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There are 64 occurrences of the word:   matter

[Telemachus] [299] thing and nothing else. It simply doesn't matter. You wouldn't kneel down
[Nestor] [1431] --What is the matter? What is it now?
[Nestor] [1615] --I have put the matter into a nutshell, Mr Deasy said. It's about the
[Nestor] [1617] on the matter.
[Calypso] [2687] No sign. Gone. What matter?
[Hades] [5303] bones clean no matter who it was. Ordinary meat for them. A corpse is
[Aeolus] [5856] T. Fitzgerald. Their wigs to show the grey matter. Brains on their sleeve
[Aeolus] [6589] for ... But no matter.
[Lestrygonians] [7265] that matter on the q. t. running in to loosen a button. Flybynight. Just
[Cyclops] [14720] Assurances were given that the matter would be attended to and it was
[Cyclops] [15198] --Thank you, no, says Bloom. As a matter of fact I just wanted to meet
[Cyclops] [15295] the cattle traders and taking action in the matter and the citizen sending
[Cyclops] [15684] first chargeant upon the property in the matter of the will
[Cyclops] [15714] him he needn't trouble about that little matter till the first but if he
[Cyclops] [16407] matter so are we.
[Nausicaa] [17468] that little matter to rights.
[Nausicaa] [17965] mock what matter? That's the way to find out. Ask yourself who is he now.
[Oxen of the Sun] [18481] matter of some year agone with a woman of Eblana in Horne's house that
[Oxen of the Sun] [18582] pippin. But here is the matter now. Or she knew him, that second I say,
[Oxen of the Sun] [18872] matter and that he had dispatches from the emperor's chief tailtickler
[Oxen of the Sun] [18986] certain counsellors of worth and inspected into this matter, he had
[Oxen of the Sun] [19508] However, as a matter of fact though, the preposterous surmise about him
[Circe] [20409] Livermore christies. Bohee brothers. Sweep for that matter.
[Circe] [20740] matter how fractious, even LEO FEROX there, the Libyan maneater. A redhot
[Circe] [22223] STEPHEN: As a matter of fact it is of no importance whether Benedetto
[Circe] [22499] vegetable matter on her skull. What ho, she bumps! The ugly duckling of
[Circe] [23240] nocturnal strumpet to deposit fecal and other matter in an unsanitary
[Circe] [23886] STEPHEN: Doesn't matter a rambling damn.
[Circe] [25288] BLOOM: (TRIES TO LAUGH) He, he, he! Yes. Matter of fact I was just
[Eumeus] [25432] there was nothing for it but put a good face on the matter and foot it
[Eumeus] [25593] was the date of the month as a matter of fact though a good bit of the
[Eumeus] [25642] impecuniosity. Palpably he was one of his hangerson but for the matter of
[Eumeus] [25644] all round, in every deep, so to put it, a deeper depth and for the matter
[Eumeus] [25892] influence of diamond cut diamond, it might be a matter of ten years. He
[Eumeus] [25974] printed matter on it stated: CHOZA DE INDIOS. BENI, BOLIVIA.
[Eumeus] [26002] transaction for that matter despite William Tell and the Lazarillo-Don
[Eumeus] [26037] the Elster Grimes and Moody-Manners, perfectly simple matter and he was
[Eumeus] [26052] system really needed toning up, for the matter of a couple of paltry
[Eumeus] [26179] highly laudable institution to which the public at large, no matter where
[Eumeus] [26293] matter what the cause is from ...
[Eumeus] [26308] he said, and ventilated the matter thoroughly would confer a lasting boon
[Eumeus] [26315] the convolutions of the grey matter. Otherwise we would never have such
[Eumeus] [26351] That's a matter for everyman's opinion and, without dragging in the
[Eumeus] [26492] beauty, no matter what you say. Rumpled stockings, it may be, possibly
[Eumeus] [26657] on the matter was that as a host of contingencies, equally relevant to
[Eumeus] [26853] it being largely a matter of dress and all the rest of it. Ladies who
[Eumeus] [27032] a climax and the matter became the talk of the town till the staggering
[Eumeus] [27174] safely afford to ignore it as they very largely did till the matter was
[Eumeus] [27196] off and, as a matter of strict history, Bloom was the man who picked it
[Eumeus] [27201] matter of fact, having gone into it more for the kudos of the thing than
[Eumeus] [27223] visits any more if only the aggrieved husband would overlook the matter
[Eumeus] [27348] --Yes, that's the best, he assured Stephen to whom for the matter of that
[Eumeus] [27568] that could militate against you. It was in fact only a matter of months
[Eumeus] [27599] matter for himself alone. In fact, he had the ball at his feet and that
[Ithaca] [29152] His (Bloom's) logical conclusion, having weighed the matter and allowing
[Ithaca] [30553] inanity of extolled virtue: the lethargy of nescient matter: the apathy
[Penelope] [30717] nothing but not always if ever he got anything really serious the matter
[Penelope] [30845] your soul you have no soul inside only grey matter because he doesnt know
[Penelope] [31432] does their great intelligence come in Id like to know grey matter they
[Penelope] [31755] matter of fact and helping her into her coat but if there was anything
[Penelope] [31767] and the last plumpudding too split in 2 halves see it comes out no matter
[Penelope] [31889] who knows is there anything the matter with my insides or have I
[Penelope] [31916] matter who except an idiot he was clever enough to spot that of course
[Penelope] [32158] no matter by who so long as to be in love or loved by somebody if the