages) for
[29694]    distinguished guests, if entertained to dinner (evening dress), carbon
[29695]    monoxide gas supply throughout.
[29697]    What additional attractions might the grounds contain?
[29699]    As addenda, a tennis and fives court, a shrubbery, a glass summerhouse
[29700]    with tropical palms, equipped in the best botanical manner, a rockery
[29701]    with waterspray, a beehive arranged on humane principles, oval flowerbeds
[29702]    in rectangular grassplots set with eccentric ellipses of scarlet and
[29703]    chrome tulips, blue scillas, crocuses, polyanthus, sweet William, sweet
[29704]    pea, lily of the valley (bulbs obtainable from sir James W. Mackey
[29705]    (Limited) wholesale and retail seed and bulb merchants and nurserymen,
[29706]    agents for chemical manures, 23 Sackville street, upper), an orchard,
[29707]    kitchen garden and vinery protected against illegal trespassers by
[29708]    glasstopped mural enclosures, a lumbershed with padlock for various
[29709]    inventoried implements.
[29711]    As?
[29713]    Eeltraps, lobsterpots, fishingrods, hatchet, steelyard, grindstone,
[29714]    clodcrusher, swatheturner, carriagesack, telescope ladder, 10 tooth rake,
[29715]    washing clogs, haytedder, tumbling rake, billhook, paintpot, brush, hoe
[29716]    and so on.
[29718]    What improvements might be subsequently introduced?
[29720]    A rabbitry and fowlrun, a dovecote, a botanical conservatory, 2 hammocks
[29721]    (lady's and gentleman's), a sundial shaded and sheltered by laburnum or
[29722]    lilac trees, an exotically harmonically accorded Japanese tinkle gatebell
[29723]    affixed to left lateral gatepost, a capacious waterbutt, a lawnmower with
[29724]    side delivery and grassbox, a lawnsprinkler with hydraulic hose.
[29726]    What facilities of transit were desirable?
[29728]    When citybound frequent connection by train or tram from their respective
[29729]    intermediate station or terminal. When countrybound velocipedes, a
[29730]    chainless freewheel roadster cycle with side basketcar attached, or
[29731]    draught conveyance, a donkey with wicker trap or smart phaeton with good
[29732]    working solidungular cob (roan gelding, 14 h).
[29734]    What might be the name of this erigible or erected residence?
[29736]    Bloom Cottage. Saint Leopold's. Flowerville.
[29738]    Could Bloom of 7 Eccles street foresee Bloom of Flowerville?
[29740]    In loose allwool garments with Harris tweed cap, price 8/6, and useful
[29741]    garden boots with elastic gussets and wateringcan, planting aligned young
[29742]    firtrees, syringing, pruning, staking, sowing hayseed, trundling a
[29743]    weedladen wheelbarrow without excessive fatigue at sunset amid the scent
[29744]    of newmown hay, ameliorating the soil, multiplying wisdom, achieving
[29745]    longevity.
[29747]    What syllabus of intellectual pursuits was simultaneously possible?
[29749]    Snapshot photography, comparative study of religions, folklore relative
[29750]    to various amatory and superstitious practices, contemplation of the
[29751]    celestial constellations.
[29753]    What lighter recreations?
[29755]    Outdoor: garden and fieldwork, cycling on level macadamised causeways
[29756]    ascents of moderately high hills, natation in secluded fresh water and
[29757]    unmolested river boating in secure wherry or light curricle with kedge
[29758]    anchor on reaches free from weirs and rapids (period of estivation),
[29759]    vespertinal perambulation or equestrian circumprocession with inspection
[29760]    of sterile landscape and contrastingly agreeable cottagers' fires of
[29761]    smoking peat turves (period of hibernation). Indoor: discussion in tepid
[29762]    security of unsolved historical and criminal problems: lecture of
[29763]    unexpurgated exotic erotic masterpieces: house carpentry with toolbox
[29764]    containing hammer, awl nails, screws, tintacks, gimlet, tweezers,
[29765]    bullnose plane and turnscrew. Might he become a gentleman farmer of field
[29766]    produce and live stock?
[29768]    Not impossibly, with 1 or 2 stripper cows, 1 pike of upland hay and
[29769]    requisite farming implements, e.g., an end-to-end churn, a turnip pulper
[29770]    etc.
[29772]    What would be his civic functions and social status among the county
[29773]    families and landed gentry?
[29775]    Arranged successively in ascending powers of hierarchical order, that of
[29776]    gardener, groundsman, cultivator, breeder, and at the zenith of his
[29777]    career, resident magistrate or justice of the peace with a family crest
[29778]    and coat of arms and appropriate classical motto (SEMPER PARATUS), duly
[29779]    recorded in the court directory (Bloom, Leopold P., M. P., P. C., K. P.,
[29780]    L. L. D. (HONORIS CAUSA), Bloomville, Dundrum) and mentioned in court and
[29781]    fashionable intelligence (Mr and Mrs Leopold Bloom have left Kingstown
[29782]    for England).
[29784]    What course of action did he outline for himself in such capacity?
[29786]    A course that lay between undue clemency and excessive rigour: the
[29787]    dispensation in a heterogeneous society of arbitrary classes, incessantly
[29788]    rearranged in terms of greater and lesser social inequality, of unbiassed
[29789]    homogeneous indisputable justice, tempered with mitigants of the widest
[29790]    possible latitude but exactable to the uttermost farthing with
[29791]    confiscation of estate, real and personal, to the crown. Loyal to the
[29792]    highest constituted power in the land, actuated by an innate love of
[29793]    rectitude his aims would be the strict maintenance of public order, the
[29794]    repression of many abuses though not of all simultaneously (every measure
[29795]    of reform or retrenchment being a preliminary solution to be contained by
[29796]    fluxion in the final solution), the upholding of the letter of the law
[29797]    (common, statute and law merchant) against all traversers in covin and
[29798]    trespassers acting in contravention of bylaws and regulations, all
[29799]    resuscitators (by trespass and petty larceny of kindlings) of venville
[29800]    rights, obsolete by desuetude, all orotund instigators of international
[29801]    persecution, all perpetuators of international animosities, all menial
[29802]    molestors of domestic conviviality, all recalcitrant violators of
[29803]    domestic connubiality.
[29805]    Prove that he had loved rectitude from his earliest youth.
[29807]    To Master Percy Apjohn at High School in 1880 he had divulged his
[29808]    disbelief in the tenets of the Irish (protestant) church (to which his
[29809]    father Rudolf Virag (later Rudolph Bloom) had been converted from the
[29810]    Israelitic faith and communion in 1865 by the Society for promoting
[29811]    Christianity among the jews) subsequently abjured by him in favour of
[29812]    Roman catholicism at the epoch of and with a view to his matrimony in
[29813]    1888. To Daniel Magrane and Francis Wade in 1882 during a juvenile
[29814]    friendship (terminated by the premature emigration of the former) he had
[29815]    advocated during nocturnal perambulations the political theory of
[29816]    colonial (e.g. Canadian) expansion and the evolutionary theories of
[29817]    Charles Darwin, expounded in THE DESCENT OF MAN and THE ORIGIN OF
[29818]    SPECIES. In 1885 he had publicly expressed his adherence to the
[29819]    collective and national economic programme advocated by James Fintan
[29820]    Lalor, John Fisher Murray, John Mitchel, J. F. X. O'Brien and others, the
[29821]    agrarian policy of Michael Davitt, the constitutional agitation of
[29822]    Charles Stewart Parnell (M. P. for Cork City), the programme of peace,
[29823]    retrenchment and reform of William Ewart Gladstone (M. P. for Midlothian,
[29824]    N. B.) and, in support of his political convictions, had climbed up into
[29825]    a secure position amid the ramifications of a tree on Northumberland road
[29826]    to see the entrance (2 February 1888) into the capital of a demonstrative
[29827]    torchlight procession of 20,000 torchbearers, divided into 120 trade
[29828]    corporations, bearing 2000 torches in escort of the marquess of Ripon and
[29829]    (honest) John Morley.
[29831]    How much and how did he propose to pay for this country residence?
[29833]    As per prospectus of the Industrious Foreign Acclimatised Nationalised
[29834]    Friendly Stateaided Building Society (incorporated 1874), a maximum of 60
[29835]    pounds per annum, being 1/6 of an assured income, derived from giltedged
[29836]    securities, representing at 5 percent simple interest on capital of 1200
[29837]    pounds (estimate of price at 20 years' purchase), of which to be paid
[29838]    on acquisition and the balance in the form of annual rent, viz. 800
[29839]    pounds plus 2 1/2 percent interest on the same, repayable quarterly in
[29840]    equal annual instalments until extinction by amortisation of loan
[29841]    advanced for purchase within a period of 20 years, amounting to an annual
[29842]    rental of 64 pounds, headrent included, the titledeeds to remain in
[29843]    possession of the lender or lenders with a saving clause envisaging
[29844]    forced sale, foreclosure and mutual compensation in the event of
[29845]    protracted failure to pay the terms assigned, otherwise the messuage to
[29846]    become the absolute property of the tenant occupier upon expiry of the
[29847]    period of years stipulated.
[29849]    What rapid but insecure means to opulence might facilitate immediate
[29850]    purchase?
[29852]    A private wireless telegraph which would transmit by dot and dash system
[29853]    the result of a national equine handicap (flat or steeplechase) of I or
[29854]    more miles and furlongs won by an outsider at odds of 50 to 1 at 3 hr 8 m
[29855]    p.m. at Ascot (Greenwich time), the message being received and available
[29856]    for betting purposes in Dublin at 2.59 p.m. (Dunsink time). The
[29857]    unexpected discovery of an object of great monetary value (precious
[29858]    stone, valuable adhesive or impressed postage stamps (7 schilling, mauve,
[29859]    imperforate, Hamburg, 1866: 4 pence, rose, blue paper, perforate, Great
[29860]    Britain, 1855: 1 franc, stone, official, rouletted, diagonal surcharge,
[29861]    Luxemburg, 1878), antique dynastical ring, unique relic) in unusual
[29862]    repositories or by unusual means: from the air (dropped by an eagle in
[29863]    flight), by fire (amid the carbonised remains of an incendiated edifice),
[29864]    in the sea (amid flotsam, jetsam, lagan and derelict), on earth (in the
[29865]    gizzard of a comestible fowl). A Spanish prisoner's donation of a distant
[29866]    treasure of valuables or specie or bullion lodged with a solvent banking
[29867]    corporation loo years previously at 5 percent compound interest of the
[29868]    collective worth of 5,000,000 pounds stg (five million pounds sterling).
[29869]    A contract with an inconsiderate contractee for the delivery of 32
[29870]    consignments of some given commodity in consideration of cash payment on
[29871]    delivery per delivery at the initial rate of 1/4d to be increased
[29872]    constantly in the geometrical progression of 2 (1/4d, 1/2d, 1d, 2d, 4d,
[29873]    8d, 1s 4d, 2s 8d to 32 terms). A prepared scheme based on a study of the
[29874]    laws of probability to break the bank at Monte Carlo. A solution of the
[29875]    secular problem of the quadrature of the circle, government premium
[29876]    1,000,000 pounds sterling.
[29878]    Was vast wealth acquirable through industrial channels?
[29880]    The reclamation of dunams of waste arenary soil, proposed in the
[29881]    prospectus of Agendath Netaim, Bleibtreustrasse, Berlin, W. 15, by the
[29882]    cultivation of orange plantations and melonfields and reafforestation.
[29883]    The utilisation of waste paper, fells of sewer rodents, human excrement
[29884]    possessing chemical properties, in view of the vast production of the
[29885]    first, vast number of the second and immense quantity of the third, every
[29886]    normal human being of average vitality and appetite producing annually,
[29887]    cancelling byproducts of water, a sum total of 80 lbs. (mixed animal and
[29888]    vegetable diet), to be multiplied by 4,386,035, the total population of
[29889]    Ireland according to census returns of 1901.
[29891]    Were there schemes of wider scope?
[29893]    A scheme to be formulated and submitted for approval to the harbour
[29894]    commissioners for the exploitation of white coal (hydraulic power),
[29895]    obtained by hydroelectric plant at peak of tide at Dublin bar or at head
[29896]    of water at Poulaphouca or Powerscourt or catchment basins of main
[29897]    streams for the economic production of 500,000 W. H. P. of electricity. A
[29898]    scheme to enclose the peninsular delta of the North Bull at Dollymount
[29899]    and erect on the space of the foreland, used for golf links and rifle
[29900]    ranges, an asphalted esplanade with casinos, booths, shooting galleries,
[29901]    hotels, boardinghouses, readingrooms, establishments for mixed bathing. A
[29902]    scheme for the use of dogvans and goatvans for the delivery of early
[29903]    morning milk. A scheme for the development of Irish tourist traffic in
[29904]    and around Dublin by means of petrolpropelled riverboats, plying in the
[29905]    fluvial fairway between Island bridge and Ringsend, charabancs, narrow
[29906]    gauge local railways, and pleasure steamers for coastwise navigation
[29907]    (10/- per person per day, guide (trilingual) included). A scheme for the
[29908]    repristination of passenger and goods traffics over Irish waterways, when
[29909]    freed from weedbeds. A scheme to connect by tramline the Cattle Market
[29910]    (North Circular road and Prussia street) with the quays (Sheriff street,
[29911]    lower, and East Wall), parallel with the Link line railway laid (in
[29912]    conjunction with the Great Southern and Western railway line) between the
[29913]    cattle park, Liffey junction, and terminus of Midland Great Western
[29914]    Railway 43 to 45 North Wall, in proximity to the terminal stations or
[29915]    Dublin branches of Great Central Railway, Midland Railway of England,
[29916]    City of Dublin Steam Packet Company, Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway
[29917]    Company, Dublin and Glasgow Steam Packet Company, Glasgow, Dublin and
[29918]    Londonderry Steam Packet Company (Laird line), British and Irish Steam
[29919]    Packet Company, Dublin and Morecambe Steamers, London and North Western
[29920]    Railway Company, Dublin Port and Docks Board Landing Sheds and transit
[29921]    sheds of Palgrave, Murphy and Company, steamship owners, agents for
[29922]    steamers from Mediterranean, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium and Holland
[29923]    and for Liverpool Underwriters' Association, the cost of acquired rolling
[29924]    stock for animal transport and of additional mileage operated by the
[29925]    Dublin United Tramways Company, limited, to be covered by graziers' fees.
[29927]    Positing what protasis would the contraction for such several schemes
[29928]    become a natural and necessary apodosis?
[29930]    Given a guarantee equal to the sum sought, the support, by deed of gift
[29931]    and transfer vouchers during donor's lifetime or by bequest after donor's
[29932]    painless extinction, of eminent financiers (Blum Pasha, Rothschild
[29933]    Guggenheim, Hirsch, Montefiore, Morgan, Rockefeller) possessing fortunes
[29934]    in 6 figures, amassed during a successful life, and joining capital with
[29935]    opportunity the thing required was done.
[29937]    What eventuality would render him independent of such wealth?
[29939]    The independent discovery of a goldseam of inexhaustible ore.
[29941]    For what reason did he meditate on schemes so difficult of realisation?
[29943]    It was one of his axioms that similar meditations or the automatic
[29944]    relation to himself of a narrative concerning himself or tranquil
[29945]    recollection of the past when practised habitually before retiring for
[29946]    the night alleviated fatigue and produced as a result sound repose and
[29947]    renovated vitality.
[29949]    His justifications?
[29951]    As a physicist he had learned that of the 70 years of complete human life
[29952]    at least 2/7, viz. 20 years are passed in sleep. As a philosopher he knew
[29953]    that at the termination of any allotted life only an infinitesimal part
[29954]    of any person's desires has been realised. As a physiologist he believed
[29955]    in the artificial placation of malignant agencies chiefly operative
[29956]    during somnolence.
[29958]    What did he fear?
[29960]    The committal of homicide or suicide during sleep by an aberration of the
[29961]    light of reason, the incommensurable categorical intelligence situated in
[29962]    the cerebral convolutions.
[29964]    What were habitually his final meditations?
[29966]    Of some one sole unique advertisement to cause passers to stop in wonder,
[29967]    a poster novelty, with all extraneous accretions excluded, reduced to its
[29968]    simplest and most efficient terms not exceeding the span of casual vision
[29969]    and congruous with the velocity of modern life.
[29971]    What did the first drawer unlocked contain?
[29973]    A Vere Foster's handwriting copybook, property of Milly (Millicent)
[29974]    Bloom, certain pages of which bore diagram drawings, marked PAPLI, which
[29975]    showed a large globular head with 5 hairs erect, 2 eyes in profile, the
[29976]    trunk full front with 3 large buttons, 1 triangular foot: 2 fading
[29977]    photographs of queen Alexandra of England and of Maud Branscombe, actress
[29978]    and professional beauty: a Yuletide card, bearing on it a pictorial
[29979]    representation of a parasitic plant, the legend MIZPAH, the date Xmas
[29980]    1892, the name of the senders: from Mr + Mrs M. Comerford, the versicle:
[29982]    of red partly liquefied sealing wax, obtained from the stores department
[29983]    of Messrs Hely's, Ltd., 89, 90, and 91 Dame street: a box containing the
[29984]    remainder of a gross of gilt "J" pennibs, obtained from same department
[29985]    of same firm: an old sandglass which rolled containing sand which rolled:
[29986]    a sealed prophecy (never unsealed) written by Leopold Bloom in 1886
[29987]    concerning the consequences of the passing into law of William Ewart
[29988]    Gladstone's Home Rule bill of 1886 (never passed into law): a bazaar
[29989]    ticket, no 2004, of S. Kevin's Charity Fair, price 6d, 100 prizes: an
[29990]    infantile epistle, dated, small em monday, reading: capital pee Papli
[29991]    comma capital aitch How are you note of interrogation capital eye I am
[29992]    very well full stop new paragraph signature with flourishes capital em
[29993]    Milly no stop: a cameo brooch, property of Ellen Bloom (born Higgins),
[29994]    deceased: a cameo scarfpin, property of Rudolph Bloom (born Virag),
[29995]    deceased: 3 typewritten letters, addressee, Henry Flower, c/o. P. O.
[29996]    Westland Row, addresser, Martha Clifford, c/o. P. O. Dolphin's Barn: the
[29997]    transliterated name and address of the addresser of the 3 letters in
[29998]    reversed alphabetic boustrophedonic punctated quadrilinear cryptogram
[29999]    (vowels suppressed) N. IGS./WI. UU. OX/W. OKS. MH/Y. IM: a press cutting
[30000]    from an English weekly periodical MODERN SOCIETY, subject corporal
[30001]    chastisement in girls' schools: a pink ribbon which had festooned an
[30002]    Easter egg in the year 1899: two partly uncoiled rubber preservatives
[30003]    with reserve pockets, purchased by post from Box 32, P. O., Charing
[30004]    Cross, London, W. C.: 1 pack of 1 dozen creamlaid envelopes and
[30005]    feintruled notepaper, watermarked, now reduced by 3: some assorted
[30006]    Austrian-Hungarian coins: 2 coupons of the Royal and Privileged Hungarian
[30007]    Lottery: a lowpower magnifying glass: 2 erotic photocards showing a)
[30008]    buccal coition between nude senorita (rere presentation, superior
[30009]    position) and nude torero (fore presentation, inferior position) b) anal
[30010]    violation by male religious (fully clothed, eyes abject) of female
[30011]    religious (partly clothed, eyes direct), purchased by post from Box 32,
[30012]    P. O., Charing Cross, London, W. C.: a press cutting of recipe for
[30013]    renovation of old tan boots: a Id adhesive stamp, lavender, of the reign
[30014]    of Queen Victoria: a chart of the measurements of Leopold Bloom compiled
[30015]    before, during and after 2 months' consecutive use of Sandow-Whiteley's
[30016]    pulley exerciser (men's 15/-, athlete's 20/-) viz. chest 28 in and 29 1/2
[30017]    in, biceps 9 in and 10 in, forearm 8 1/2 in and 9 in, thigh 10 in and 12
[30018]    in, calf 11 in and 12 in: 1 prospectus of The Wonderworker, the world's
[30019]    greatest remedy for rectal complaints, direct from Wonderworker, Coventry
[30020]    House, South Place, London E C, addressed (erroneously) to Mrs L. Bloom
[30021]    with brief accompanying note commencing (erroneously): Dear Madam.
[30023]    Quote the textual terms in which the prospectus claimed advantages for
[30024]    this thaumaturgic remedy.
[30026]    It heals and soothes while you sleep, in case of trouble in breaking
[30027]    wind, assists nature in the most formidable way, insuring instant relief
[30028]    in discharge of gases, keeping parts clean and free natural action, an
[30029]    initial outlay of 7/6 making a new man of you and life worth living.
[30030]    Ladies find Wonderworker especially useful, a pleasant surprise when they
[30031]    note delightful result like a cool drink of fresh spring water on a
[30032]    sultry summer's day. Recommend it to your lady and gentlemen friends,
[30033]    lasts a lifetime. Insert long round end. Wonderworker.
[30035]    Were there testimonials?
[30037]    Numerous. From clergyman, British naval officer, wellknown author, city
[30038]    man, hospital nurse, lady, mother of five, absentminded beggar.
[30040]    How did absentminded beggar's concluding testimonial conclude?
[30042]    What a pity the government did not supply our men with wonderworkers
[30043]    during the South African campaign! What a relief it would have been!
[30045]    What object did Bloom add to this collection of objects?
[30047]    A 4th typewritten letter received by Henry Flower (let H. F. be L. B.)
[30048]    from Martha Clifford (find M. C.).
[30050]    What pleasant reflection accompanied this action?
[30052]    The reflection that, apart from the letter in question, his magnetic
[30053]    face, form and address had been favourably received during the course of
[30054]    the preceding day by a wife (Mrs Josephine Breen, born Josie Powell), a
[30055]    nurse, Miss Callan (Christian name unknown), a maid, Gertrude (Gerty,
[30056]    family name unknown).
[30058]    What possibility suggested itself?