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There are 53 occurrences of the word:   road

[Nestor] [1173] that their eldest son was in the navy. Vico road, Dalkey.
[Proteus] [2121] drove out the road to Malahide. Did, faith. Of lost leaders, the betrayed,
[Proteus] [2170] back then by the Poolbeg road to the strand there. He climbed over the
[Calypso] [2745] Quick warm sunlight came running from Berkeley road, swiftly, in slim
[Lotus-Eaters] [3235] He turned away and sauntered across the road. How did she walk with her
[Lotus-Eaters] [3310] Mr Bloom gazed across the road at the outsider drawn up before the door
[Lotus-Eaters] [3553] Common pin, eh? He threw it on the road. Out of her clothes somewhere:
[Lotus-Eaters] [3588] in shreds and scattered them towards the road. The shreds fluttered away,
[Hades] [3968] passing along the tramtracks. Tritonville road. Quicker. The wheels
[Hades] [3982] road past Watery lane. Mr Bloom at gaze saw a lithe young man, clad in
[Hades] [4006] Mr Bloom smiled joylessly on Ringsend road. Wallace Bros: the
[Hades] [4474] --God grant he doesn't upset us on the road, Mr Power said.
[Hades] [4540] the hearse capsized round Dunphy's and upset the coffin on to the road.
[Hades] [4543] about the road. Terrible!
[Hades] [4549] Bom! Upset. A coffin bumped out on to the road. Burst open. Paddy
[Hades] [4568] In silence they drove along Phibsborough road. An empty hearse
[Hades] [4599] The carriage steered left for Finglas road.
[Lestrygonians] [7375] of Harcourt road remember that gust. Brrfoo! Blew up all her skirts and
[Lestrygonians] [8055] cabmen priests parsons fieldmarshals archbishops. From Ailesbury road,
[Lestrygonians] [8056] Clyde road, artisans' dwellings, north Dublin union, lord mayor in his
[Wandering Rocks] [10467] Master Brunny Lynam ran across the road and put Father Conmee's
[Wandering Rocks] [10495] Circular road. It was a wonder that there was not a tramline in such an
[Wandering Rocks] [10510] Father Conmee began to walk along the North Strand road and was
[Wandering Rocks] [10595] At the Howth road stop Father Conmee alighted, was saluted by the
[Wandering Rocks] [10598] The Malahide road was quiet. It pleased Father Conmee, road and
[Wandering Rocks] [11003] in Adelaide road. You were never here before, Jack, were you?
[Wandering Rocks] [11523] Aham! Must dress the character for those fellows. Knight of the road.
[Wandering Rocks] [11622] Irishtown along London bridge road, one with a sanded tired umbrella, one
[Wandering Rocks] [12263] township. At Haddington road corner two sanded women halted themselves,
[Cyclops] [14516] George Alfred Gillett, 179 Clapham road, Stockwell, Playwood and
[Cyclops] [16313] Gob, he's like Lanty MacHale's goat that'd go a piece of the road with
[Nausicaa] [16926] off the London bridge road always riding up and down in front of her
[Nausicaa] [17088] cork moustache and walked down Tritonville road, smoking a cigarette.
[Oxen of the Sun] [18900] with spermacetic oil and built stables for him at every turn of the road
[Oxen of the Sun] [19375] hard hat (ah, that was a day!), already on the road, a fullfledged
[Oxen of the Sun] [19851] Sara by the wame. On the road to Malahide. Me? If she who seduced me had
[Circe] [23016] incredibly impossibly small, of Clyde Road ladies. Even their wax model
[Circe] [24285] ROAD.)
[Eumeus] [25483] parts of the city, Pembroke road for example, the guardians of the law
[Eumeus] [26907] from Corny) BY MESSRS H. J. O'NEILL AND SON, 164 NORTH STRAND ROAD. THE
[Ithaca] [28247] Villa, Kimmage road, Roundtown, in 1887, in the company of Stephen's
[Ithaca] [28269] sales in the adjacent Dublin Cattle market on the North Circular road.
[Ithaca] [28276] road opposite Mr Gavin Low's place of business where she had remained for
[Ithaca] [28812] Circular road in the company of Elsa Potter, followed by an individual of
[Ithaca] [29825] a secure position amid the ramifications of a tree on Northumberland road
[Ithaca] [29910] (North Circular road and Prussia street) with the quays (Sheriff street,
[Penelope] [31002] however standing at the corner of the Harolds cross road with a new
[Penelope] [31103] pale with excitement about going away or wed be seen from the road he
[Penelope] [31576] Laredo the fun we had running along Williss road to Europa point twisting
[Penelope] [31894] Collins for womens diseases on Pembroke road your vagina he called it I