Ulysses by James Joyce

Leopold Bloom Telemachus
Scylla and Charybdis
Wandering Rocks
Oxen of the Sun

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There are 18 occurrences of the word:   CHORDS

[Telemachus] [357] harpstrings, merging their twining chords. Wavewhite wedded words
[Telemachus] [362] I sang it alone in the house, holding down the long dark chords. Her door
[Sirens] [12313] Boomed crashing chords. When love absorbs. War! War! The tympanum.
[Sirens] [12963] Quavering the chords strayed from the air, found it again, lost chord,
[Sirens] [13034] His gouty paws plumped chords. Plumped, stopped abrupt.
[Sirens] [13153] chords:
[Sirens] [13347] The harping chords of prelude closed. A chord, longdrawn, expectant,
[Sirens] [13450] to love to return with deepening yet with rising chords of harmony. In cry
[Sirens] [13490] An afterclang of Cowley's chords closed, died on the air made richer.
[Sirens] [13522] night Si sang. The human voice, two tiny silky chords, wonderful, more
[Sirens] [13579] divided by half is twice one. Vibrations: chords those are. One plus two
[Sirens] [13589] chords a bit off: feel lost a bit. In and out of sacks, over barrels,
[Sirens] [13807] Bob Cowley's outstretched talons griped the black deepsounding chords.
[Sirens] [13815] But wait. But hear. Chords dark. Lugugugubrious. Low. In a cave of
[Sirens] [13831] in. The holy father. With bows a traitor servant. Curlycues of chords.
[Sirens] [13847] deaf Pat, bald Pat, tipped Pat, listened. The chords harped slower.
[Sirens] [13972] The chords consented. Very sad thing. But had to be. Get out before
[Circe] [23760] ZOE: Me. Mind your cornflowers. (SHE DARTS TO THE PIANO AND BANGS CHORDS