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There are 192 occurrences of the word:   young

[Telemachus] [239] Young shouts of moneyed voices in Clive Kempthorpe's rooms. Palefaces:
[Telemachus] [1020] young man clinging to a spur of rock near him, moved slowly frogwise his
[Telemachus] [1027] --Still there? I got a card from Bannon. Says he found a sweet young
[Telemachus] [1042] --Seymour's back in town, the young man said, grasping again his spur of
[Telemachus] [1077] The young man shoved himself backward through the water and reached the
[Proteus] [1883] twelve. By the way go easy with that money like a good young imbecile.
[Proteus] [1992] young. You bowed to yourself in the mirror, stepping forward to applause
[Proteus] [2025] he lapped the sweet LAIT CHAUD with pink young tongue, plump bunny's face.
[Proteus] [2120] authentic version. Got up as a young bride, man, veil, orangeblossoms,
[Proteus] [2124] Spurned lover. I was a strapping young gossoon at that time, I tell
[Proteus] [2134] Peachy cheeks, a zebra skirt, frisky as a young thing's. Spurned and
[Calypso] [2552] Makes you feel young. Somewhere in the east: early morning: set off at
[Calypso] [2643] young white heifer. Those mornings in the cattlemarket, the beasts lowing
[Calypso] [2808] new tam: Mr Coghlan: lough Owel picnic: young student: Blazes Boylan's
[Calypso] [2907] He smiled, glancing askance at her mocking eyes. The same young eyes. The
[Calypso] [2914] we'll break our sides. Families of them. Bone them young so they
[Calypso] [2972] in the gravy and put it in his mouth. What was that about some young
[Calypso] [2989] young student comes here some evenings named Bannon his cousins or
[Calypso] [3013] worse. Music hall stage. Young student. He drank a draught of cooler tea
[Calypso] [3042] Milly too. Young kisses: the first. Far away now past. Mrs Marion.
[Hades] [3982] road past Watery lane. Mr Bloom at gaze saw a lithe young man, clad in
[Hades] [4050] be a woman. Mullingar. Dearest Papli. Young student. Yes, yes: a woman
[Hades] [4337] way to the Isle of Man boat and the young chiseller suddenly got loose and
[Hades] [4489] spoon. Then the screen round her bed for her to die. Nice young student
[Hades] [4715] --A sad case, Mr Bloom said gently. Five young children.
[Hades] [5020] graveyards. Learn anything if taken young. You might pick up a young
[Aeolus] [6086] blackrimmed spectacles over the crossblind. Look at the young scamps after
[Aeolus] [6099] --Look at the young guttersnipe behind him hue and cry, Lenehan said, and
[Aeolus] [6973] that young Dedalus the moving spirit. Has a good pair of boots on him
[Aeolus] [7048] He gave a sudden loud young laugh as a close. Lenehan and Mr O'Madden
[Lestrygonians] [7140] A sombre Y.M.C.A. young man, watchful among the warm sweet
[Lestrygonians] [7689] blame them after all with the job they have especially the young hornies.
[Lestrygonians] [7696] mortarboards. Looking for trouble. Still I got to know that young Dixon
[Lestrygonians] [7708] Silly billies: mob of young cubs yelling their guts out. Vinegar hill.
[Lestrygonians] [7720] who is the gentleman does be visiting there? Was the young master saying
[Lestrygonians] [7721] anything? Peeping Tom through the keyhole. Decoy duck. Hotblooded young
[Lestrygonians] [7813] bicycle. Young woman.
[Lestrygonians] [7849] and have a chat with young Sinclair? Wellmannered fellow. Probably at his
[Lestrygonians] [7894] moon. She was humming. The young May moon she's beaming, love. He
[Lestrygonians] [7985] young man polished his tumbler knife fork and spoon with his napkin. New
[Lestrygonians] [8076] Top and lashers going out. Don't maul them pieces, young one.
[Lestrygonians] [8271] old fish at table perhaps he young flesh in bed no June has no ar no
[Lestrygonians] [8315] mumbled sweetsour of her spittle. Joy: I ate it: joy. Young life, her
[Lestrygonians] [8615] tweed. Poor young fellow! How on earth did he know that van was there?
[Scylla and Charybdis] [8803] --Our young Irish bards, John Eglinton censured, have yet to create a
[Scylla and Charybdis] [8845] Mr Best entered, tall, young, mild, light. He bore in his hand with grace
[Scylla and Charybdis] [8988] the young player who stands before him beyond the rack of cerecloth,
[Scylla and Charybdis] [8994] young Hamlet and to the son of his body, Hamnet Shakespeare, who has died
[Scylla and Charybdis] [9112] shrew illfavoured? Hortensio calls her young and beautiful. Do you think
[Scylla and Charybdis] [9188] Young Colum and Starkey. George Roberts is doing the commercial part.
[Scylla and Charybdis] [9304] --Yes, Mr Best said youngly. I feel Hamlet quite young. The bitterness
[Scylla and Charybdis] [9897] CORIOLANUS. His boyson's death is the deathscene of young Arthur in KING
[Scylla and Charybdis] [10117] old men, young men, wives, widows, brothers-in-love, but always meeting
[Wandering Rocks] [10609] A listless lady, no more young, walked alone the shore of lough
[Wandering Rocks] [10637] cries of the boys' lines at their play, young cries in the quiet evening.
[Wandering Rocks] [10652] A flushed young man came from a gap of a hedge and after him came
[Wandering Rocks] [10653] a young woman with wild nodding daisies in her hand. The young man
[Wandering Rocks] [10654] raised his cap abruptly: the young woman abruptly bent and with slow care
[Wandering Rocks] [10835] fruitsmelling shop, lifting fruits, young juicy crinkled and plump red
[Wandering Rocks] [10869] Blazes Boylan looked into the cut of her blouse. A young pullet. He
[Wandering Rocks] [11042] Michael's, Sallins. Nice young chap he is. He's writing a book about the
[Wandering Rocks] [11045] The young woman with slow care detached from her light skirt a
[Wandering Rocks] [11328] Young! Young!
[Wandering Rocks] [11330] An elderly female, no more young, left the building of the courts of
[Wandering Rocks] [11576] Fine dashing young nobleman. Good stock, of course. That ruffian, that
[Sirens] [12472] --Most aggravating that young brat is. If he doesn't conduct himself I'll
[Sirens] [12560] In a giggling peal young goldbronze voices blended, Douce with
[Sirens] [12561] Kennedy your other eye. They threw young heads back, bronze gigglegold,
[Sirens] [13225] harps. I. He. Old. Young.
[Sirens] [13632] wives. Because I'm away from. Suppose. But how? She must. Keep young.
[Sirens] [13637] number one Harmony avenue, Donnybrook, on which sat a fare, a young
[Sirens] [13895] I too. Last of my race. Milly young student. Well, my fault perhaps.
[Sirens] [13902] pale, to Bloom soon old. But when was young?
[Sirens] [13926] it: page. If not what becomes of them? Decline, despair. Keeps them young.
[Sirens] [13985] At Geneva barrack that young man died. At Passage was his body
[Cyclops] [14606] But he, the young chief of the O'Bergan's, could ill brook to be outdone
[Cyclops] [15064] had indulged in the innocent pastimes of the young and, oblivious of the
[Cyclops] [15075] romantic incident occurred when a handsome young Oxford graduate,
[Cyclops] [15078] solicited the hand of the hapless young lady, requesting her to
[Cyclops] [15083] young Oxonian (the bearer, by the way, of one of the most timehonoured
[Cyclops] [15256] Adam and Eve's when he was young with his eyes shut, who wrote the new
[Cyclops] [15968] parson with his protestant bible to witness punishment and a young lad
[Nausicaa] [16793] rocking the chubby baby to and fro in the pushcar while that young
[Nausicaa] [16922] laugh which had in it all the freshness of a young May morning. She knew
[Nausicaa] [16933] piercing to the core. Yet he was young and perchance he might
[Nausicaa] [17000] too young to understand. He would not believe in love, a woman's
[Nausicaa] [17149] christmas almanac, the picture of halcyon days where a young gentleman in
[Nausicaa] [17229] in his mouth the teat of the suckingbottle and the young heathen was
[Nausicaa] [17440] ringdove, but they cut the silence icily. There was that in her young
[Nausicaa] [17604] lips laid on her white brow, the cry of a young girl's love, a little
[Nausicaa] [17616] stands silent, with bowed head before those young guileless eyes. What a
[Nausicaa] [17817] world. Young student. Straight on her pins anyway not like the other.
[Nausicaa] [17858] That young doctor O'Hare I noticed her brushing his coat. And Mrs Breen
[Nausicaa] [18027] Forgotten. The young are old. His gun rusty from the dew.
[Nausicaa] [18089] hedges. And among the five young trees a hoisted lintstock lit the lamp at
[Nausicaa] [18176] O! Exhausted that female has me. Not so young now. Will she come
[Nausicaa] [18203] feel so young.
[Nausicaa] [18214] under embon SENORITA young eyes Mulvey plump bubs me breadvan Winkle
[Oxen of the Sun] [18354] good ground of her allowed that that of him swiftseen face, hers, so young
[Oxen of the Sun] [18363] friend so young, algate sore unwilling God's rightwiseness to withsay. She
[Oxen of the Sun] [18393] came against the place as they stood a young learningknight yclept Dixon.
[Oxen of the Sun] [18465] that hight Lenehan and one from Alba Longa, one Crotthers, and young
[Oxen of the Sun] [18468] erewhile gested (and of all them, reserved young Stephen, he was the most
[Oxen of the Sun] [18470] Leopold. But on young Malachi they waited for that he promised to
[Oxen of the Sun] [18473] to sir Simon and to this his son young Stephen and for that his languor
[Oxen of the Sun] [18479] other as touching birth and righteousness, young Madden maintaining that
[Oxen of the Sun] [18486] imagination affirmed how young Madden had said truth for he had
[Oxen of the Sun] [18487] conscience to let her die. And not few and of these was young Lynch were
[Oxen of the Sun] [18495] not lack. Then young Madden showed all the whole affair and said how that
[Oxen of the Sun] [18499] grieved. To whom young Stephen had these words following: Murmur, sirs,
[Oxen of the Sun] [18509] his spleen of lustihead. Whereat Crotthers of Alba Longa sang young
[Oxen of the Sun] [18514] in man to do. Thereat laughed they all right jocundly only young Stephen
[Oxen of the Sun] [18517] bare whoso she might be or wheresoever. Then spake young Stephen orgulous
[Oxen of the Sun] [18537] Dixon, and, or I err, a pregnant word. Which hearing young Stephen was a
[Oxen of the Sun] [18554] young Stephen for that he lived riotously with those wastrels and
[Oxen of the Sun] [18557] About that present time young Stephen filled all cups that stood empty so
[Oxen of the Sun] [18617] Eccles, goodly grinning, asked young Stephen what was the reason why he
[Oxen of the Sun] [18639] young sir, better were they named Beau Mount and Lecher for, by my troth,
[Oxen of the Sun] [18640] of such a mingling much might come. Young Stephen said indeed to his best
[Oxen of the Sun] [18719] But was young Boasthard's fear vanquished by Calmer's words? No, for he
[Oxen of the Sun] [18760] Franklin, Mr Dainty Dixon, Young Boasthard and Mr Cautious Calmer.
[Oxen of the Sun] [18771] Hard to breathe and all the young quicks clean consumed without sprinkle
[Oxen of the Sun] [18896] holy tongue than lie with the finest strapping young ravisher in the four
[Oxen of the Sun] [18957] whom he had just rencountered, a young gentleman, his name Alec Bannon,
[Oxen of the Sun] [19024] advanced. The young gentleman, his friend, overjoyed as he was at a
[Oxen of the Sun] [19048] with the young gentleman and, interrupting the narrative at a salient
[Oxen of the Sun] [19112] having spoken a few words in a low tone to young Mr Dixon, retired with a
[Oxen of the Sun] [19123] time these seven months. Lawksamercy, doctor, cried the young blood in
[Oxen of the Sun] [19129] white swelling quick as I claps eyes on her. The young surgeon, however,
[Oxen of the Sun] [19161] young sparks, it is true, were as full of extravagancies as overgrown
[Oxen of the Sun] [19200] young blade said it was her husband's that put her in that expectation or
[Oxen of the Sun] [19209] praising of it, each after his own fashion, though the same young blade
[Oxen of the Sun] [19368] substance in the funds. A score of years are blown away. He is young
[Oxen of the Sun] [19370] mirror (hey, presto!), he beholdeth himself. That young figure of then is
[Oxen of the Sun] [19386] before. But hey, presto, the mirror is breathed on and the young
[Oxen of the Sun] [19431] Millicent, the young, the dear, the radiant. How serene does she now
[Oxen of the Sun] [19455] orphan. The young man's face grew dark. All could see how hard it was for
[Oxen of the Sun] [19475] said. How young she was and radiant (Lalage were scarce fair beside her)
[Oxen of the Sun] [19550] Mulligan. Lastly at the head of the board was the young poet who found a
[Oxen of the Sun] [19676] there was one, with the true Purefoy nose. Young hopeful will be
[Oxen of the Sun] [19720] girlish fond hands. He frowns a little just as this young man does now
[Circe] [21024] The young person was treated by defendant as if she were his very own
[Circe] [22682] buttend of a pencil, like a good young idiot. Three pounds twelve you
[Circe] [22976] I am exhausted, abandoned, no more young. I stand, so to speak, with an
[Circe] [23014] young dream, the darling joys of sweet buttonhooking, to lace up
[Circe] [23349] young fellow! He is something like a fullgrown outdoor man. Well for you,
[Circe] [24187] to see vampire man debauch nun very fresh young with DESSOUS TROUBLANTS.
[Circe] [24369] Two young fellows were talking about their girls, girls, girls,
[Circe] [24739] do--you know, and the young man run up behind me. But I'm faithful to the
[Circe] [25096] THE REVEREND MR HAINES LOVE: To the devil which hath made glad my young
[Eumeus] [25468] young fellows of his age particularly if they had acquired drinking
[Eumeus] [25550] still comparatively young though dissolute man who now addressed Stephen
[Eumeus] [26072] and conditions of men especially in the spring when young men's fancy,
[Eumeus] [26216] mariner's hope and rest they had a full view of the figure 16 and a young
[Eumeus] [26232] And in point of fact the young man named Antonio's livid face did
[Eumeus] [26825] young man beside him whom he furtively scrutinised with an air of some
[Eumeus] [27117] Beside the young man he looked also at the photo of the lady now his 1440
[Eumeus] [27156] The vicinity of the young man he certainly relished, educated, DISTINGUE
[Eumeus] [27238] It was a thousand pities a young fellow, blessed with an allowance of
[Eumeus] [27292] a foregone conclusion on fine young fellows, chiefly, destruction of the
[Ithaca] [28440] corner young man seated. Young woman enters. Restless. Solitary. She
[Ithaca] [28673] He saw in a quick young male familiar form the predestination of a future.
[Ithaca] [29741] garden boots with elastic gussets and wateringcan, planting aligned young
[Penelope] [30740] young girl at Pooles Myriorama and turned my back on him when he slinked
[Penelope] [30781] like that with my thumb to squeeze back singing the young May moon shes
[Penelope] [30786] nicelooking boy to do it since I cant do it myself a young boy would like
[Penelope] [31035] that word I couldnt find anywhere only for children seeing it too young
[Penelope] [31497] in my mouth his mouth was sweetlike young I put my knee up to him a few
[Penelope] [31552] hands over my eyes to guess who I might recognise him hes young still
[Penelope] [31658] him astray to imagine hes young again coming in at 4 in the morning it
[Penelope] [31873] there scalding me I might look like a young girl wouldnt he get the great
[Penelope] [32049] taken in drapery that never looks out of fashion still I look young in it
[Penelope] [32061] young stranger neither dark nor fair you met before I thought it meant
[Penelope] [32072] thought he was quite different I wonder is he too young hes about wait 88
[Penelope] [32078] him he was out of Trinity college hes very young to be a professor I hope
[Penelope] [32087] loves own star arent those beautiful words as loves young star itll be a
[Penelope] [32092] that God not those other ruck besides hes young those fine young men I
[Penelope] [32099] to kiss him all over also his lovely young cock there so simple I wouldnt
[Penelope] [32106] itll be grand if I can only get in with a handsome young poet at my age
[Penelope] [32147] given all those desires for Id like to know I cant help it if Im young
[Penelope] [32157] woman wants to be embraced 20 times a day almost to make her look young
[Penelope] [32212] in the other room I suppose he was as shy as a boy he being so young