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There are 43 occurrences of the word:   husband

[Lotus-Eaters] [3312] still, waiting, while the man, husband, brother, like her, searched his
[Lotus-Eaters] [3737] Husband learn to his surprise. God's little joke. Then out she comes.
[Hades] [4724] outlived him. Lost her husband. More dead for her than for me. One must
[Lestrygonians] [7428] Now that's quite enough about that. Just: quietly: husband.
[Lestrygonians] [7449] Husband barging. Where's the ten shillings I gave you on Monday? Are
[Lestrygonians] [7615] Poor Mrs Purefoy! Methodist husband. Method in his madness.
[Scylla and Charybdis] [9707] to go, Joan, her four brothers, Judith, her husband and all her sons,
[Scylla and Charybdis] [9708] Susan, her husband too, while Susan's daughter, Elizabeth, to use
[Scylla and Charybdis] [10108] sorrow for the dead is the only husband from whom they refuse to be
[Wandering Rocks] [12215] hastening husband back from under the hoofs of the outriders. She shouted
[Wandering Rocks] [12269] visiting the Irish capital with her husband, the prince consort, in 1849
[Sirens] [13705] Authentic fact. How Walter Bapty lost his voice. Well, sir, the husband
[Nausicaa] [17037] admired tall men for a husband) with glistening white teeth under his
[Nausicaa] [17860] Mrs Duggan told me in the City Arms. Husband rolling in drunk, stink of
[Nausicaa] [17863] night? Bad policy however to fault the husband. Chickens come
[Nausicaa] [18151] husband but progressing favourably on the premium. Her widow's mite.
[Oxen of the Sun] [18498] goodman husband would not let her death whereby they were all wondrous
[Oxen of the Sun] [19079] heyday of reckless passion and the husband of maturer years. But indeed,
[Oxen of the Sun] [19661] thanksgiving to One above, the Universal Husband. And as her loving eyes
[Circe] [21071] anonymous letter in prentice backhand when my husband was in the North
[Circe] [23985] ZOE: (QUICKLY) O, I see. Short little finger. Henpecked husband. That
[Eumeus] [25927] husband D B Murphy.
[Eumeus] [26682] have her or swing for her, when the husband frequently, after some words
[Eumeus] [27020] seen her picture in a barber's. The husband was a captain or an officer.
[Eumeus] [27047] case of the husband not being up to the scratch, with nothing in common
[Eumeus] [27217] husband happened to be a party to it owing to some anonymous letter from
[Eumeus] [27223] visits any more if only the aggrieved husband would overlook the matter
[Penelope] [30864] husband give us a swing out of your whiskers filling her up with a child
[Penelope] [30923] now after living with that dotty husband of hers she had her face
[Penelope] [30940] his heart take that Mrs Maybrick that poisoned her husband for what I
[Penelope] [31064] something its all very well a husband but you cant fool a lover after me
[Penelope] [31129] me from behind the way Mrs Mastiansky told me her husband made her like
[Penelope] [31200] old husband what was it at all and an oyster knife he went no he made her
[Penelope] [31555] knows what I did with her beloved husband before he ever dreamt of her in
[Penelope] [31622] on my lips let them get a husband first thats fit to be looked at and a
[Penelope] [31837] paralysed husband getting worse theres always something wrong with them
[Penelope] [31849] him to see Mrs Kendal and her husband at the Gaiety something he did
[Penelope] [32000] that forlornlooking spectacle you couldnt call him a husband yes its some
[Penelope] [32011] Cunningham and the two Dedaluses and Fanny MCoys husband white head of
[Penelope] [32020] a nice lot all of them well theyre not going to get my husband again into
[Penelope] [32142] of quarrelling her husband found it out what they did together well
[Penelope] [32145] Tyrants of course the man never even casts a 2nd thought on the husband