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There are 41 occurrences of the word:   hotel

[Nestor] [1756] City Arms hotel. I asked him to lay my letter before the meeting. You see
[Lotus-Eaters] [3894] embezzling to gamble then smuggled off to America. Keeps a hotel now. They
[Hades] [4401] temperance hotel, Falconer's railway guide, civil service college, Gill's,
[Hades] [4462] room in the hotel with hunting pictures. Stuffy it was. Sunlight through
[Hades] [4698] Queen's hotel in Ennis. You heard him say he was going to Clare.
[Lestrygonians] [7606] her old wraps and black underclothes in the Shelbourne hotel.
[Lestrygonians] [7739] Buckingham Palace hotel under their very noses. Garibaldi.
[Lestrygonians] [8063] and hindquarters out of it. Hate people all round you. City Arms hotel
[Lestrygonians] [8249] stomach's Skye terrier in the City Arms hotel. Molly fondling him in her
[Lestrygonians] [8292] a waiter in a swell hotel. Tips, evening dress, halfnaked ladies. May I
[Wandering Rocks] [11848] the crossblind of the Ormond hotel.
[Wandering Rocks] [12179] of liquid sewage. Above the crossblind of the Ormond hotel, gold by
[Wandering Rocks] [12249] hotel Cashel Boyle O'Connor Fitzmaurice Tisdall Farrell stared through a
[Cyclops] [14919] story, the old one, Bloom's wife and Mrs O'Dowd that kept the hotel.
[Cyclops] [15302] Pisser Burke was telling me in the hotel the wife used to be in rivers of
[Cyclops] [16140] Jury's Hotel, S. Patrick's Purgatory, the Salmon Leap, Maynooth college
[Cyclops] [16430] middlings he is. Lying up in the hotel Pisser was telling me once a month
[Circe] [23202] Miriam Dandrade sold you from the Shelbourne hotel, eh?
[Eumeus] [25426] outside the North Star hotel and there was no symptom of its budging a
[Eumeus] [27169] three times a week at some wellknown seaside hotel and relations, when
[Ithaca] [28249] in salutation. The second in the coffeeroom of Breslin's hotel on a rainy
[Ithaca] [28265] Hotel owned by Elizabeth O'Dowd of 54 Prussia street where, during parts
[Ithaca] [28267] who resided also in the same hotel, being at that time a clerk in the
[Ithaca] [28439] Solitary hotel in mountain pass. Autumn. Twilight. Fire lit. In dark
[Ithaca] [28442] solitary hotel paper she writes. She thinks. She writes. She sighs.
[Ithaca] [28449] In sloping, upright and backhands: Queen's Hotel, Queen's Hotel, Queen's
[Ithaca] [28450] Hotel. Queen's Ho...
[Ithaca] [28454] The Queen's Hotel, Ennis, county Clare, where Rudolph Bloom (Rudolf
[Ithaca] [28935] Ship hotel and tavern, 6 Lower Abbey street (W. and E. Connery,
[Ithaca] [30097] (Passover): a photocard of the Queen's Hotel, Ennis, proprietor, Rudolph
[Ithaca] [30325] Ormond Hotel (Shira Shirim): the altercation with a truculent troglodyte
[Ithaca] [30598] invitation to supper at Wynn's (Murphy's) Hotel, 35, 36 and 37 Lower
[Penelope] [30701] breakfast in bed with a couple of eggs since the CITY ARMS hotel when he
[Penelope] [30736] of those night women if it was down there he was really and the hotel
[Penelope] [31060] suppose our rooms at the hotel were beside each other and any fooling
[Penelope] [31540] in the hotel rrrsssstt awokwokawok his eyes shut and a bird flying below
[Penelope] [31698] hotel was there spying around as usual on the slip always where he wasnt
[Penelope] [31714] drawingroom with a brassplate or Blooms private hotel he suggested go and
[Penelope] [31963] City Arms hotel worse and worse says Warden Daly that charming place on