4 Player Reactor

4 Player Reactor is a fast-paced, educational and clean multiplayer reaction game for the Android platform, where two, three or four players oppose each other simultaneously and try to react faster to different events on the Android screen.

THE HOMEPAGE OF 4 PLAYER REACTOR HAS MOVED HERE: http://reactor.coolcherrytrees.com/

4 Player Reactor has been nominated as one of the best new Arcade Games for the Google Android Developer Challenge 2009!


To download the game, please visit the Android Market. You can also use the barcode and link below to get to the product page.

4 Player Reactor

Alternatively, it is available on the Amazon Appstore and AndroidPit.

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Help me translate!

Do you want to play the game in your language? If you want to help, you can translate the game into a language that we don't have already (so far we have: English, German; soon: Spanish, Russian, Italian, Swedish). I won't be able to pay you for this, but I'll at least give you a copy of the full version. Thanks for your support! :-)

Here is the google spreadsheet I use to add the languages for the game: Add your own language if it's missing, and help correct the spelling. Send me a quick mail when you add stuff, so I know what happened!

2 Player Reactor

2 Player Reactor is a lite version of 4 Player Reactor, it's limited to two players, one difficulty (medium) and less game modes. Download-link below.

Alternative web Android Market link





This is the update history:

  • Version 1.1, 4. June 2010: Added Matching Pairs game, added adaptive game mode, single player mode with global high-score, “get for free” upgrade function
  • Version 1.0, 17. December 2009: Added Colliding Shapes game, 3 optical illusion games: Arrow, T-Bar and Perspective Track. Improved droid handling. Winter theme during Dec and January! :)
  • Version 0.9, 16. November 2009: Added Sad Smiley game, Find The Circle game and Count The Shapes game
  • Version 0.8, 13. September 2009: Added Countdown game, randomized quick-game sequence
  • Version 0.7, 25. August 2009: Added Capital-Country game, added Country-Flag game (4 Player only)
  • Version 0.6, 23. August 2009: Added Mouse-Cheese game
  • Version 0.5, 21. August 2009: Added 4 player support, added five-differences game, niceified icons
  • Version 0.4, 18. August 2009: Added three-shapes game, added menu
  • Version 0.3, 17. August 2009: Added equation game, added game ending
  • Version 0.2, 16. August 2009: Added color-word reaction game
  • Version 0.1, 15. August 2009: Initial release, containing white-screen reaction game.