Ulysses by James Joyce

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There are 17 occurrences of the word:   bringing

[Telemachus] [864] --It's a wonderful tale, Haines said, bringing them to halt again.
[Proteus] [1977] brain. Bringing his host down and kneeling he heard twine with his second
[Proteus] [2336] hell am I bringing her beyond the veil? Into the ineluctable modality
[Calypso] [2853] --O, Boylan, she said. He's bringing the programme.
[Hades] [4282] quick. Yes, it was Crofton met him one evening bringing her a pound of
[Wandering Rocks] [12138] screwing the screws into the coffin: and the bumps when they were bringing
[Cyclops] [15001] pockets of his junior colleagues in the hope of bringing them to their
[Cyclops] [15610] bringing down the rain. And she with her nose cockahoop after she married
[Oxen of the Sun] [19716] bringing out the foreign warmth of the skin so daintily against the cool
[Circe] [20835] we are just bringing out a collection of prize stories of which I am the
[Eumeus] [25431] This was a quandary but, bringing common sense to bear on it, evidently
[Eumeus] [25579] with Stephen being fired out of his digs for bringing in a bloody tart
[Eumeus] [26263] own with the object of bringing more grist to her mill. Mr Bloom,
[Eumeus] [26945] minute) MAXIMUM II. Different ways of bringing off a coup. Lovemaking
[Penelope] [30726] wore that dress Miss Stack bringing him flowers the worst old ones she
[Penelope] [31486] morning and when the priest was going by with the bell bringing the
[Penelope] [31823] window to let out the smell bringing in his friends to entertain them