Ulysses by James Joyce

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There are 23 occurrences of the word:   quid

[Telemachus] [62] quid?
[Telemachus] [424] him for a quid, will you? A guinea, I mean.
[Telemachus] [428] --The school kip? Buck Mulligan said. How much? Four quid? Lend us one.
[Telemachus] [811] --Twelve quid, Buck Mulligan said.
[Hades] [4508] them about twentyseven quid each. For Liverpool probably. Roastbeef for
[Hades] [4757] behind. He put down his name for a quid.
[Lestrygonians] [7644] child born five quid at compound interest up to twentyone five per cent is
[Scylla and Charybdis] [9535] from? The kips? No. College Green. Have you drunk the four quid? The aunt
[Sirens] [14083] never know exac. Organ in Gardiner street. Old Glynn fifty quid a year.
[Cyclops] [14488] the sight nearly left my eyes when I saw him land out a quid O, as true as
[Cyclops] [14830] their own fathers for five quid down and travelling expenses.
[Cyclops] [15101] a quid and Bloom putting in his old goo with his twopenny stump that
[Cyclops] [15437] --I heard So and So made a cool hundred quid over it, says Alf.
[Cyclops] [15649] holy Moses he was stuck for two quid.
[Cyclops] [15827] --Still running, says he. We're all in a cart. Boylan plunged two quid on
[Cyclops] [16293] five quid) and when they were in the (dark horse) pisser Burke
[Cyclops] [16434] sloping off with his five quid without putting up a pint of stuff like a
[Circe] [25277] standing fizz in Jammet's. Like princes, faith. One of them lost two quid
[Eumeus] [25940] He deposited the quid in his gob and, chewing and with some slow
[Eumeus] [25964] same as I chew that quid.
[Eumeus] [25966] He took out of his mouth the pulpy quid and, lodging it between his
[Eumeus] [26191] valet at six quid a month. Them are his trousers I've on me and he gave
[Penelope] [31136] tearing up the tickets and swearing blazes because he lost 20 quid he