Ulysses by James Joyce

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There are 22 occurrences of the word:   clock

[Proteus] [2053] ENCORE DEUX MINUTES. Look clock. Must get. FERME. Hired dog! Shoot him
[Calypso] [2589] only be an eight o'clock breakfast for the Japanese.
[Hades] [5018] have. It was a pitchdark night. The clock was on the stroke of twelve.
[Hades] [5154] some law to pierce the heart and make sure or an electric clock or
[Lestrygonians] [7871] the clock is worked by an electric wire from Dunsink. Must go out there
[Lestrygonians] [8168] He raised his eyes and met the stare of a bilious clock. Two. Pub clock
[Lestrygonians] [8254] Bath of course does that. Just a bite or two. Then about six o'clock I can.
[Lestrygonians] [8404] --There was one woman, Nosey Flynn said, hid herself in a clock to find
[Wandering Rocks] [11157] O'Neill's clock.
[Wandering Rocks] [11224] the jollification and when we sallied forth it was blue o'clock the
[Sirens] [12306] Coin rang. Clock clacked.
[Sirens] [12916] Clock whirred. Miss Kennedy passed their way (flower, wonder who
[Sirens] [12917] gave), bearing away teatray. Clock clacked.
[Sirens] [12920] clanged. Clock clacked. Fair one of Egypt teased and sorted in the till
[Sirens] [12925] O'clock.
[Cyclops] [15018] distinguishable. It was exactly seventeen o'clock. The signal for prayer
[Cyclops] [15251] o'clock. Night he was near being lagged only Paddy Leonard knew the bobby,
[Cyclops] [15689] sat him there about the hour of five o'clock to administer the law of the
[Nausicaa] [17290] floral design for him as a present or a clock but they had a clock she
[Nausicaa] [18087] everwelcome double knock, went the nine o'clock postman, the
[Nausicaa] [18229] The clock on the mantelpiece in the priest's house cooed where Canon
[Oxen of the Sun] [18780] of the clock, one great stroke with a long thunder and in a brace of
[Oxen of the Sun] [19805] no, Mulligan! Abaft there! Shove ahead. Keep a watch on the clock.
[Eumeus] [25943] --We come up this morning eleven o'clock. The threemaster ROSEVEAN from
[Eumeus] [27258] --At what o'clock did you dine? he questioned of the slim form and tired
[Ithaca] [28857] In what way had he utilised gifts 1) an owl, 2) a clock, given as
[Ithaca] [29673] chronometer clock, guaranteed timekeeper with cathedral chime, barometer
[Penelope] [30865] or twins once a year as regular as the clock always with a smell of
[Penelope] [31300] much an hour he was at them Im sure by the clock like some kind of a big
[Penelope] [31494] white rose and I wanted to put on the old stupid clock to near the time