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There are 41 occurrences of the word:   Richie

[Proteus] [1909] In his broad bed nuncle Richie, pillowed and blanketed, extends over
[Proteus] [1923] --Malt for Richie and Stephen, tell mother. Where is she?
[Proteus] [1929] --No, uncle Richie ...
[Proteus] [1931] --Call me Richie. Damn your lithia water. It lowers. Whusky!
[Proteus] [1933] --Uncle Richie, really ...
[Hades] [4009] Richie Goulding and the legal bag. Goulding, Collis and Ward he
[Lestrygonians] [7573] U.P.: up. I'll take my oath that's Alf Bergan or Richie Goulding.
[Scylla and Charybdis] [10027] --In asking you to remember those two noble kinsmen nuncle Richie and
[Scylla and Charybdis] [10110] the good man rewarded, Lizzie, grandpa's lump of love, and nuncle Richie,
[Wandering Rocks] [11097] consolidated taxing office to Nisi Prius court Richie Goulding carrying
[Wandering Rocks] [12172] porch of Four Courts Richie Goulding with the costbag of Goulding,
[Sirens] [12853] hecat walked towards Richie Goulding's legal bag, lifted aloft, saluting.
[Sirens] [12878] See, not be seen. I think I'll join you. Come on. Richie led on. Bloom
[Sirens] [13023] Bald Pat, bothered waiter, waited for drink orders. Power for Richie.
[Sirens] [13074] two diners' drinks, Richie and Poldy. And Father Cowley laughed again.
[Sirens] [13142] Richie Goulding, Collis, Ward ate steak and kidney, steak then kidney,
[Sirens] [13271] Most beautiful tenor air ever written, Richie said: SONNAMBULA. He
[Sirens] [13286] Never would Richie forget that night. As long as he lived: never. In
[Sirens] [13300] Richie cocked his lips apout. A low incipient note sweet banshee murmured:
[Sirens] [13316] Never in all his life had Richie Goulding.
[Sirens] [13322] Richie once. Jokes old stale now. Wagging his ear. Napkinring in his eye.
[Sirens] [13352] Richie turned.
[Sirens] [13368] from both depart when first they heard. When first they saw, lost Richie
[Sirens] [13422] Richie Poldy Lydia Lidwell also sang to Pat open mouth ear waiting to
[Sirens] [13492] And Richie Goulding drank his Power and Leopold Bloom his cider
[Sirens] [13506] Richie, admiring, descanted on that man's glorious voice. He
[Sirens] [13516] He, Mr Bloom, listened while he, Richie Goulding, told him, Mr
[Sirens] [13517] Bloom, of the night he, Richie, heard him, Si Dedalus, sing 'TWAS RANK AND
[Sirens] [13809] Must go prince Bloom told Richie prince. No, Richie said. Yes, must.
[Sirens] [13846] Listen. Bloom listened. Richie Goulding listened. And by the door
[Sirens] [13901] unfolded. Great voice Richie Goulding said, a flush struggling in his
[Sirens] [14035] Richie rift in the lute alone sat: Goulding, Collis, Ward. Uncertainly
[Sirens] [14203] Richie nor Pat. Hee hee hee hee. He did not see.
[Nausicaa] [17729] me off. No, I remember. Richie Goulding: he's another. Weighs on his mind.
[Circe] [20511] RICHIE: Best value in Dub.
[Circe] [20519] RICHIE: Goodgod. Inev erate inall ...
[Circe] [20524] RICHIE: (WITH A CRY OF PAIN, HIS HAND TO HIS BACK) Ah! Bright's! Lights!
[Circe] [22987] RICHIE GOULDING: (BAGWEIGHTED, PASSES THE DOOR) Mocking is catch. Best
[Ithaca] [27829] Morkan at 15 Usher's Island: of his aunt Sara, wife of Richie (Richard)