Operational Semantics Course Information

Lecturer: Steffen van Bakel

This page has become obsolete; the course Semantics (Operational) does not exist any more, and has been replaced by Assured Software. This page is only kept for the convenience of former students.


You can find the notes as used in the course in the following files (click on the appropriate icon):

All the notes
All the slides
These notes are based on slides prepared by Chris Hankin, and to be used in the course Operational Semantics 2.12 at the Department of Computing, Imperial College. The notes lean heavily on the book Semantics with Applications A Formal Introduction by Hanne Riis Nielson and Flemming Nielson, that is recommended for further reading. You can get this book for free from the Web below.

The book

Assessed Course Work (with solutions):

First Assessed Exercise
Second Assessed Exercise


If you are interested in what the course says on induction, you can print out the document below.