I'm Robin Baumgarten and I'm a PhD student at Imperial College, London. My research areas are Artificial Intelligence and automatically adapting video games. There is more information on that on the uni page, along with a list of my publications.

The main reason for the existence of these pages is to provide some place to view my scientific output, and have a space for information about projects I'm interested in, for example an AI interface for DEFCON or my Mario AI.

About me

This is me, on a hiking trip in Switzerland.These pages are mainly for my PhD, so you won't find an awful lot of personal information here. I'm quite interested in games in general, be it board games (yay for German Boardgames!), computer games or the olympic games. Ok, maybe just archery from the latter, which I'm practicing at Imperial's Archery Club. Good for your back muscles, too, which helps when you sit in front of a screen the rest of the day.

I've got more interests, which are often a bit at the geeky end of the spectrum, for example geo-caching, astronomy, diving or blogging about the likelihood of AI world domination.

I think I'm quite lucky that I can do what I like best at Imperial, researching AI in computer games. We've a couple of industry contacts, for example to Introversion and Rebellion, which helps me not to climb too high into the ivory tower that is academic research. Also, it is good fun talking to them, for example at the Games Developer Conference in San Francisco, to which I went recently. Visiting conferences in other countries is quite a bonus as a researcher, especially when it comes to such beautiful places as California, Italy or France.

If you want to know more, just send me a mail or browse to my Google+ profile!