Ulysses by James Joyce

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There are 37 occurrences of the word:   cat

[Calypso] [2454] spout stuck out. Cup of tea soon. Good. Mouth dry. The cat walked stiffly
[Calypso] [2461] The cat mewed in answer and stalked again stiffly round a leg of the
[Calypso] [2471] --Mrkgnao! the cat cried.
[Calypso] [2483] --Mrkrgnao! the cat said loudly.
[Calypso] [2801] of butter slide and melt. While he unwrapped the kidney the cat mewed
[Calypso] [2969] shore away the burnt flesh and flung it to the cat. Then he put a forkful
[Calypso] [3056] The cat, having cleaned all her fur, returned to the meatstained paper,
[Calypso] [3063] undoing the waistband of his trousers. The cat mewed to him.
[Calypso] [3074] his armpit, went to the door and opened it. The cat went up in soft
[Lotus-Eaters] [3394] and fair man. Letter. Cat furry black ball. Torn strip of envelope.
[Aeolus] [5708] lamb and the cat and the dog and the stick and the water and the butcher.
[Aeolus] [5710] dog kills the cat. Sounds a bit silly till you come to look into it well.
[Sirens] [13769] M'Coy valise. My wife and your wife. Squealing cat. Like tearing silk.
[Cyclops] [15936] a tanyard cat. Cows in Connacht have long horns. As much as his bloody
[Nausicaa] [17426] like the confounded little cat she was. Gerty's lips parted swiftly to
[Nausicaa] [17796] the pupil. Did she know what I? Course. Like a cat sitting beyond a dog's
[Nausicaa] [17925] Byby till next time. Also the cat likes to sniff in her shift on
[Nausicaa] [18047] stamp his trademark on everything. Instance, that cat this morning on the
[Oxen of the Sun] [18860] or choking chicken behind a hedge. He had been off as many times as a cat
[Oxen of the Sun] [19645] a woman has let the cat into the bag (an esthete's allusion, presumably,
[Circe] [20564] MRS BREEN: She did, of course, the cat! Don't tell me! Nice adviser!
[Circe] [21165] of his life. The cat-o'-nine-tails. Geld him. Vivisect him.
[Circe] [23214] make a Siamese cat laugh?
[Circe] [23340] BLOOM'S HAUNCHES) Up! Up! Manx cat! What have we here? Where's your curly
[Circe] [23718] BLOOM: (STARTS UP, SEIZES HER HAND) Hoy! Nebrakada! Cat o' nine lives!
[Eumeus] [25708] Katey, the cat meanwhile under the mangle devouring a mess of eggshells
[Eumeus] [26656] on, that turned out to be how the cat jumped all he could personally say
[Ithaca] [28825] A temporary departure of his cat.
[Ithaca] [28842] her (cf neckarching cat). Moreover, on the free surface of the lake in
[Ithaca] [28846] mousewatching cat).
[Ithaca] [28850] earwashing cat). Furthermore, silly Milly, she dreamed of having had an
[Ithaca] [28853] (he) had appeared to have accepted (cf hearthdreaming cat). Hence, in
[Ithaca] [29033] For a cat.
[Penelope] [31666] tray and then play with the cat she rubs up against you for her own sake
[Penelope] [31730] or a madhouse they ought to be all shot or the cat of nine tails a big
[Penelope] [31859] I wish he had what I had then hed boo I bet the cat itself is better off
[Penelope] [32056] mourning for the cat I suppose hes a man now by this time he was an