Ulysses by James Joyce

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There are 40 occurrences of the word:   sent

[Nestor] [1134] --You, Cochrane, what city sent for him?
[Proteus] [1997] deep, copies to be sent if you died to all the great libraries of the
[Proteus] [2251] kick sent him unscathed across a spit of sand, crouched in flight. He
[Lotus-Eaters] [3206] blandly he took off his hat quietly inhaling his hairoil and sent his
[Hades] [4229] He clasped his hands between his knees and, satisfied, sent his vacant
[Hades] [4330] Mr Power sent a long laugh down his shaded nostrils.
[Hades] [4481] As they turned into Berkeley street a streetorgan near the Basin sent
[Aeolus] [6255] von Tirconnell in Ireland. Sent his heir over to make the king an Austrian
[Aeolus] [7111] J. J. O'Molloy sent a weary sidelong glance towards the statue and
[Scylla and Charybdis] [9447] He Who Himself begot middler the Holy Ghost and Himself sent Himself,
[Wandering Rocks] [12093] had been sent for, went along warm Wicklow street dawdling. It was too
[Cyclops] [14556] postcard someone sent him with U. p: up on it to take a li ...
[Cyclops] [14574] to Collis and Ward's and then Tom Rochford met him and sent him round
[Cyclops] [14715] the pair should be sent to Cullen's to be soled only as the heels were
[Cyclops] [14826] And Alf was telling us there was one chap sent in a mourning card
[Cyclops] [16015] redskins in America. Even the Grand Turk sent us his piastres. But the
[Cyclops] [16693] was in his eyes or he'd have left him for dead. Gob, he near sent it
[Nausicaa] [17462] baby, without as much as by your leave, sent up his compliments to all
[Nausicaa] [17727] write address on that letter like the postcard I sent to Flynn? And the
[Nausicaa] [17809] mirror. And when I sent her for Molly's Paisley shawl to Prescott's
[Oxen of the Sun] [18360] tidings sent from far coast and she with grameful sigh him answered that
[Oxen of the Sun] [18878] says Mr Stephen, and he sent the ale purling about, an Irish bull in an
[Oxen of the Sun] [18880] that was sent to our island by farmer Nicholas, the bravest cattlebreeder
[Oxen of the Sun] [19093] has sent more than one luckless fellow in good earnest posthaste to
[Circe] [20200] spy, sent by that fireeater.
[Circe] [20438] for you. (GLOOMILY) 'Twas I sent you that valentine of the dear gazelle.
[Circe] [21121] plebeian Don Juan observed me from behind a hackney car and sent me in
[Circe] [24921] arsenic retrieved from body of Miss Barron which sent Seddon to the
[Eumeus] [25970] the livers of horses. Look here. Here they are. A friend of mine sent me.
[Ithaca] [27686] son of Odyssus, sent by pope Celestine I in the year 432 in the reign of
[Ithaca] [28179] poet) sent to Miss Marion (Molly) Tweedy on the 14 February 1888?
[Penelope] [31037] he made love then he knew the way to take a woman when he sent me the 8
[Penelope] [31164] getting too fond of it the last they sent from ORourkes was as flat as a
[Penelope] [31166] he sent at Xmas a cottage cake and a bottle of hogwash he tried to palm
[Penelope] [31333] lovely frock fathers friend Mrs Stanhope sent me from the B Marche paris
[Penelope] [31335] this her other name was just a p c to tell you I sent the little present
[Penelope] [31439] advertisement like that wonderworker they sent him addressed dear Madam
[Penelope] [31510] all about the old Barbary apes they sent to Clapham without a tail
[Penelope] [31762] well he sent her where she is she was just getting out of bounds wanting
[Penelope] [32164] Bloomfield laundry to try and steal our things if they could I only sent