Ulysses by James Joyce

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Wandering Rocks
Oxen of the Sun

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There are 13 occurrences of the word:   whereas

[Cyclops] [15677] And whereas on the sixteenth day of the month of the oxeyed goddess and in
[Oxen of the Sun] [18526] God's greater glory whereas that earthly mother which was but a dam to
[Oxen of the Sun] [18579] she is the second Eve and she won us, saith Augustine too, whereas that
[Circe] [21225] THE CRIER: (LOUDLY) Whereas Leopold Bloom of no fixed abode is a
[Circe] [21227] nuisance to the citizens of Dublin and whereas at this commission of
[Eumeus] [25596] thing to do but hand out the needful. Whereas. He put his hand in a
[Eumeus] [26857] and then he untied her, mind the pin, whereas savages in the cannibal
[Eumeus] [26987] five feet ten or eleven in his stockinged feet, whereas Messrs So and So
[Eumeus] [27046] money out of. Whereas the simple fact of the case was it was simply a
[Eumeus] [27131] Saint Joseph's sovereign thievery alors (Bandez!) Figne toi trop. Whereas
[Ithaca] [28328] He thought that he thought that he was a jew whereas he knew that he knew
[Ithaca] [30428] enter whereas he is always the last term of a preceding series even if
[Ithaca] [30430] last, only and alone whereas he is neither first nor last nor only nor