Ulysses by James Joyce

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There are 15 occurrences of the word:   stated

[Cyclops] [14690] by his earthname as to his whereabouts in the heavenworld he stated that
[Cyclops] [14694] divide beyond he stated that previously he had seen as in a glass darkly
[Cyclops] [14697] resembled our experience in the flesh he stated that he had heard from
[Cyclops] [14716] still good. He stated that this had greatly perturbed his peace of mind in
[Oxen of the Sun] [19560] It had better be stated here and now at the outset that the perverted
[Oxen of the Sun] [19637] an alkali prides himself on being, it should perhaps be stated that
[Oxen of the Sun] [19644] popular master, he is reported by eyewitnesses as having stated that once
[Eumeus] [25974] printed matter on it stated: CHOZA DE INDIOS. BENI, BOLIVIA.
[Eumeus] [26607] soil, he stated, and there was that colonel Everard down there in Navan
[Eumeus] [26609] But a day of reckoning, he stated CRESCENDO with no uncertain voice,
[Eumeus] [26915] Nettled not a little by L. BOOM (as it incorrectly stated) and the line
[Ithaca] [28524] with signs and hieroglyphics which she stated were Greek and Irish and
[Ithaca] [28811] take away her photographic image (objection not stated). On the South
[Ithaca] [28814] back (reason of change not stated). On the vigil of the 15th anniversary
[Ithaca] [28816] a brief allusion to a local student (faculty and year not stated).