BBSRC/EPSRC Bio-informatics and E-Science Programme

Studying Biochemical Networks using Probabilistic Knowledge Discovery


The aim is to develop a formal and robust approach web-based tool to help biologists gather and interpret information about biochemical networks. Use of these tools by the community will provide new insights into systems biology. The formal approach will be implemented by using stochastic logic programs (SLPs). SLPs are well suited to deal with logical relationships stemming from the graphical nature of networks and with the uncertainty inherent to noisy and incomplete bioinformatic data sets from numerous sources). SLPs are a generalisation of Hidden Markov Models, stochastic-free grammars, and undirected Bayes' nets. GRID technology will be used for updating the databases and to provide a web-based interface capable of uploading data from the users remote site.

Principal Investigators: Prof. S.H. Muggleton Prof. M.J.E. Sternberg


1st April 2002 until 1st April 2005

Outside Funding