Here are some pieces of software that I have written or been involved in writing.


New version (as of 13th June 2003)

New version of LTSA with plugin architecture - plugins provided for Message Sequence Chart tool, Web Animation tool and Scenebeans.

There is also a tutorial for LTSA-MSC and a tutorial for the web animator available.

LTSA-MSC is an extension of the Labelled Transition System Analyser (LTSA) which allows models to be described by graphically editing sets of scenarios in the form of message sequence charts. The LTSA can be used to detect the presence of implied scenarios in the system as part of an iterative design process. This tool is the result of a collaboration with Sebastian Uchitel, Jeff Magee and Jeff Kramer. See Sebastian's webpage for more details on the theory work behind the tool.


Kenya is a programming language for teaching programming. The Kenya system will automatically translate Kenya code into Java code. It also provides an IDE for developing Kenya programs. You can download it from the DoC mirror and find more information on the official site.

Extensible LTSA

I have created a plugin architecture for LTSA to enable extra features to easily be added on and plugged in and out without having to recompile. For information on writing a plugin for LTSA, see the following:

Other tools

Some other tools, mostly of interest to people at Imperial, are on this page.