Dr Timothy Kimber

MSc Coordinator

I am the department coordinator for the MSc in Advanced Computing (MAC) and the MSc in Computing "Specialisms" (MCSS) degrees. The notice board for all MScs is here. This is the best place to start looking for most MSc-related information.

I am the personal tutor for all MAC students and those taking the following specialisms:

If your specialism does not appear on this list, then your personal tutor is Fidelis Perkonigg.

I am also the MSc Individual Project Coordinator (jointly with Fidelis Perkonigg), the Independent Study Option (ISO) Coordinator and Admissions Tutor for MAC and the MSc Computing specialisms listed above. Information on projects and ISOs can be found here:


I teach course 531 Prolog in the Autumn Term, which is available to all MAC and MCSS students other than the software engineers. All the notes and exercises are available through CATE.

I also organise (but do not teach!) course 520 Academic Writing for Computer Science in the Spring Term. This course is compulsory for MRes students and department-funded 1st year PhD students. It may also be taken by any 1st year PhD student. Full details can be found here.


My research interests are in computational logic, logic programming and artificial intelligence. My PhD thesis, supervised by Krysia Broda and Alessandra Russo was on the use of Connected Theories in bottom-up Inductive Logic Programming (ILP).

I presented the following paper at LPNMR09: Induction on Failure: Learning Connected Horn Theories PDF

Past Life

In a past life I achieved a degree in Chemistry at Oxford University and spent 14 years working in scientific and medical publishing. This is the reason there is no full stop after "Dr" at the top of this page. As anyone taught to proofread by the magnificent Mary Cooke will confirm - there is no full stop after a contraction (well, not in the UK ...).